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How To Create A Farmhouse Kitchen - Tips From 40 Interior Designers

How To Create A Farmhouse Kitchen - Tips From 40 Interior Designers (Part 1)

How To Create A Farmhouse Kitchen - Tips From 40 Interior Designers

A traditional farmhouse kitchen reminds many of us of childhood and our beloved grandparents. Even if you don't live in a farm, you can try to recreate the farmhouse feeling and combine it with modern appliances. 

If you are not sure what exactly defines this style, what elements are essential, we can help you make your research much easier.

We hired Minuca Elena to reach out to 40 professional interior designers and home decor bloggers and ask them the following question:

How to create the ideal farmhouse kitchen?

Keep reading to see what they had to say. Feel free to adapt their advice to your needs and preferences. 

If you feel that you are resonating more with some of the experts featured, you can click on the link to their websites (next to each person's name) and follow their blogs. 

Kerrie Kelly

Kerrie Kelly

Classic farmhouse style is known for its fresh, clean, cozy, approachable aesthetic. While this design approach leans on nostalgic elements, there are many ways for this particular style to fit our modern-day lifestyle, especially in the kitchen.

A farmhouse kitchen can feature a combination of various materials, including natural and reclaimed wood cabinetry, walls and butcher block tops; marble and soapstone countertops and backsplashes; wire and glass details; and brushed nickel, brushed brass or wrought iron faucets, lighting and hardware.

To complement these materials, many farmhouse kitchens also use cool neutral paint palettes for walls and cabinetry that incorporate white, cream, beige, gray, light blue and pastel green.

Warmer colors are often used for accent pieces, while cotton, canvas, wool, and chenille are often found in fabrics for eat-in kitchens, cushions and pillows.

White apron-front sinks have been popping up in almost every style of kitchen, however it is an essential for the farmhouse kitchen.

Pair a bridge or goose-neck style faucet with the farmhouse sink and you immediately experience both function and beauty.

Adding open shelving, an exposed plate rack, or glass-front cabinetry is another modern way to bring farmhouse style into your kitchen.

Reclaimed, barn board, vintage oak or walnut hardwood flooring is a must for any farmhouse design. Additionally, exposed ceiling beams are a foundational design element that contributes to that inviting farmhouse feeling.

If you have the room, an island is a great way to encourage this authentic look as well. Choose a free-standing island style and add reclaimed pendants above and barstools on one side to create a true sense of community.

If your kitchen is large enough, include a banquet-style table in your design. Rectangular and made of wood, this big welcoming table seats a minimum of eight and can serve as a focal point for your kitchen.

To add that personalized, finishing touch, consider white dishes, wood utensils, cutting boards and fresh flowers to accent your farmhouse kitchen. While we recommend avoiding clutter, remember that this is the opportunity to add your own personality into your space.

Kayla Goldstein

Kayla Goldstein

When creating an ideal kitchen, in any style, there are three key factors you want to make sure not to skip. The layout, the features, and how it makes you feel. Let's break it down.

When designing any kitchen we want to make sure there is a good functional layout. With a farmhouse kitchen, we also want to make sure it is spacious.

Farmhouse kitchens are known for their large islands, many cabinets, and little corners for coffees and displays. If you are one of those lucky individuals who gets to design a kitchen from scratch, here are a few layout tricks you want to keep in mind.

1. Make sure that you are not running marathons in the kitchen. Yes, we want the island to be large, but we also don't want to have to run around that island every time we need something from the fridge.

For this reason we make sure that the fridge, sink, oven, and pantry are all on the same two sides of the island forming an L shape. This is what is commonly known as the "triangle".

Imagine a sink in the island, an oven behind it, a pantry nearby and a fridge on the side of the island, creating a triangle.

2. Try to keep the cooktop out of the island. It is a trend to now put it center focus in the kitchen, and on a back wall that is gorgeous. In an island, it takes up much needed counter space, poses more of a hazard, and breaks up the eye line.

3. We want dumping grounds. Yes, we would think that making a place designated for mess sounds stressful. However, the opposite is true.

When you have a little corner sectioned off, or a small counter near the fridge dedicated to "junk", the junk stays in one place.

To keep it from overflowing, you will need to periodically clean it out- say Fridays. This can also be a cute coffee corner, or an opportunity to display all those Home Goods finds.

That is for the layout, but a farmhouse kitchen is much more than just a good layout. One thing that is very common in a farmhouse is the use of neutral colors. We won't find many navy blue farmhouses or deep greens.

Of course, rules are meant to be broken, but in general you would put white or cream shaker cabinets.

Regarding the handles and hardware, these are generally oil rubbed bronze, or black. Metallic and farmhouse just don't usually mix. The handles and pulls on the drawer would be a little rustic, something sweet and not too modern.

The counters however are what really take this kitchen away from the rustic. Here is where the modern comes out with Carara Marble, or white quartz with some veining.

However, with all that, my favorite feature in a farmhouse kitchen is the farmhouse apron sinks. I just love the charm.

Now,on to the best part. How does it make you feel? A kitchen can be "farmhouse" to a tee, but if it does not make you want to go in there and whip up a storm it is not doing it's job.

You need to be happy there and the way to do that is to find out what makes you happy in a kitchen.

Go on Pinterest or Google images and see what kitchen pops out at you. Note what you like about it, and do this a few times. After a while you will see a pattern emerge, and this is the key to you loving your kitchen.

