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How to Get That Perfect Modern Farmhouse Look for Your Kitchen

How to Get That Perfect Modern Farmhouse Look for Your Kitchen

How to Get That Perfect Modern Farmhouse Look for Your Kitchen

Farmhouse home decor has certainly withstood the test of time, owing most of its success to the nostalgia it makes people feel. The traditional farmhouse style brings back memories of home-cooked meals in your grandmother's country kitchen, a comfortable and welcoming space for the entire family. And it’s not just the homely appeal that makes it popular, as these spaces are also practical and well-equipped hubs for everyday family activities and needs.

For these reasons, home-owners are keen to incorporate farmhouse decor into their own kitchen designs, often introducing contemporary twists. When appropriately designed, the modern farmhouse successfully blends the warmth of rustic style with modern and industrial features for a whole new, functional, and refined effect. What's more, the amount of space you have is of no importance here, as this decor can be effectively adapted to all kitchen sizes.

If you have a new house or you plan a kitchen remodel in the nearest future, this is definitely a style to consider. Below, we present some farmhouse kitchen ideas and tips on how to get it just right.

What Is Farmhouse Kitchen Design?

The farmhouse used to mean just that - a home on a farm. However, over time, people living in urban areas began to long for a more personal and homely design. It had a lot to do with a wish for simpler times and escape from the modern rush - even if only through design. Design always had a knack for expressing our philosophies, and the more people started to reevaluate what’s important in their lives, the more classic country kitchen designs became more popular.

Those who have never been to an actual farmhouse quickly realized that country style is as much about functionality as it is about looks. For example, lovely porches that all of us came to love so much were actually designed to give people some space for shedding dirty workwear before coming inside. We tend to think about scenes from movies and how romantic a large porch is to sit on in the summer or fall - with a blanket and a cup of tea in hand. But we’re getting nostalgic ourselves - let’s move on.

Kitchens have a special appeal because they’re designed as a welcoming space for everyone in the family. It's where people prepare their meals, talk about their day and do homework (and these days, a lot of us work remotely here) -  it's important to feel comfortable but also have the whole kitchen designed with functionality in mind. The kitchen very often becomes the true heart of our home - there has to be a perfect balance between that functional workspace and a comfortable safe space to sit and relax.

A Farmhouse-style kitchen provides all that. This is probably why so many designers and homeowners decide to implement these kitchen ideas without converting the rest of the house to match the style.

How to Design a Farmhouse Kitchen with a Modern Twist

Long story short, a modern farmhouse kitchen decor is all about combining the antiques and rustic features with more modern or industrial details, and seeking out brand-new retro style items. It is impossible to strictly define the look of all modern farmhouse kitchens, as these home decor ideas can be quite versatile and flexible.

Unlike a modern style which has to stick to with sharp edges and sleek finishes, the farmhouse kitchen is meant to be a bit of a stylistic mish-mash.

However, there are some must-haves or at least inspirations for different parts of the kitchen that we can bear in mind while decorating the room, aiming for vintage, rustic effect with a modern twist:


A sink is undoubtedly the star of each farmhouse kitchen. These sinks are somewhat oversized and certainly very different from what we usually see in our heads when we think about sinks. Additionally, if you choose right, a good sink may last many years before it will require a replacement, so it may be worth investing a little more at the beginning.

The most commonly chosen farmhouse sinks include:

Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks

Fireclay farmhouse sinks have become more and more popular these days, and it’s not hard to wonder why  - they combine beautiful esthetics with incredible durability. A highly resistant glaze that these sinks are coated with makes it hard to even scratch them, not to mention any bigger damages. What's more, they don't lose any of their appeals with time, always looking precisely as they did on the day you bought them. Its durability also makes it very easy to clean. A fireclay farmhouse sink is a classic that can fit into almost every kitchen.

Copper Farmhouse Sinks

Because of its color, a copper farmhouse sink may not suit every kitchen, but once you make it work, you will have a stunning addition to your whole kitchen decor. What's great is that it's not only a pretty choice but a cost-effective one as well - it's durable, so while the price may seem like a lot to spend at once, it's certainly worth it. Additionally, copper sinks are recyclable, which makes them eco-friendly. However, it will require some proper maintenance on your part to last. A copper farmhouse sink will add an earthly, more refined touch to your kitchen design.

Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sinks

Stainless steel farmhouse sinks are highly versatile, as they can easily align with a variety of kitchen designs. These are commonly chosen by those who want to combine farmhouse style with industrial elements, but it will also blend into a purely country kitchen quite effectively. If you tend to your stainless steel sink the right way, it is sure to stay in your home for a long while. It's relatively easy to clean and durable, but you will have to watch for scratches and dents.

Stone Farmhouse Sinks

It is probably quite evident that you can expect a stone sink to be highly resistant to damages. What's more, all stone sinks are absolutely beautiful, no matter their design. They will serve you well, both in terms of functionality and as an element of home decor. All kinds of stone need proper care, but if you give your sink some attention, it will probably last long enough to serve your children and grandchildren. There's also another perk - since a stone sink is cut from a single boulder, there are no two pieces in the world that would be exactly the same. It’s truly a unique centerpiece for your kitchen.

Moreover, depending on the type, farmhouse kitchen sinks may come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can be certain to find the one to match your kitchen decor and fit into available space. For example, if you have more space and can afford it, it will be a good idea to go for a two-basin kitchen sink for better functionality. Also, traditional farmhouse kitchen sinks have their front apron exposed, but you can choose your preferred esthetic to make it consistent with the decor or suitable for your chosen cabinets.

