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Double Bowl Farmhouse Sinks

Double Farm Sinks

33 White Latoscana Double-Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

A double farm sink offers plenty of perks for homeowners looking for that classic farmhouse feeling – without sacrificing the essential function you crave.

Traditional farmhouse sinks are often just one single over-sized sink, with either an offset or centered drain. But modern sink designs usually have two bowls: one for washing or meal prep, and one for rinsing. The good news is that today’s farmhouse sink manufacturers have brought this classic design into the 21st century with updated features, including double-bowl farm sink models.

When shopping for a double basin farm sink, one thing you’ll want to keep in mind is what layout you’re looking for. Some farm sinks with double bowls offer two equally weighted bowls. Others, however, may have one bowl bigger than the other.

If you’re looking at offset bowls, you may want to invest in a double-sided farm sink so you can reverse it to suit your ideal layout, with the smaller basin on either the left or right side, depending on how you position your sink. Ideally, your double-bowl sink will also have centered drain holes to accommodate rotating the sink in either position. If one side of your sink has a decorative flourish that you want to feature, keep in mind you won’t be able to rotate it.

Double Farmhouse Sink Sizes

Given farmhouse sinks are already quite over-sized, you may be wondering how much space you need to accommodate a double-bowl farm sink. Generally speaking, you won’t find a double farm sink smaller than 33”. Keep in mind your surrounding cabinetry will need to allow for a few additional inches around to support the weight of your sink. For example, a 33” sink typically needs a 36” cabinet.

If you’re going with a multiple-bowl farmhouse sink, the sink size may go up to 48”, which will fit best into a larger kitchen. If you want to get really expansive, triple-bowl farmhouse sinks are available and can take up to 60 inches of space.

Another useful benefit of double farmhouse sinks is how easy it is to use accessories with them. For example, a built-in soap dispenser allows you to easily add dish soap or even hand soap to make washing up a breeze. Double bowl farmhouse sinks with a rim or lip can allow you to add cutting boards or colanders to assist with meal prep while still keeping a second sink basin open.

Or look, for double-basin farm sinks with a drainboard that’s built in. Keep in mind this style will require a bit more counter space (or a bit less sink space),but will save you the hassle of needing a separate drying rack on your counter. Alternatively, you can also purchase a double basin sink grid that rests on the bottom of your sink to both protect it from wear and tear and serve as a convenient location to dry your dishes.

Double Farm Sink Manufacturers
More and more manufacturers are ensuring they have double bowl farm sinks to meet today’s homeowners desires. Each manufacturer offers their own lineup of materials, finishes, and decorative flourishes, but all of them deliver on high-quality double-basin farmhouse sinks.

Browse our collection below to explore double basin farm sinks from Whitehaus, Bocchi, Polaris, Barclay, Houzer, Franke, Elkay, and Alfi.

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    Polaris P208 32" Granite Double Basin Undermount Kitchen Sink - Annie & Oak
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    Polaris P208 32" Granite Double Basin Undermount Kitchen Sink

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