Whether it "fits" farmhouse style or not, make sure you include that element.

Rosanna Stevens

Rosanna Stevens

To achieve the farmhouse kitchen vibe, think about the feeling you want to evoke in the room and build on that.

For me, it’s cosy, abundant and full of sunshine. Places to sit and while away time over a hot cup to tea, food prep areas and a deep sink you can imagine ducklings swimming in (a bit OTT but it’s all about the visualisation!).

Go for harvest tones with pops of Autumn colour, and don’t be afraid to use food as part of the decor, bundles of garlic, an open spice rack, pots of fresh herbs growing on a windowsill and an overflowing fruit bowl all add to the aesthetic.

I would then add some framed illustrations of farm produce on the walls, a bookshelf for all my cookbooks and some scented candles to add flickering warmth.

Mihaela Buzec - RENTCafe

Mihaela Buzec

If you’re not sure how to create a farmhouse kitchen, one of the best ways to get started is to incorporate wood into your design.

From hardwood floors to wooden countertops, this material will bring nature and charm into your kitchen. If you can, add exposed wooden beams as well, to mirror the floors and make the room feel more rustic.

Depending on your color scheme, this element goes great in a darker hue against a light ceiling, creating dimensionality.

An important element in a farmhouse kitchen is a very large sink.

Whereas other modern trends tend to hide the kitchen away, the farmhouse style embraces it as a focal point in the kitchen, and you’ll be grateful for it, since it is also extremely practical.

For a complete look, add rustic décor and rough elements, such as rough-edged wooden cutting boards, a vase with wild flowers, glass milk bottles, woven baskets, etc.

These will really tie the room together for that cozy, shabby but elegant, farmhouse style.

Jonathan Prichard - Mattress Insider

Jonathan Prichard

A great farmhouse kitchen has plenty of room for cooking, prepping, cleaning and mingling. There should be ample counter space and enough cabinets and shelves to store plates, bowls, cups, and cookware.

There should also be a large table for meals and games! Don’t forget the farmhouse sink!

Your cabinets should have room for your dishes and cookware organized by how often they are used.

Keep the roasting pan you use only at Thanksgiving and Christmas toward the back since it is used seldom, same with seasonal dishes. Make sure your everyday dishes are easily accessible.

The countertops need to remain free of clutter and only have out what is needed to be out on a daily basis. I use my toaster several times a week, so it has a spot out of the way of food prep that I can use it when I need it without having to lift it out of a cabinet.

My pot holders and dish towels are hung up so they’re reachable but off of the prime real estate.

A farmhouse sink is a must for a farmhouse kitchen! The large deep area is perfect for all the dishes you’ve used throughout the day and they’re so pretty too!

The table should be large enough for your family and friends to gather around. The seats should be comfortable and easy to move around if you have more or less people sitting around the table on a given day.

The room itself should be open and light, make it inviting with calm colors and little clutter. I like a good wallscape with subway tiles and a pot filler. Adding a pop of color like a stand mixer in red is always nice too.

Darla DeMorrow - HeartWork Organizing

Darla DeMorrow

What you probably love most about farmhouse design is the bright, open, uncluttered look. You don’t have to renovate to get the benefits of being organized.

Declutter your countertops and open shelves first, then add farmhouse style accessories including galvanized metal tubs for storage.

Painted metal accessories also are on trend, like planters for window gardens, utensil holders, and light fixtures.

Go for high contrast with black metal hardware and lighting against white and cream cabinets.

Although high-contrast black hardware against large quantities of white cabinets and counters is the base of the look, you don’t have to shy away from color.

Remove a few upper cabinet doors for a fresh look, but contain the clutter and group kitchen items the way you would use them by adding baskets in your signature color.

Accessorize with bright pop of yellow or a nod to vintage aqua. The key is in having a plan and sticking with it.

Soul of a Southern Home

Lauren Wurthmann - Soul of a Southern Home

Lauren Wurthmann

Want to create a gorgeous farmhouse kitchen in your home but don't know where to start?

These essential tips will help you transform your space and give you the farmhouse look you're going for!

1. Start with a light color on the walls to brighten up the entire space and make the room appear larger.

My personal favorite is Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams because it has a hint of grey, but still feels clean and bright.

Pair it with trim painted in Pure White by Sherwin Williams for a classic look.

2. When choosing a color for your cabinets stick with classic farmhouse colors like white, cream, blue, and grey.

You can go dark or light with your paint color here or if you have an island you can go with a neutral color on the cabinets and a pop of color on the island base.

Some of my favorite cabinet colors for a farmhouse look are Rhine River (light blue), Oil Cloth (gray-green), Fleur de Sel (off-white) and Haley Navy (dark blue) by Benjamin Moore.

3. Countertops can really add to the farmhouse look, but it's important to choose something that's durable as well as stylish. Wooden countertops are gorgeous and a great way to warm up the room.

Granite or stone countertops are also a great option, but I recommend staying away from anything too dark to keep the room feeling light and airy.

4. Adding an oversized farmhouse sink is not only practical, but really emphasizes the farmhouse look. There are so many material options including stone, stainless, copper, and more.

A white stone sink looks great with light countertops because it blends in and has a seamless feel, but making a statement with a copper or stainless sink are also great options

5. While a simple, clean look is essential to creating a farmhouse kitchen, the backsplash is a great place to add a pop of color or pattern.

