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Clean & Maintain Your Fireclay Sink

Clean & Maintain Your Fireclay Sink with These 5 Simple Tips

Clean & Maintain Your Fireclay Sink with These 5 Simple Tips

Fireclay Cleaning & Maintenance Tips (Yes, It's Really That Easy!)

Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Cleaning Guide

Fireclay kitchen sinks are sought-after because of their timeless and elegant appearance, as well as their strength.

Fireclay is a type of ceramic that is widely used because of its durability and a high threshold for heat. It is made by mixing glaze and clay and firing it at extreme temperatures. These sinks aren’t carved but instead molded. Once the molded clay is in its desired shape and dried, porcelain enamel is applied. It is then heated in a kiln. Because of the extreme temperatures, the enamel, and the ceramic fuse, creating an ultra-strong body.

Fireclay sinks are known for being one of the most affordable sink options on the market. Because fireclay sinks do not rust or stain, they are also one of the easiest sink types to clean. Another feature that makes them so sought after is that they can be molded to any desired shape or size. With other types of sinks, like cast iron, you are limited to what the manufacturer offers.

You can freely place hot pans or dishes into a fireclay sink without worrying about potential damage. Stains won’t be a problem either with fireclay sinks. If there are any visible marks, gentle scrub is all it takes to remove them. Best of all, you will rarely have to deal with any chips or scratches because of how durable the material is.

That said, it is important to take good care of your fireclay sink by cleaning it properly. Here are some cleaning tips to help you keep your fireclay sink in pristine condition:

 How To Care For Your Fireclay Sink 

Clean Frequently

1) Clean Frequently

Built-up dirt and grime will ruin the appearance of your fireclay sink. Using a soft cloth and some dish soap, rub any collected dirtiness away and rinse with lukewarm water. Fireclay sinks don’t require a special cleaning solution, so any regular dish soap will work fine.

The key to keeping your fireclay sink looking brand new is to clean often, but gently. Rather than let the dirt and grime collect, simply give the sink a wipe as often as you see fit. For stubborn stains, create a baking soda solution and rub the stains with a sponge. For watermarks or grease stains, you can use any standard bathroom cleaners like Ajax.

Another way to clean stubborn stains is by using vinegar. Soak a paper towel in vinegar and let it sit on the stain overnight. To prevent water spotting (dried mineral deposits on sink surface), wipe the bottom of the sink dry after every use.

Use Bleach for Added Sparkle

2) Use Bleach for Added Sparkle

Over time, your fireclay sink may lose some of its lusters. What you can do to prevent this is dilute some bleach and apply a thin layer to the surface every few days. This way, you can ensure that the sink stays shiny and vibrant.


3) Avoid Abrasive Substances

Some cleaning substances may not be suitable for use on your fireclay kitchen sink. These substances include:
  • Scouring powder or liquid
  • Faucet fitting or steel cleaners
  • Concentrated drain cleaners

The key to fireclay kitchen sinks is to be as gentle as possible. Because of the material’s non-porous surface, they don’t require much heavy-duty maintenance.

Wax Your Sink

4) Wax Your Sink

Another simple thing you can do to keep your fireclay sink clean is wax it. Simply apply a thin layer of liquid wax to the basin once a month. If your liquid wax doesn’t come with an applicator, you can use a soft cloth that has been cleaned thoroughly.

Only apply the wax when the sink is completely dry. Let the wax dry before you use the sink. The wax will make it easier for substances to flow down the drain of the sink. This makes clean-up easier because you won’t have any stubborn food waste clinging to the sides or bottom of your sink.


5) What to Do if Your Sink Is Damaged

Fireclay is a material known for its durability, and many homeowners choose to install a fireclay sink because of how resilient and easy to take care of it is. Although, accidental damage does occur sometimes.

If your sink appears to have a scratch, it's usually stubborn residue from something else and not an actual scratch. Sometimes, metal will scrape off of silverware and leave what looks like a scratch on your sink. You can easily rub this off using a scrubbing brush and some force. If that doesn’t seem to remove the mark, try using metal polish.

Many people have tried testing their fireclay sink by hitting it with a hammer, and no damage occurred. It wasn’t until they flipped the hammer around to the claw side that a chip happened. This goes to show just how strong fireclay is. However, while it is a tough, chip-resistant material, sometimes damage does happen.

If you are dealing with a chip, you can easily buy a repair kit that will quickly fix the problem. Even if you don’t fix it immediately, chips aren’t as visible on fireclay sinks. If other materials like cast iron are damaged, you can easily see where the chip occurred.


Final Thoughts

Fireclay sinks are so popular because of their beautiful appearance, durable design, and ease-of-use. Many other types of sinks require lots of cleaning and maintenance. Fireclay kitchen sinks only need a gentle scrubbing here and there in order to remain lustrous and clean.

You will rarely have to have your sink repaired because of how resilient the material is. But, like with all sinks, you should always follow the care instructions and be careful about how you handle your sink.

At Annie & Oak Farmhouse Sinks, we are equipped with comprehensive knowledge about farmhouse sinks and offer our products at fair prices. Contact us today if you have any questions about the do’s and don’ts of maintaining or repairing your own fireclay sink.

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