All modern farmhouse kitchens need a rustic sink to complete the look.



Since a sink is a vital part of your farmhouse kitchen decor, you can't forget about choosing the right faucet. Retro polished brass, simultaneously modern and rustic black matte, antique copper finish, or classic metallic - your chosen faucet can add significantly to the desired decor of your new kitchen.



For a classic farmhouse look, most decor ideas include wooden kitchen cabinets, ideally white, beige or brown. However, while wood seems to be necessary to achieve a warm and rustic effect, more and more designers and homeowners decide to experiment with paint colors. Shades of blue and grey or even two-toned cabinets are growing in popularity right now, making the whole kitchen certainly more interesting.

If you're looking for something even bolder, you can go for any color of your choice - people are even opting for black-painted cabinets these days. Another great idea is painting your cupboards with your preferred color on the inside and replacing their regular doors with glass ones.

Open shelving instead of classic kitchen cabinets is also popular, especially if you have a collection of mugs or old pottery to display, which will contribute to the personal, rustic decor.

What's also growing in popularity are patterned tiles, which can add significantly to the whole look when you're going for toned colors and not that many decorations. And by saying patterned, we mean so much more than classic black and white tiles.




What you choose for your floor will mostly depend on the rest of your design, as all kinds of flooring may be suitable for a farmhouse-style kitchen - both for the more traditional and the modern, industrial design.

Of course, the most classic wood will involve wood floors. Traditionally, these would be pine wood, but homeowners and designers prefer hardwood, as it's easier to maintain and more resistant to damages.

However, you can also achieve an excellent farmhouse design with more practical tiles - all depends on the rest of your kitchen decor. They may also be better if you aim for a more industrial effect.

What's also growing in popularity are patterned tiles, which can add significantly to the whole look when you're going for toned colors and not that many decorations. And by saying patterned, we mean so much more than classic black and white tiles.

Countertops/Other Surfaces

Countertops/Other Surfaces

Countertops should be durable and useful in the first place.

Soapstone is highly popular among home designers and owners who decide to use it for contrast for white kitchen cabinets. It's also durable, resistant to heat, and potential damages. Then, there are also various types of wood if you're going for the whole wooden look, or you have used more of different materials in the rest of your kitchen.

A lot of people praise the use of marble, even for farmhouse kitchen countertops. Marble countertops may not sound very rustic, but if you combine these with warm, wooden surroundings, you will get a more refined, modern farmhouse design.

Since farmhouse kitchens are generally much more than a place where you can prepare your meals, all additional surfaces are welcomed - a table or a kitchen island is an excellent idea if you only have space.

Restored industrial carts can serve perfectly as a kitchen island, adding an industrial touch to the rustic surroundings.

Accessories & Decorations

Here, you can get wild and use anything that comes to your mind - after all, the original farmhouse kitchens were all about using what you had at hand and making the whole space as personal as possible.

Light fixtures and decorations made of metal farming equipment for a more modern industrial look, old crocks put at your shelves, or woven baskets found at some garage sale... Your preferences and imagination are the limits. You can easily decorate your kitchen with old, rescued items from a flea market, like vintage signs or clocks.

It is also quite common to complement the space with personal touches, such as your photos, souvenirs, or collected items on a special display. Some people also get rugs for their farmhouse kitchens, thus adding even more warmth to the whole space.

A traditional country farmhouse can't do without some nature-inspired decorations, such as animal wall art, floral-themed wallpapers, and accessories, flowers, earth colors, or items made from natural materials.

Don't be afraid to experiment with DIY a little bit - use old barn doors for decorating or take your old clothes to upholster chairs. It will be even better if the effect is imperfect, making it more personal.




If you go for some bold choices with furniture, appliances, flooring, or decorations, you will do best to decide on neutral paint colors for your walls - white, beige, or grey.

However, if the rest of your kitchen decor is quite plain, you can get crazy with the walls for a more exciting effect. Paint them with your favorite color, even if it's pink or turquoise, or go shopping for vintage floral wallpaper.

Soft, pastel colors are great for a safe yet beautiful farmhouse look, while bolder shades will draw attention and add to a more modern outcome.

Shiplap, wood, or bricks can also be used as wall decorations, as long as they don't overwhelm the whole space. For example, a white or gray subway tile backsplash can rarely do any damage to your home decor.


You can't forget that there's actually a fifth wall in your kitchen - the ceiling. If you want to add some color to the room, but you don't quite see it on your walls, it may be the answer to your problem. However, you need to stay cautious not to darken your kitchen too much. A warmer, pastel color can indeed make the atmosphere cozier and more inviting.

Final Thoughts

A farmhouse kitchen is a very broad term that includes a whole range of different kitchen design ideas, both modern and vintage, industrial and rustic. They can all undoubtedly serve as sources of inspiration for those planning a home renovation, whether you want a farmhouse, a farmhouse-style kitchen, or something completely different with only farmhouse-inspired decorating ideas.

The most important thing to bear in mind while decorating a new kitchen is its functionality. No esthetics will be able to make up for discomfort or irritability. While you can get over some bad ideas implemented in your living room design, it will be much more difficult to get used to a kitchen that's simply not practical. And farmhouse kitchen ideas can help you avoid unpleasant situations since the functionality is in their roots.

Then, remember to listen to good advice but value your own opinion. After all, it is your kitchen, and it is you who should be happy with the outcome.

So, plan it well or consult with a home decor specialist for a professional opinion if you have any doubts. Make sure you give the heart of your home the attention it deserves.

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