Pick an accent color and incorporate into your tile choice or put a spin on a classic like laying subway tile in a more modern chevron pattern

6. To tie your space together pick a few farmhouse style accessories for decoration. Antique bread boards are great for serving and can help soften the look of stone countertops.

A wooden tiered tray decorated for a season or holiday can also bring color into the room along with a touches of personality.

If you have empty wall space, choose a piece of art with more muted colors that has a farmhouse feel like a natural landscape.

With these tips you can transform your space into the ideal farmhouse kitchen in no time!

Dmitri Kara - Fantastic Handyman

Dmitri Kara

The roots of farmhouse interiors come from the hard country life of people working on plantations and larch ranch farms, where the design went after functionality over aesthetics, which we nowadays call vintage or rustic looks.

What we consider classic farmhouse kitchen design, incorporates raw but spacy wooden countertops, that used to fit food for multiple workers, be it people hired or family members, deep and wide farmhouse sinks, made of steel or cast iron back then, that had to fit more plates and cookware than an average family would use.

Material-wise, you better get a farmhouse kitchen made of porcelain nowadays, as it’s the better choice.

Designing and decorating a rustic kitchen means to use and display utensils we now consider “antique”, as that’s what farmers had. Classic farmhouse kitchens feature old-fashioned furnishing with signs of ageing and heavy use.

Being used alongside cattle of agro culture, designing a farmhouse kitchen stands for natural textures, open and easy-to-reach shelving, vintage lights and building materials.

The most distinctive detail is the heavy usage of wood and iron.

Wooden tools, such as wooden rolling pins, antique stoneware crocks, wooden flatware, and a wide set of knives, all on display, along with cast iron cocotte sets are all easy to see, contrary to modern kitchens, where inventory is neatly tucked away in cupboards and drawers.

Ana Cummings - ANA Interiors

Ana Cumming

  1. Go for high contrast colours like white subway tile and honed black countertops.
  2. White oak wide-plank wood flooring and a wall of painted cabinetry for personality. The island is a good choice for a wow colour.
  3. Pewter, black, or antique nickel for hardware and lighting. Gold accents work well for a more glamorous look.
  4. Style your counters with a pair of vintage cutting boards, a large unglazed pottery vase with large branches for drama, and a bowl of your favourite fruit for color.
  5. Shiplap is great for the backs of islands, instead of plain millwork.
  6. Use shaker panel doors for cabinetry, we’re seeing nice variations in the shaker panel, from very large to mini shakes.
  7. For accent cabinetry, I like to see a few cabinet doors with glass or metal inserts.
  8. Adding a Persian rug runner in between lengths of cabinetry make for a beautiful vignette.
  9. A pair, or more, of strategically placed wall sconces will illuminate the kitchen and give it more flare.
  10. Add woven or natural textiles, for placemats & wall décor. Baskets are perfectly suited to any farmhouse kitchen.

Katie Riddell

Katie Riddell

To decorate a farmhouse kitchen you should focus on having a view from your sink so you can see the garden or nearby animals.

You need a large table that can double as a dining table and a food preparation area.

You should consider using a bench seating rather than chairs at the dining table as it makes the area less formal and can fit more people if needed.

Also, you can try using open shelving to display often used items such as glasses or cups.

Bintu Hardy - Recipes From A Pantry

Bintu Hardy

A farmhouse kitchen is a major want for many people and plenty of those people try to replicate the look in their own homes. To create an ideal farmhouse kitchen, there are a few things to consider.

There is just something about a farmhouse kitchen that feels homely and it is easy to see why people would want it for themselves.

The ideal farmhouse kitchen has plenty of space - not only for making but also entertaining.

As the hub of the house, it needs to have a fair amount of space with everything in its place and a lack of clutter.

Traditional designs, sometimes even rustic, make the ideal farmhouse kitchen and it should be light and airy with your own choice of colour scheme.

I love muted whites and greys for a farmhouse kitchen with rustic worktops and unique and creative ways to store my appliances and utensils whilst still having them out on display.

A must have in any farmhouse kitchen design has to be a ceramic sink rather than a metal one - it looks amazing and suits the kitchen perfectly. It’s deep and cleans easily and is super traditional.

To have a perfect kitchen, an Aga or wood burning oven would be the dream but more modern appliances can work just as well.

Diana Miulescu - La Nuc Design

Diana Miulescu

The farmhouse kitchen is now one of the most popular kitchens. It is also my favorite. It has various islands used for dining, storage and has rustic touches. It uses recovered and used wood that automatically brings character. It has open shelves and white and clear walls.

The beauty of the style is that it is simple and it works well, whether you live in an apartment in a big city or in a house in a small town. So wherever you are, you can start making a kitchen in this style.

From my point of view, there are some essential elements in such a kitchen. For me the most important is the sink, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

A farmhouse sink can be the star of the kitchen, a statement element that attracts the look in a single point.

It can be a ceramic sink and a marble countertop to get a more elegant note or a copper sink for rustic industrial touches, a real focal point of your kitchen.

Choose a farmhouse table, maybe even one made of recycled wood and if you dare for more you can even choose a dark paint for some of the furniture.

If you have an old object with sentimental value in the house that seems to have no use, it can be transformed and integrated into the project, thus bringing personality and value, obtaining unique objects that you cannot find exactly replicated elsewhere.

