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7 farmhouse sink colors

7 Farmhouse Sink Colors (You Wish You Had)

7 Farmhouse Sink Colors
Fabulous Farmhouse Sink Colors: Styles For Every Kitchen

If you are working on a kitchen renovation project, or if you want to replace your kitchen sink, one of your first buying considerations is color.

The color of your farmhouse sink is as important as factors like size, materials, and design. An inappropriate sink color can have a profoundly detrimental effect on the outcome of your renovation project.

Choosing a beautiful color for your farmhouse sink can, however, complement the design and aesthetic appeal of your other kitchen fixtures and design features. Each color has a unique personality and works well with specific design elements.

People who don’t have experience with interior-design projects may have difficulty choosing the right farmhouse sink color for their kitchens. This article will take a thorough look at seven farmhouse-sink colors and the styles they complement. Keep reading to find the perfect color for your kitchen sink.

Farmhouse Sink Colors

After deciding on a farmhouse sink to replace your existing sink, you have to consider the color that will bring your entire kitchen to life. In most cases, the material of your farmhouse sink determines some good color choices.

With glazing or powder-coated enamel, the sink can be any color that the manufacturer chooses. The most common colors of fireclay sinks with glazing are blue, black, grey, and white.

If the sink you want comprises materials like copper or stainless-steel, or if the sink is nickel-plated, it may naturally be the same color as these materials.


1. Blue

Blue may seem like a unique color for an apron farmhouse sink. But it is the color of the ocean and the sky, so it works incredibly well if you want to create a tranquil environment. This color sinks pairs well with marble counters, periwinkle appliances, and flooring with blue accents.

If you have an all-white kitchen with a few blue accents, a blue farmhouse sink can also give the space a well-rounded appearance with subtle visual interest. Unlike other colors in this list, a blue farmhouse sink should support other tones in the kitchen, or it may look out of place.


2. Black

Black farmhouse sinks tend to appear inherently modern, and they are easier to keep clean than white sinks.

If light tones dominate your kitchen, a black front apron sink in a central position can double as a focal point. In combination with white flooring, cabinets, and walls, a black sink can establish a visually pleasing contrast, too.

If your kitchen has wood features and monochrome schemes, a black sink can add a touch of warmth to it.


3. Gray

Grey farmhouse sinks can give your kitchen a fresh, contemporary look, especially paired with white or black features, industrial design styles, or marble surfaces. A grey sink is also a good option for kitchens with wood features or earthy tones and textures.

You can use grey sinks in combination with a bright color, like orange, without worrying that the kitchen will look gaudy. Another benefit of a grey farmhouse sink is that it tends to complement the tones of modern kitchen appliances.


4. White

White farmhouse sinks can comprise a wide range of materials, including fireclay, enamel-coated cast iron, and composites. White sinks are timeless, and they suit almost every kitchen design style out there.

What’s more, white goes with anything. If you went a little crazy with the colors of your cabinets, walls, or flooring, a white sink is an ideal way to even the tone out a bit.

A white apron sink with a shiny glaze coating looks inherently modern. White is also the ideal color if you don’t regard your sink as a visual design component, but merely a functional one.


5. Copper

A copper farmhouse sink is an excellent option if you want to add an element of authenticity to your kitchen and create a relaxing atmosphere. Copper sinks are suitable for traditional-style kitchens, but they can work in modern settings, as well.

Copper sinks pair well with wooden surfaces and earthy textures. Some designers combine copper sinks with ambient lighting for added visual appeal.

Stainless Steel

6. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a versatile color option, especially if the appliances in your kitchen are stainless, as so many are today. Stainless-steel sinks complement white, black, and wooden surfaces, and you can incorporate them into almost any design style without looking out of place.

Stainless-steel front apron sinks exude cleanliness and are favorites in professional settings where aesthetic appeal is essential. Other benefits of stainless-steel farmhouse sinks are that they are durable, affordable, and easy to clean.

Nickel Plated

7. Nickel Plated

Nickel-plated farmhouse sinks have a hammered texture that is much more forgiving than materials like stainless steel. Damage resulting from abrasion doesn’t show on these sinks.

Nickel-plated sinks have a tone that is warmer and more luxurious than some other colors, and it is incredibly versatile. A nickel-plated sink looks just as good in a contemporary setting as it does in a traditionally styled kitchen.

This color pairs particularly well with natural tones and textures, white and black surfaces, and marble counters.


Farmhouse sinks are appreciable additions to your kitchen, and the color of sink you choose can make a significant improvement to the personality and visual interest of your home. To choose the right color for your farmhouse sink, take the existing color scheme and design style of your kitchen into account.

Your sink’s texture also plays a role in how well a color integrates with the rest of your kitchen. Sinks made from copper, nickel plating, and stainless steel, for example, have prominent textures that can offset or complement other kitchen surfaces.

Finally, you are the one who lives with the farmhouse sink every day, and you should choose a color and farmhouse sink material that you like. After all, you don't have to mimic today's trends or meet the conventional rules of interior design if you'd rather not!

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