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Bocchi Sink Review - Fireclay

Bocchi Sink Review - Fireclay

Bocchi Sink Review
Bocchi Fireclay Sink Review 

Shopping for a fireclay sink? Before getting started, I'd like to tell you a brief story about an online shopper we crossed paths with. Let's call her "Jenifer." Jenifer was shopping online trying to get her to sink delivered in time for the cabinet maker. 

In a rush as always. She did her best trying to find the perfect sink online at the very best price. She ended up pulling the trigger with a less than the satisfactory brand (we won't mention names). When the sink arrived, it didn't even fit and showed visible signs of defects. This delayed her home renovation and ended up costing a ton.

Don't let what happened to Jenifer happen to you. Read our Bocchi fireclay sink review and stay informed. 

A Brief History of Bocchi

If you’re looking for endless choice when it comes to your dream fireclay sinkBocchi has got you covered. With unique options for every aspect of your sink selection. This European brand, based in Italy, was established in 1950, bringing decades of designer sensibility and technical expertise to every fixture they produce To stay up with modern trends they brought on innovative Italian designers. The unique characteristics Bocchi offers are their 9 trendy colors and clean sharp lines that are sure to make your kitchen pop. 

Notable Features:

  • Established in 1950
  • 67 years of experience
  • Based in Italy 
  • Made in Turkey
  • Designed by Danelon&Meroni


Farmhouse & Undermount Fireclay Sinks

Bocchi’s fireclay sinks come in an impressive range of sizes, from tiny prep sinks measuring at 12-18”, all the way up to massive 36” apron front sinks that make a bold design statement. By far the most common sink is the 33" Farmhouse sink.

You can also find many of their farmhouse sinks in both single and double bowl styles, so you’ll have no problem selecting the ideal layout for your kitchen at the ideal size. While many fireclay sinks often have size variances due to the firing process, all of Bocchi’s fireclay sinks have exact measurements, making it easy to order custom cabinetry and installYou can also select between undermount or apron front fireclay sinks, allowing you to either make your sink a seamless addition to your kitchen design or a starring focal point.  

Farmhouse & Undermount Fireclay Sinks

Bocchi Farmhouse Sink Sizes & Styles:

Bocchi Vigneto
Bocchi Contempo
Bocchi Classico
Vigneto 27 Contempo 27
Classico 20
Vigneto 30 
Contempo 30 Step Rim
Classico 24
Vigneto 30 Step Rim
Contempo 30
Classico 30
Vigneto 33
Contempo 33
Classico 33D
Vigneto 36
Contempo 33D Double Bowl
Vigneto 36D Double Bowl
Contempo 36D Double Bowl
Vigneto 36D Step Rim
Contempo 36D Step Rim

The choices offered by Bocchi don’t end there. This luxury brand also appeals to your creative side. Their sinks are available in both flat front and sculpted apron front designs. All of Bocchi’s sinks are also finished on all four sides, making them entirely reversible. Interested in color? You’ll find more color and finish options from Bocchi over any other fireclay sink manufacturer. Go for a traditional white enamel glaze, or opt for something truly striking like a radiant sapphire blue, earthy matte brown, or trendy glossy black. Contemporary, classic, bold, or neutral – the choice is all yours with one of these designer-inspired fireclay sinks. 

Bocchi Sink 9 Color Options:

  • White - 001
  • Matte White - 002
  • Matte Black - 004
  • Black - 005
  • Grey - 006
  • Sapphire Blue - 010
  • Biscuit - 014
  • Matte Dark Grey - 020
  • Brown - 025
Bocchi Sink 9 Color Options

(Sapphire Blue Farmhouse Sink)

The Durability Of Bocchi Fireclay 

Of course, durability is a key consideration when purchasing a fireclay sink. Bocchi sinks are manufactured in Turkey using a specialized high-pressure casting system. Organic, natural, and recyclable clay is fired at temperatures of up to 2000°, resulting in a smooth and extremely resilient non-porous surface that is harder than rock. This stone-like surface will resist chips, scratches, dents, and damage, even with regular heavy-duty use. As a brand that truly stands behind its products, Bocchi even offers a free limited lifetime warranty to provide ultimate peace of mind. You can register your Bocchi products here

Key Highlights:

  • Fireclay fired at temperatures up to 2000°
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Hand made by artisan craftsmen 
  • Bocchi Warranty

Easy Maintenance of Bocchi Sinks

You’ll also enjoy easy maintenance with your Bocchi fireclay farmhouse sink. This innovative brand incorporates its signature Clean Plus+ technology in all of their sinks, ensuring each sink will always look brilliant, shiny, and new. The contact angle of their ceramic glaze has a hydrophobic effect, helping to prevent lime remains calcium deposits, stains, spots, dirt, and other buildups. Plus, fireclay is naturally antimicrobial for added hygiene benefits, and being fired under such high temperatures makes it heat-resistant as well. The use of mild cleaners and a simple wipe down after use are all that’s needed to maintain the life and luster of your farmhouse sink for years to come. 