For example, you can turn a vintage milk funnel into a light fixture. You can also choose some old jars or simply some Edison bulbs hanging from a special piece of wood. There are many options and you can become extremely creative.

You can also use a collection of exposed dishes, you can add texture through woven baskets and greenery, you can make old new again and just dare to put those things together.

Med Munch

Alex Johnson - Med Munch

Alex Johnson

Two of the most important things you’ll need to consider for your farmhouse kitchen are the color scheme and the units and workspaces used.

Because farmhouses don’t have as much uniformity as your typical kitchen, many color schemes can work well whilst staying true to the style of a traditional farmhouse.

Ensuring ample light fills the kitchen is paramount, so choosing neutral colors like cream and white for cupboards and units can make it feel more spacious than it is.

Wood is the most likely choice of material for the finish, providing that rustic and traditional look and feel that perfectly suits a farmhouse kitchen. A uniform finish of timber cupboards and units combined with oak or beech worktops is relatively popular.

However, different wood in specific areas of the kitchens can help differentiate and assign spaces.

The unit style needs to adhere to the farmhouse feel, as very contemporary styles will conflict with the traditional features. Shaker and inset door styles are great for maintaining this traditional feel too.

If your kitchen is large enough, an island can make the perfect addition to a farmhouse kitchen, allowing you to use the space in a more social way.

Ashley J. Saunders - My Dream Haus

Ashley J. Saunders

When I think of the ideal farmhouse kitchen, I imagine a space that's used by the whole family as a gathering place, somewhere practical yet the room you'd escape for a quiet cup of tea. As the heart of the home, the kitchen does a lot of heavy lifting!

As a practical space, beauty isn't the top priority. So it's perfectly acceptable to mix top of the line appliances with a vintage dresser that's been in the family for decades and miss-matched sets of cutlery.

Gone are the delicate pieces of furniture, replaced by more substantial items that will handle a fair amount of abuse.

At the heart of any kitchen is the sink, the farmhouse kitchen is no different. Invest in buying the largest one for your space, preferable with two bowls as you might not have space for an island with a prep sink yet still need flexibility.

With this essential piece selected, don't be afraid to mix different styles of furniture and cabinets for a more rustic look. The miss-matched look is charming, after all, and will make your kitchen unique. With each piece, consider how much storage it adds as you can't afford to scrimp on storage!

It's best to avoid painting your kitchen white, instead choose a light eggshell blue or green and style with plenty of family photos and a large pinboard, so you have a place to keep up to date with all that is going on!

Amy - Modern Farmhouse Glam

Kitchens are that special place for gathering with family and friends. It seems everyone gravitates to the kitchen island, right? Creating a farmhouse style kitchen brings extra touches of warmth and coziness to the heart of the home.

Farmhouse style makes you feel comfortable and at home. But how do you create that farmhouse feeling? Here are a few tips:

Farmhouse sinks are classic and charming. A white porcelain apron front farmhouse sink is a classic farmhouse feature in the kitchen. It was on the must-have list when we designed our new home.

We went with the single basin, which is so nice for washing big pots or large cookie sheets.

White cabinets create a light, bright, and cheery space!

Add some white or wooden floating shelves to display your favorite kitchen pieces. It’s a great place to add in decor pieces for the holidays and seasons.

Common farmhouse materials include wrought iron and reclaimed wood. A soft color palette of white, cream, grey, and pale blues and greens are typically farmhouse style.

Wood accents or floors are a hallmark feature of farmhouse style. We chose a beautiful wood-look porcelain tile in our new home. It gives the look of wood, with the ease and durability of tile. Rustic beams on the ceiling, either real wood or faux, add a stunning look that screams farmhouse.

Adding these elements to your kitchen will create the inviting, cozy feeling of farmhouse to enjoy food, family, and friends.

Jen Naye Herrmann

Jen Naye Herrmann

The most important piece to a farmhouse kitchen is balancing textures. 

A strong balance of white, black and wood across several textures create intrigue, make one feel relaxed and feature all the right elements of design. 

A natural wood should always be part of an ideal farmhouse kitchen - potentially a butcher block countertop for the island or wood paneling to cue the warmth of farmhouse kitchens.  

Ben Soreff - House to Home Organizing

Ben Soreff

The rustic look of farmhouse kitchens has a few disadvantages when it comes to staying organized. Most farmhouse style kitchens have open shelves without cabinets on top. With that open model in mind your kitchen items will be visible.

To create storage solutions that are practical but also fit into the design aesthetic of the farmhouse kitchen consider under the shelf hooks for mugs and underneath storage racks for glasses. Exposed shelves can get cluttered quickly.

Since we want items we use often to be more readily available, some of the higher shelves should fall into the not often used category (like platters) or simply decor.

Farmhouse kitchens do not have the storage space as traditional kitchens, which isn't an issue as long as you store items like entertaining/party and holiday kitchen items in the areas of your house for kitchen run-off like the basement.

Tiffany McCauley - The Gracious Pantry

Tiffany McCauley

The ideal farmhouse kitchen will mean different things to different people. Even within that category of decor, there are many variables, looks and styles.

For larger kitchens, nothing beats a big, wood table in the middle of the kitchen. It's a great place for the family to gather and doubles as a multipurpose work surface.

Mix up chair styles to keep if visually interesting, or even replace one side of the table's chairs with a wooden bench.

