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What is Farmhouse Style?

What is Farmhouse Style? Farmhouse Decor for the Modern Home and More (2023)

What is Farmhouse Style?

Finally found the courage to decorate your own home? Allow us to assist you in making it farmhouse style!

Yes, it's never too late to bring your Pinterest house dreams into a reality. Shall we begin?

What Is Farmhouse Style?

A farmhouse style is one inspired by its counterpart buildings, which you'll more commonly find in the rural areas [1]. Despite that, however, the farmhouse style is one adaptable to the modern age.

Think of the farmhouse style as an interior design which combines the traditional and natural housing style along with a touch of the updated and modern styles.

Farmhouse design, decoration, and elements are strongly based on practicality; it's no wonder why interior design experts adore it!

History of Farmhouse Style

Now that we've gone through a bit of what is farmhouse style, let's have a little history class!

The farmhouse style is strongly rooted to the centuries of the U.S. settlers, with practicality as their first priority. They built their houses on their own, and such has resulted in the birth of the farmhouse.

At the time, people only utilized wood, iron, and steel. Due to lack of equipment, they were unable to add a touch of personality, thus again, the emphasis on practicality.

History of Farmhouse Style

When railroads were finally made, this allowed people to incorporate their interior design ideas and styles into their farmhouses, a front porch, large windows, rustic cabinets, white exteriors, and gable roofs! At the time, the example presence of such elements were characterized with wealth, but now such pieces are in memory of its history.

A modern farmhouse, for example, now incorporates either a series of the classic and traditional look, while others may explore interior design and add orders of sophisticated details.

Farmhouse Style Decor

Well, we can't just talk about what is farmhouse style.

That said, here are the most common farmhouse decor and furniture you could use for your home!

Front Porch

Needless to say, a front porch is a statement piece in every farmhouse possible!

They seem a little simple, and what is it for not being another chill place persevering?

If you want to say farmhouse without saying it, having a front porch is the first step!

Window Treatments

Another staple farmhouse-style home decor is window treatments.

Large windows are effortless pieces that will bring your kitchen, living room, and every part of your house to life!

Don't you just want to bask in the sun all day? We know we do!

Butcher Block Counters

We don't want to miss out on great farmhouse kitchen styles, do we?

For an aesthetically pleasing, but also practical space to put your items in the kitchen, butcher block counters are some of the few pieces which you could easily incorporate!

Allow this space of design to make an excellent surface; they're easier on the dishes, don't dull your knives, and they join in the variety of top-notch furniture!

If you don't have space for a full block counter, you may also invest in a great kitchen island.

Exposed Wood Beams

Exposed wood beams are another staple piece of interior design for a farmhouse!

Barn wood provides an earthly element, and makes a great overall farmhouse look due to its flawless design.

If you have exposed wood, consider yourself lucky! If not, don't worry; you could still visit the flea market and get some!

Or just add some more barn wood elements.

Vintage Furniture

Another element of farmhouse decor is vintage furniture!

The interior design of the farmhouse goes all the way back in history, and what better way could you bring that into your home?

You won't fill your entire farmhouse with vintage, however, you may add some more country elements!

Vintage Furniture

Pair your modern furniture with a vintage coffee table, with vintage cabinets and chests, and add a few wicker baskets in your rooms.

With vintage, there isn't much of a fixed style; simply enjoy the feeling of being able to match wood elements and ideas suited to your style!

Common Colors Used

The most important elements in a farmhouse are the color on the walls, and how that mixes with your furniture and decor.

Whites and Beiges

Tips on how to do that are, take note of white and a color palette that can provide a similar atmosphere.

Such would be white and its partners in crime and design: cream, beige, soft wheat, and maybe muted gold!

Classic Blues and Blacks

As for adding contrast to your color palette and building up the style of your space, you may pair your wood elements and barn wood with a dark color, charcoal, mauve nook, deep mink, or styles with black! Colors to be surrounded by in your space depend on the atmosphere you want.

Go crazy with the decoration, learn interior design, and let your wood decoration pop!

Materials Frequently Utilized

We've talked about design and home decor enough for the day, shall we now dig into technicalities and practicality?

Organic materials and elements are the backbone of a farmhouse design. Rustic looking materials are the staple elements of its design and practicality.

While materials such as wood were traditionally used for all design, cabinets, and everything in a room; modern equipment is now trending because they require less maintenance.

For other elements apart from those in the room, metal is also used in farmhouse decor. Lo and behold, the roof!

Lumber, heart pine, and handmade ceramic tiles included!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Farmhouse-Style Decor?

Farmhouse decor refers to the style which centers on being rustic and traditional, centering about warmth with a slice of modernity.

Based on history, farmhouse decor was defined by its practicality; now it's been known to pair with more modern pieces which are now considered quite chic.

What Is Modern Farmhouse style?

Modern farmhouse decor fuses the best of both worlds! It contains a bit more of planning than the traditional farmhouse decor style, but more warmth and comfort than modern houses.

What Is the Difference Between Rustic and Farmhouse?

Rustic and farmhouse decor are very similar, to a point that others may choose to interchange the terms.

However, rustic could be differentiated by its rougher and neutral exterior. Whereby farmhouse decor leans towards a more "comfortable" feel, utilizing color elements easy to the eye and natural furniture.

Why Is Farmhouse Style So Popular?

People may choose to adopt a farmhouse design for their houses for several reasons.

We can't argue that one of the top reasons why they do is the cozy, warm, and country-style atmosphere that farmhouse decor radiates.


Thinking about adapting farmhouse decor? All we can say is, go ahead!

It's a great way to incorporate nature and comfort into your interiors, and we understand that sometimes we need a space to be away from the horrors of the outside world.

Don't be afraid of letting that space be your home! After all, you come back to it after long and tiring days. Set your orders for that coffee table and those cabinets, don't be shy!

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