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What Color Countertops Go With White Cabinets?

What Color Countertops Go With White Cabinets?

What Color Countertops Go With White Cabinets?

The decor in your kitchen is important, and it says a lot about a person. At first glance, white may seem like a boring color for a kitchen, but when it’s the cabinets, there is a lot you can do with the other parts of your kitchen. 

Countertops can have a striking appearance in any kitchen, and the color that you choose will determine the color scheme and general decor for the entire kitchen. But, what color countertops will look good with white cabinets?

This totally depends on the kind of white cabinets you have, and the color scheme of your kitchen.

In this article we’re going to be talking about some options for your countertops, and how to make the decor of your kitchen look amazing. 

Are White Cabinets Popular?

White cabinets are one of the most popular choices for kitchen cabinets in the world. They are cheap, easy to install, and subtle.

Additionally, having white cabinets gives you the opportunity to decorate the rest of your kitchen as creatively as you wish.

White kitchen cabinets have been popular for around ten years, and it is estimated that they will stay popular. Previously, kitchen cabinets were wooden, or made from wood looking PVC.

Nowadays, a lot of people have white kitchen cabinets, with colors in the other parts of their kitchen, including the countertops.

It is popular to have white cabinets with a bright and striking countertop, usually slate gray, stone, or quartz. It is popular to have stainless steel appliances as well as colorful kitchen decor to brighten up the kitchen.

Additionally, darker flooring, such as dark wood or stone, can give a lovely look to your kitchen.

For this reason, white kitchen cabinets will remain popular, due to the amount of freedom they provide you with the rest of the kitchen decor. 

How To Pick Out Countertops For White Cabinets

How To Pick Out Countertops For White Cabinets

Now we know how popular white cabinets are in the kitchen, how do you choose the right countertops for white cabinets?

Firstly, be rest assured that if you have white kitchen cabinets, there is a huge variety of colors that you can decide on that would look great in your kitchen. The variety is arguably much better if you have white cabinets.

It is completely your choice when it comes to designing your kitchen, and seeing what would go well with the rest of the decor.

If you are completely redesigning your kitchen, this is a great opportunity to see how your cabinets and countertops will look before adding any color.

Keep in mind that countertops do not come in every color possible, as they are generally more neutral colors. 

When thinking about your kitchen, consider what style you are going for, such as contemporary or country.

If you prefer a clean and bright kitchen, you may want to keep your countertops white to go with the cabinets, or you may want to choose a quartz gray.

If you are interested in more of a sleek design, black countertops may be the way to go. If you fancy a combination of warmth and brightness, you may want to pick countertops with a warmer tone, such as a sandy stone.

The choice is completely up to you! Let’s look at the best colors that go well with white cabinets. 

What Color Countertops Go With White Cabinets?


This is an obvious choice, but if you have white kitchen cabinets, white countertops can look great.

This is not necessarily as whitewashed as it may sound, because you can add some color to your kitchen with tiles and appliances.

Adding white countertops will create a clean and bright look to your kitchen, reflecting any light. This is even better if you have a bright kitchen in the first place.

White countertops are also extremely easy to customize, and match with the floors, paint, and decor.

White countertops do show dirt and stains easier, even if it is an expensive material. But, if you’re cleaning regularly, this should not be an issue. With white countertops, your color options are endless. 


Gray is another versatile color for kitchen countertops. Gray comes in many shades, so it’s incredibly easy to match with the flooring and tiles in your kitchen.

You can get gray countertops made from many materials including marble, quartz, and granite. Additionally, concrete countertops have become pretty popular, without darkening your kitchen. 


Stone colored countertops have proven to be extremely popular for white kitchen cabinets, too. A lot of countertops are now flecked with tones of brown, beige, and tan.

This opens up your kitchen to a wide range of color options for tiling and paint. Beige and stone colored countertops can add a lovely warmth to any kitchen, which would look even better with warm lighting. 

Other Countertop Styles And Options

Other Countertop Styles And Options


Wooden countertops have remained pretty popular throughout the world, and they can add a country-kitchen warmth to your kitchen.

They may also be referred to as butcher’s blocks, and it can turn any kitchen into a relaxed farmhouse style vibe.

With white kitchen cabinets, lighter colored wooden countertops will create a relaxing and attractive look. You can stylize this further with rustic styled decor and tiling. 


Black countertops may not be for everyone, but they can make a white themed kitchen look sleek and stylish. It can make any kitchen look and feel modern, and it is easy to clean, too.

You can get black countertops in many materials, but primarily granite, quartz, and even marble. 

Final Thoughts

White kitchen cabinets are amazingly versatile, and you can have almost whatever color you want as your countertops due to how easy white is.

Having white kitchen cabinets also allows you to customize the rest of your kitchen without anything clashing.

Thank you for reading!

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