A table like this is great for everything from canning or prepping fresh produce from the garden, to having a cozy family meal in the one room of the house where the most memories are usually made.

For smaller kitchens, accents like the hardware you use on your cabinets can make a big difference.

And if you have the budget, open shelving above the counters or even glass front cabinets will create a farm look. Use vintage furniture, and if you're handy, paint and distress it.

Smaller accents for farmhouse decor would be stacks of white or off white dishes. Galvanized steel accents on shelves or countertops help add to the farmhouse feel.

Candles in the kitchen always offer a little farmhouse flare as well as do baskets and pretty towels.

KD Reid

KD Reid

Vintage and rustic elements paired with woods, metals, and marble are ways to bring that farmhouse design into your kitchen.

Classic farmhouse design is a balance of antique and industrial elements with a fresh and clean approach.

Switching out cabinets by transitioning them to an antique white, while swapping out countertops for soapstone, exposing beams, and adding classic hardwood flooring will create the character in the kitchen.

Flea markets and vintage shops are a great resource for shopping and inspiration for the design. Storage items such as wicker baskets, industrial light fixtures, and other antiques can be sourced and will add layers to the design and create a warm cozy kitchen.

This design style, rooted in comfort, has been adapted from its rural setting to homes in the inner city.

Apron sinks are used in various design styles offering dual function, both depth, and width, on top of looking amazing.

A large island or dining table brings the community to the home and is another foundational element that adds great farmhouse design into your home.

If you are not ready for a full remodel, you can start by styling your kitchen with decor such as vintage dough bowls to display your favorite fruit!

Rebecca Fernandez - Restyled Homes

Rebecca Fernandez

Farmhouse kitchens have become a staple due to their timeless design style. And you know what?

Designers love it since they're able to recreate the look even when clients are on a super tight budget.

Shaker cabinets are the go-to, along with straightforward hardware.

To warm up the space, add in some wood tones by installing a butcher block countertop.

Finish the look by installing basic subway tiles.

Mercedes Austin - Mercury Mosaics

Mercedes Austin

Creating the ideal farmhouse kitchen combines character and classic elements that add charm.

It’s about making for an inviting gathering space - one that is set up for rolling up sleeves & tending to the work that must be done.

The tradition of gathering for a home cooked meal and slowing down to connect with family is celebrated in this style.

From modern takes to time-honored materials, the essence of this style is practicality.

Bre Hance - InHance Interiors

Bre Hance
Farmhouse is the new traditional home for a more modern society. It blends old and new elements, which makes it classic by nature. It’s the new tract home. It’s the family home, designed with entertaining in mind.

To me, it’s livable luxury and everyday elevated living at its finest. Warm and practical while still feeling sophisticated and new.

To design a dreamy farmhouse kitchen, incorporate gooseneck sconces over open shelving.

Blend in whites with some contrast - consider going with a black or wood island, making it two toned and adding some dimension.

A white apron sink is a must-have.

Aim to blend wood and earthy accessories into the freshness of the white backdrop to give it a rustic and warm feel.

This is a farmhouse kitchen that I designed for a client:

Kaleidoscope Design Studio

Allison Thibault - Kaleidoscope Design Studio

Allison Thibault

The great thing about Farmhouse kitchens is that they tend to focus on natural materials and design while creating a cozy space to accommodate large gatherings.

For this reason, when looking to create an ideal farmhouse kitchen you will want to focus on the cooking and functional elements such as furniture and storage.

Farmhouse sinks have become all the rage and that is not only because they are beautiful, but they are extremely functional. The sink can also be used to anchor the space and help guide your farmhouse style.

Coziness is key with a farmhouse kitchen so look at selecting natural materials like rustic woods for countertops or using beadboard to surround a large island.

In terms of storage, you might want to opt for open shelving or glass door cabinets which will give your space a more open, airy feeling.

Antique and vintage pieces such as door pulls and light fixtures can add an additional layer of warmth and sophistication to your space.

Similarly, selecting muted warmer toned paints like creamy whites or beiges will help highlight the sense of warmth and comfort. The one thing to be careful with in your design, is to not add too much clutter.

Lastly, just have fun with your design. The best part about a farmhouse kitchen, is that the possibilities are endless and there really is no right or wrong interpretation.

 Toby Schulz - My Maid

Toby Schulz

When designing a farmhouse-inspired kitchen, these are the basic elements you need: a porcelain farmhouse sink, a sliding barnyard door, an island countertop, open shelves, and wooden cabinets.

From there, you can build on your theme with accessories.

For an authentic farmhouse feel, go for items that look like they’ve been used before, such as an old milk bottle refashioned into a vase, or a wooden crate repurposed into a coffee tray.

Antiques with a story to tell are always a good idea. Farmhouse kitchens are for relaxed breakfast chats and long, cozy nights in, after all.

A cast iron skillet, wicker baskets, and other flea market finds fit in perfectly here.

Use a muted palette on your walls such as beige and white, with matte black as your accent. These colours will contrast nicely with your rustic accessories.

Distressed paint on shelves and cabinets tie the look together.

To cap off the whole farmhouse experience, here’s a trick we use.

Hang a few homemade potpourri pouches made with coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, and cotton balls dipped in vanilla extract.

You’ll have your kitchen smelling like freshly-baked cookies or apple pie in no time.

Krystal Sagon - Interior Flow

Krystal Sagon

Invest in good quality period handles that are varied for doors and drawers to create interest.

