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Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Touchless kitchen faucets are one of the ways that kitchens have been modernized, and they prevent the spread of germs within the home. Many people have begun installing these into their homes as a way of bringing their kitchen into the twenty-first century.

This can increase the value of any house, and even has potential to increase the demand within the housing market for your home in the future.

Regardless of whether you are looking to sell your home or not, it is worth installing a touchless kitchen faucet for a touch of modern style into your kitchen.

There are a range of benefits that a touchless kitchen faucet can provide, and it is worth exploring these in order to decide what features are important to you.

When you are purchasing a touchless kitchen faucet, it is worth comparing the options in terms of color range, price, and how easy they are to fit. This is a complete guide to help you find the best touchless kitchen faucet on the market.

Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet

Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet

One of the main things to keep in mind when you are looking for a touchless faucet is that they can be a little expensive. If you are looking for something that falls within your budget, then the Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet is one of the most affordable options out there.

You have the choice to get water by waving your hand directly underneath the faucet, or turning the spray head, which allows you to transition from standard faucets to this in your own time.

This touchless faucet can be purchased in brushed nickel or chrome finish, with the choice of a chunkier square shape or round lines like that of a professional kitchen.

There is also a detachable sprayer connected with a flexible pipe which allows you to clean your sink and more challenging dishes with ease.

The different options are ideal for someone who wants to find matching appliances and ensure that there is a consistency throughout your home. This can certainly be achieved thanks to the simple design of these faucets.


  • A great option for those on a budget
  • Three finishes to choose from
  • Three function spray head
  • Easy to install


  • Batteries for the nozzle are not included in the purchase
  • There are some complaints about installing the faucet, but the customer service of this supplier is excellent, and it is easy to get advice when necessary

DELTA Faucet Essa Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Faucet

DELTA Faucet Essa Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Faucet

Another futuristic way that touchless faucets can be used to encourage cleanliness, independence, and avoiding harmful bacteria is through the integration of a soap dispenser.

Many of these can be seen with a small lever or pump that dispenses the correct amount of hand soap.

This usually sits next to the base of the faucet and is integrated into the counter for a sleek, seamless effect.

Encourage hygiene and independent living by allowing people to take care of themselves and easily accessing the soap and water to wash their hands.

The DELTA Faucet Essa Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Faucet comes with the choice of an additional soap dispenser which can be integrated into any setup.

While the pump is not necessarily touchless, it is a great addition to encourage hygiene at all times in the kitchen and is easy to clean.


  • Four finish options to choose from, so you can find something that would work well with your kitchen
  • LED light at the bottom of the faucet shows water temperature and battery life
  • Supply lines are included with your purchase


  • A little more challenging to install than a regular touchless faucet
  • The soap dispenser attachment isn’t touchless. However, for those who are more concerned with improving hygiene and integrating more touchless appliances into the kitchen, you could add a Touchless Soap Dispenser which means that dirty hands don’t have to touch anything before getting clean.

Voice Activated

There are so many modern innovations that have been added to kitchen appliances in order to make life seamless and as simple as possible.

A highly impressive example of this is through voice activated controls within a touchless faucet. Use the latest innovations to modernize your kitchen and integrate technology into your routine.

A great example of old-meets-new in this sense is the 29709-WB-VS Artifacts Pull Down Touchless faucet, which is compatible with many voice recognition appliances including Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

You can easily turn the water on using your voice and setting certain commands for settings, so that you don’t even have to wave your hand.

Kohler Artifacts have spared no expense in developing an impressive design and shape of their touchless faucet.

The elegant curve mimics a swan’s neck while the base attachment has the traditional Italian feel to it. This is because of the round sections that are unique and intriguing.

For this reason, this faucet acts as a great conversation piece amongst guests.

This feature can also be used to dispense specific amounts of water at a given time, so that you avoid wasting water in the long run.

Whether you want a conversation starter, or if you enjoy integrating the latest technology into your home, the voice commands are certainly an innovative addition to touchless faucets.

You can also wave your hand to get water with this faucet in case you lose your voice or forget which words or phrases you set the commands to. This makes it a highly user-friendly piece of equipment that helps modernize any kitchen.


  • Relatively lightweight, which makes it easier to install and secure on a range of countertop surfaces
  • Four finish options


  • Connecting your voice can be a little challenging to set up, but it is worth persevering in order to enjoy the long term benefits of this particular faucet
  • A little more expensive, but it is definitely an investment that is worth it because you can enjoy a complete hands-free experience every time you need to use the faucet

9959T-AR-DST Trinsic Pull Down Touch Bar Faucet

9959T-AR-DST Trinsic Pull Down Touch Bar Faucet

Another way in which modern technology has been used to create something that is extremely user-friendly and makes life a little easier in the long run is the addition of LED lights. They are normally fitted at the base of a touchless faucet, and can be useful indicators of low battery, and when the water is heating up.