Helpful Guides: 

Protect Your Fireclay Sink With FREE Grid

Protect Your Fireclay Sink With FREE Grid

All Bocchi sinks include a complimentary removable sink grid that’s customized to their various sink sizes. This sink grid/strainer has multiple functions, including minimizing wear and tear on your sink’s basin, protecting glasses and fine china from shattering against your sink’s strong surface, and doubling as a discreet drying rack once you’re done cleaning. You can also purchase coordinating Bocchi sink accessories, like colanders or cutting boards, to make your sink an all-in-one meal prep station. Plus, Bocchi sinks easily accommodate a garbage disposal and do not require an extended flange, making them suitable for homeowners who want a classic look without forgoing modern amenities.  

Bocchi Farmhouse Sink With Faucets

Bocchi considers the total package when it comes to their kitchen fixtures, and that means expertly designed faucets are available too. These coordinating faucets come in side spray, pull-down, and pull-out styles in both contemporary and classic profiles. Much like their sinks, Bocchi offers plenty of design choices with their faucets, including three finishes – polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel. And their chrome-finished faucets even come with a limited lifetime warranty.  

Every Bocchi faucet features an eco-friendly aerator that reduces water consumption and meets CalGreen requirements. Made from lead-free brass, their faucets are built to withstand impact while looking stunning for many years to come, and of course, performing perfectly. You can even find matching soap dispensers in the same finishes to help minimize countertop clutter and create a polished look for your fireclay sink installation. 

Our Own Bocchi Sink Reviews

Our Top 3 Staff Picks:

Bocchi Classico 33D

Bocchi Classico 33D

  • Large Double Bowl 
  • Scratch & Chip Resistant 
  • Reversible Design
  • Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars 

    Order right now and save an EXTRA 5% with Code: Save5 - This is the absolute lowest possible price online right now. Have the sink shipped directly to your door with our 100% guarantee! (Supply is limited)

    "Love the sink! Perfect! No flaws! Perfectly square and it comes with really cool drains with screw-in strainers." 



    Bocchi Sotto 32

    Bocchi Sotto 32

    • Clean Undermount Design
    • Large 32" Single Bowl
    • Clean White Finish
    • Average Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars


    Own our best selling undermount fireclay sinks today. Use code Save5 for an EXTRA 5% Savings. We are a trusted authorized dealer of Bocchi. Order with us and never worry about getting a cheap knock off. Plus enjoy our 100% guarantee. If the sinks arrive damaged we'll send you a new one! (Limited supply)

    "An absolutely beautiful sink of the highest quality. Lighter than cast iron."


    Bocchi Contempo 30 Step Rim

    Bocchi Contempo 30 Step Rim

    • Medium 30 Inch Single Bowl
    • FREE Cutting board included
    • FREE Strainer Rack
    • Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars


    Bocchi Contempo step rim comes with a FREE cutting board and strainer. Order right now to save an EXTRA 5% with Code: Save5 

    "Such a great sink! I love everything about it. Heavy, great quality, cutting board rocks! I love the size, cleaning dishes on Thanksgiving was a breeze with this deep, large farm sink! Definitely worth the price...."

    Is Bocchi Worth it? Conclusion:

    Bocchi prides itself on innovation and creativity, offering homeowners the choices they’re looking for when investing in a stylish fireclay farmhouse sink. But this European brand is also steeped in tradition; they’ve honed their expertise over the decades, bringing together tradition and timeless appeal in a completely unique way. Serving up durability, design, and an extensive line of sizes, colors, finishes, and accessories, it’s easy to find a Bocchi sink for your dream kitchen. To make things even simpler, Annie & Oak is the exclusive retailer of Bocchi sink bundles, including a coordinating faucet, sink grid, and soap dispenser for an all-in-one fireclay sink package that makes selection and installation a breeze. 

    If check out the entire Bocchi sink collection by clicking here.  

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