Consider satin brass for all your taps and handles to create an upmarket look. 

Ensure to select cupboard doors and drawers that have a raised border to the panel surround to create the farmhouse look. It is all in the detail!

Update your kitchen ceiling and an open area to panelled boards painted white.

The ceiling is often forgotten and adds to the overall glamour of the kitchen

Always plan for a fully integrated fridge to hide the appliances away so that they do not become the feature, your kitchen does!

Select period taps and a ceramic white trough looking sink to complete the look.

Consider using the same material as your benchtop to your splashback and only 200mm high above the benchtop with a painted wall above to match the same colour as your walls.

Consider feature metalwork instead of glass to your overhead cupboard doors as two highlight panels on either side the ranghood. You don't want to overdo the feature otherwise it won't be a feature.

Mark Cutler Design

Mark Cutler

Creating a farmhouse kitchen is all about creating warmth and coziness within the space. Most farmhouses grow over time and become more eclectic, so try to build that in to your designs.

  • Think about using a vintage table as an island instead of more cabinetry.
  • Incorporating a variety of colors also helps to create the right feel, maybe lower cabinets are stained and uppers are painted.
  • I love using a different color inside open and glass fronted cabinets, its a sweet detail that is easy to achieve.
  • The farmhouse apron style sink is also something that is a go to design element that should not be ignored. Using a large, single bowl sink is my preference.

Ashley Spencer - Casart Coverings

Ashley Spencer

In addition to a farmhouse sink or cabinets, adding extra “background decor” can help give the ideal farmhouse kitchen look as well as personalize your space. 2021 appears to be about making your place comfortable. 

People around the globe have gathered in their kitchens for comfort during the pandemic, cooking and baking meals either individually or together with household members.

Casart Coverings suggests a really simple way to get a comfortable look with an easy-to-install, self-adhesive wallcovering that is removable and even reusable for other locations or when you want to change the look.

As seen in our kitchen example, our Light Rain design (in our Casart Regular, commercial-grade vinyl wallcovering) can be used as a functional and stylish backsplash or an accent wall, perhaps where a dining nook is located.

Using vintage outdoor-string-lights as inspiration in the design gives the cozy feel of a fun party inside. The design is streamlined and conjures a retro as well as a modern sensibility.

Additional bright colorways can add spice to the space.

Toni Sabatino

Toni Sabatino

I think the perfect farmhouse kitchen can vary by region. An “industrial farmhouse” kitchen will often combine stainless steel, white, black and natural wood tones.

The use of reclaimed lumber for a wall accent or ceiling detail can be very effective. Board and batten wall detailing and hanging lantern pendants add to the look.

Classic flush inset cabinetry with shaker doors and molding to the ceiling can add a timeless quality to the space. A contrasting wood island will add charm and warmth to an industrial farmhouse kitchen.

“Coastal farmhouse” is another style that creates a relaxed, natural vibe with natural wood tones combined with beach tones and textured detailing.

Sandy tones and cooler blues and aquas with soft distressing bring the beach and the farm house together.

Farm sinks and interesting faucets and lighting with mixed metal tones along with a few antique accents will complete the look.

Ariel Richardson - ASR Design Studio

Ariel Richardson

In San Diego, the look of a modern farmhouse has grown significantly in popularity. The look offers a charming farmhouse style with the functionality of a modern-day kitchen.

Here are a few ways to incorporate the farmhouse look into your kitchen:

White Oak Ceiling Beams

Whether your home already has ceiling beams or not, you can add an extra charming element to your kitchen by installing solid oak beams in the kitchen. The texture of the wood will contrast beautifully with a white marble or quartz countertop.

Farmhouse Sink

This is the main element of a modern farmhouse kitchen design. You can order a porcelain white sink that offers convenient depth and width - perfect for stacking dishes after a dinner party or leaving plenty of room to soak pots. A farmhouse sink is charming and functional.

Matte Black Pendant Light Fixtures 

Whether it's over the kitchen island or dining area, matte black light fixtures offer a modern take on a country-inspired look.

Ligia Lugo - The Daring Kitchen

Ligia Lugo

The farmhouse style is close to nature but at the same time clean and warm.

One of the most prominent elements of the farmhouse style is the wood. Hardwood floors and exposed beams can create a cozy farmhouse feel.

If you have enough room in your kitchen you can get a kitchen island. To make it fit the farmhouse style choose a free-standing style.

Another trademark of the farmhouse style is the banquet-style table. A large, rectangular table made of wood will make your kitchen feel truly farmhouse and can become the centerpiece of the space.

The appliances can also serve as decoration in your kitchen with the most prominent one being the stove. A vintage stove can really enhance the authentic charm of your kitchen.

Of course, you need to pay attention to the details as well. So get some wooden utensils, wire baskets, wall art, and fresh flowers to complete the look of the space.

Sarah Macklin - Dream of Home

Sarah Macklin

A farmhouse kitchen is ALL about those rustic touches.

Rustic wooden shelving, large shabby chic dressers and warm colours will make any kitchen feel warm, cosy and give it that farmhouse vibe.

Antiques and second-hand accessories are important, such as jugs, vases, jars and more, and can be placed on shelves or windowsills.

Use soft furnishings, such as rugs, to soften tiled flooring and bring the whole room together.

Finally, no kitchen is complete without a traditional farmhouse sink.

Sara Plaisted - Lori Dennis

Sara Plaisted

The Farmhouse Kitchen definitely has a laid back style. There’s no cookie cutter approach to it because it’s completely authentic, welcoming and effortless.

Combining mixed materials like wood and stone, iron, glass and ceramics, makes us immediately feel comfortable, grounded and earthy.

Begin with a warm neutral color scheme of black, white and woods, with added grey or blue for accents.

This could mean all white cabinets, muted gold hardware pulls, a marble countertop, stone subway backsplash, glass lighting fixtures with black metal accents, and open wood shelves or exposed wood ceiling beams.

Mix and match to play around with these elements without looking for perfection. Remember, a farmhouse kitchen is well lived in. Let’s not forget the hearth that makes a home.

Select an eye catching range and hood that works hard and looks great doing it. A large farmhouse apron front sink and restaurant style pull down faucet are big, bold and easy to use while cleaning up family style meals.

For easy-going gatherings, a long wood dining table with simple clean legs is a focal point that brings everyone together.

Lastly, small finishing touches might come fresh from the garden. Display sunny lemons, bright tomatoes, or stems of rosemary, lavender or wild flowers in a white ceramic bowl or pitcher.

Nothing goes to waste when using natural, edible decorative items to bring your home to life.


Great House Design

Luna Williams - Great House Design

Luna Williams

Farmhouse style is all about the rustic. We recommend designing furniture and flooring using distressed woods; oak, cherry and maple are great for this and provide a really authentic farmhouse look.

Typically, kitchens designed in the farmhouse style are separate to a dining space. In 18th-19th century farmhouses, they would be used as a way of separating the smoke from the dining room.

The cooks and other housekeepers would inhabit the kitchen and the homeowners would wait for their meals in the dining room. Now of course, we don't have to think in such binary terms.

We recommend incorporating an island in the centre of kitchens, to help keep the feel of a separate cooking and food preparation space while still offering somewhere to dine if required.

Colours should be neutral -- we recommend whites and pale pastelles, like baby blues or pale yellows, for walls and tiles.

To get a really authentic farmhouse feel, display cooking and dining ware where it is visible. This could be in glass cabinets, or even hanging from ceilings above an island area.

Stephanie Mantilla - Plant Prosperous

Stephanie Mantilla

Farmhouse kitchens have a few key elements including a farmhouse sink, light colors, natural wood, and pendant lights.

If you're going the traditional route, butcher block countertops and rustic finishes are common.

The charm of a farmhouse kitchen is the elegance in its simplicity. It has clean lines, not a lot of fuss, and stands the test of time.

This means that you'll want to pick finishes and colors that are timeless rather than trendy or modern.

Gennifer Rose

Gennifer Rose

The popular farmhouse style of decor consists of a balance between bright and clean aesthetics paired with rustic country chic.

I would consider it to be a more modern and updated version of its predecessor "shabby chic."

The color palette is comprised of neutral shades and natural elements such as wood, stone, natural fabrics and aged metal accents.

This type of decor is meant to be very warm and inviting creating a homey vibe.

So when you're in the process of decorating with the farmhouse style in mind, you want to think about family gatherings and people coming together.

The kitchen is definitely a favorite hangout spot for holidays so you want to make sure you've got an open floor plan with plenty of space for guests.

The perfect farmhouse kitchen will have matte white wooden cabinets with rustic hardware in a contrasting and darker color.

You want the tone of white to be closer to a cream or eggshell color, you want to avoid a super bright white. You can also opt for open shelving for a minimal and modern look.

Countertops should be fabricated from stone or marble, preferably in grey tones. Either of these options will compliment your cabinets and keep a high quality look.

A large center kitchen island doubles as extra storage and a great place for the family to gather and entertain guests. The fabrication and color scheme of your island should match your cabinets and countertops for a consistent feel.

Finishing touches for a farmhouse kitchen would be a large farmhouse sink, using reclaimed wood for tables and surfaces and soft accent pieces made of natural cotton and linen.

Kaitlyn Downs - Modern Renovations

Kaitlyn Downs

A relaxed approach to interior design, farmhouse-style kitchens generally feature repurposed décor and natural materials. They offer a homely environment and aim to keep things modest and organic.

This design style creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, think of an oversized fireclay farmhouse-style sink, oversized furniture pieces, and durable surfaces.

Before moving to a wide-open space and making the ultimate tree change to the countryside, here are some simple tips to pull off this charming style in your very own kitchen.

You can start small with well-selected paint color and a reclaimed timber table and work your way up to rustic kitchen cabinetry, traditional barn doors, and exposed beams.

This Rustic style is expressed through a natural colour palette. White is generally the dominant shade and is paired with earthy greys and tans. Try using vertical grooved paneling as a wall material and paint it with a crisp white.

Kitchen cabinetry is traditional looking and often a shaker profile, to offer a classic feel to the home. 

The kitchen should be well laid out so that it can be the backdrop to many people convening around and enjoying the space, to help you with designing such a practical layout it is always a great idea to employ the services of a professional.

An interior designer or cabinetmaker will offer invaluable advice when building your ideal farmhouse kitchen.

Exposed elements such as overhead plate racks and rustic pull-out baskets offer a very user-friendly feature to these well-lived in and well-loved kitchens and don’t be afraid to display your hardwearing copper pots on reclaimed timber shelving units.

Durable white stone benchtops or traditional timber are the go-to for this style, keeping the continuity within the neutral colour palette, hardware such as cabinet handles and hinges can be either classic brass or contemporary chrome or black.

As a fun addition you could also purchase second-hand knobs and handles at vintage markets, these are very easy to swap around and change as you do.

As the heart of the home, your farmhouse kitchen with its soft colour palette and life-friendly layout will bring with it some seriously good home-loving feelings.

Aya Bradley - The Golden

Aya Bradley

The farmhouse kitchen -- you see it everywhere. It has vintage elements and a cozy, homey feel. It fits anyone’s taste. If you’re one to go after this look, but don’t know where to start, it’s completely okay.

The details and combination of styles may be overwhelming, but there are things to consider if you want a farmhouse kitchen of your own.

Here are the top three things you need for an ideal farmhouse kitchen:

Soft colors are your main colors. When it comes to a farmhouse kitchen, you can choose any color you want, but soft colors are what make a farmhouse kitchen the way it is.

Use some cream colors to balance the dark tones of natural wood elements. Soft colors help brighten up space and adds that cozy feeling to the kitchen.

You can never go wrong with wood flooring. A kitchen isn’t a farmhouse kitchen without hardwood floors.

Tile floorings are a no-no because the hardwood floor is what gives your kitchen the natural, rustic look that farmhouse kitchens are known for.

Go all out on the details. It is all in the details when it comes to this kind of kitchen. Add some decorative millwork or traditional-style decor to really bring out that farmhouse vibe.

It’s also a great idea to incorporate any vintage element you like. Make sure that the furniture you select really blends into the theme that you want. 

Having a farmhouse kitchen can feel like it’s just a dream.

However, if you put your vision into life and follow all the details needed to achieve the ideal farmhouse kitchen, you’ll find yourself with a cozy and homey kitchen of your own.

Adam Watson - Hollywood Mirrors

Adam Watson

To get the authentic farmhouse look you definitely should go for an Aga oven it is the centre piece of the kitchen. Aga's provide the best cooking experience and are great for making rustic meals.

Also having a stovetop kettle such as the famous Alessi bird kettle to finish off the look of the Aga.

Kitchen cabinetery I think the shaker style kitchens are timeless and you can always update them and paint them a different colour too.

I'm not a fan of wooden worktops though they get worn and i like perfection so always go for a light coloured granite which is a lot more hardwearing and high end looking.

A big oak dining table with benches to seat the whole family in should provide many happy memories with great food and drink.

For flooring I would go for big wide wooden panels to minimize too many busy lines.

Sarah Bailey - Life in a Break Down

Sarah Bailey

To get that really authentic farmhouse kitchen feel (and to save a bit of money to boot!) you can use reclaimed wood for your cupboard doors and worktops.

You can use reclaimed wood in any size kitchen big or small and it gives a really rustic touch to your kitchen.

Plus, it's great for living a more sustainable lifestyle.

There are companies who provide a service where they design and make your kitchen from reclaimed wood or, if you're feeling brave, you can have a go yourself!

Peggy Brusseau

Peggy Brusseau

The ideal farmhouse kitchen has a cool, tiled floor that can survive being muddied and mopped an infinite number of times.

The cupboards are separate pieces of furniture, carefully chosen for their generous size and utility. For the nature of this kitchen is well-organized chaos. With so much to attend to, how could it be different?

Fresh produce from the garden and orchard must be cleaned and stored away. There are jams and chutneys to make; vinegars and ferments to nurse; nuts and herbs to dry.

What is needed are nooks and corners designated for each ongoing project with, here and there, surfaces cleared to display bowls of fruit and vases of flowers. Of course, there are shelves enough to take the weight of food histories and cookbooks – stacks of them!

There are two deep sinks, each with its own draining board. The stove has a double oven beneath and a counter-top beside to place the cooling racks.

There is a door that opens to a tiny patch of York stone – just big enough to step onto while you cut fresh sprigs from the herbs growing right outside the door.

The windows in this kitchen face east and west. East to watch the sunrise as you sip morning coffee; West to see the afternoon and evening light sweep across the kitchen, with all its lovely shapes and textures. For, despite its buzz of activity, this kitchen is a peaceful place.

A giant, solid wooden table dominates the centre of the room. There are too many chairs and benches to fit around it but, more often than not, all of them are needed.

Because, like a heartbeat, this kitchen gathers people for a few moments of sharing before it moves them – in contented, harmonious rhythms – out again into the world. 

John StarckShowcase Kitchens

John Starck

The modern farmhouse kitchen is a takeoff on the home-spun warmth of farming cultures of yore that fed not just the members of the resident family but also their farmhands who helped work the fields and tend to the livestock.

Hallmarks of the style are kitchens designed to accommodate large groups emphasize a casual lifestyle, natural materials and functionality.

The benefits of open or floating shelving and even refrigeration allow for easy-to-see and -grab use for cooking utensils, plates and pantry items.

Ease of maintenance is also a feature of farmhouse style, hence, the farmhouse sink, generally deep and made of porcelain, whose aproned front is easy to keep clean.

Other recognizable aspects to include are natural materials; wood tables and floors, natural stone countertops and plain backsplash tile, typically white subway tiles.

Stylized elements that harken back to simpler times, i.e. beamed or tin ceilings, retro stope pipe range hoods, industrial pendant lighting can be incorporated to finish the look.

Showcase Kitchens

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