The 9959T-AR-DST Trinsic Pull Down Touch Bar Faucet is an excellent addition to any kitchen because of its sleek design, magnetic docking, and 360 degree spout swivel. This faucet has a complete range of features that demonstrate modern innovations in a functional way.

Knowing that the LEDs will indicate when the faucet is low on battery can allow you to fully use the battery life rather than changing them prematurely. Not only can this save a little money, but it is better for the environment if you are using your batteries to completion before changing them.


  • Five finish options
  • LED display lets you make the most out of your battery life and prevent changing them prematurely
  • Magnetic spray attachment is easy to access and pull down so that larger dishes are easier to clean
  • 5-year warranty is included with every purchase


  • Smaller than other touchless faucets, which could benefit those who have shorter counters or who want to make their faucet easier for children to access. This is also ideal for those living in smaller apartments that want to add a touch of luxury to their homes without taking up as much space as a longer faucet

Moen Align 5923EWSRS Motionsense Wave Sensor

Moen Align 5923EWSRS Motionsense Wave Sensor

If you have been saving up for a new faucet that is easy to use and uses the latest technology, then it could be worth searching for a high-end touchless faucet. The Moen Align 5923EWSRS Motionsense Wave Sensor provides the experience of a chef’s kitchen with an added touch of class and luxury.

This faucet is definitely one of the most premium touchless faucets that makes any kitchen feel more sophisticated. The open coil and high neck are both functional and pleasing to the eyes at the same time.

Ensure that you explore the many finishes of this touchless faucet, because there is bound to be something that would work in your kitchen.

Interestingly, this faucet is one of the easiest to use and install. In spite of being branded as a premium product, it is certainly refreshing to see that there isn’t an enormous amount of work that is needed to fit this into your kitchen.


  • Can be purchased with additional features including garbage disposal, power cord, and plate for the faucet to sit on when it is fitted to the counter
  • Easy installation only requires one hole in the countertop
  • Batteries are included in the initial purchase for this particular faucet
  • Spot resistant technology is easy to clean


  • There are fewer display options to explore with this design, however it is classic and adds to the exclusive feel that a chef’s kitchen has

Buyer’s Guide

Depending on how old your kitchen is and the appliances within it, it could be worth speaking with a local plumber before purchasing your touchless kitchen faucet.

This is because it isn’t worth investing in a somewhat expensive faucet that you cannot actually use. Make sure that your kitchen has the correct fittings and corresponding system that will allow you to install a touchless faucet. 

Certain plumbing systems are only compatible with certain fittings, so you should take a close look at your current faucet to figure out how it is all connected and whether you should contact a plumber for help. 

It is also worth remembering that style trends come and go, and you should always choose something that will work as a functional part of your kitchen for many years to come.

Try to avoid following certain trends, because you may find yourself wanting to replace your kitchen appliances or features within a few years. 

Why Use A Touchless Kitchen Faucet?

One of the main reasons why so many people enjoy touchless kitchen faucets is because they eliminate some spread of germs. Even in the kitchen, many people who use it to wash their hands before eating or throughout the day in general increase the chances of picking up harmful bacteria from the faucet. 

This is because of the standard dials that many faucets follow, which people need to put their dirty hands on before rinsing it off.

When it is put like this, it seems a little counterintuitive to use any standard faucet to clean your hands, which is why touchless kitchen faucets are in such high demand. 

Prevent the spread of germs with an easy-to-use faucet, and bring your kitchen into the modern age. This is a great way to reduce mess and eliminate certain frustrations that may occur around the kitchen faucet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do The Batteries Last In A Kitchen Faucet?

Most touchless faucets require around six AAA batteries in order to work. This may seem like an excessive amount, but your faucet will last as long as two years without changing batteries.

If you are particularly concerned about the duration of your faucet batteries, it could be worth choosing a touchless faucet with LED indicators that will show you when they need to be replaced. 

For The Voice Recognition Feature, Do I Need To Connect My Faucet To The Internet?

These are also known as smart faucets, and don’t need to be connected to the internet in order to work. Instead, they connect with Alexa, Google Home, or whatever home voice recognition software you use in the kitchen, and use this as a main hub for programming and understanding your data. 

Are There Any Drawbacks Of Touchless Faucets?

Because they are so sensitive to motions and the slightest touch, touchless faucets can become activated when they are not needed to be.

This can become a little inconvenient over time, so it could be worth looking into reducing the sensitivity of your touchless faucet.

Touchless faucets aren’t for everyone, so it could be worth doing your own specific research ahead of time to ensure that you are making the right choice for the future of your home. 

Why Should I Buy A Touchless Faucet?

Touchless kitchen faucets allow children to learn how to wash their hands on their own, which protects them from germs and harmful bacteria, and encourages more independent behavior.

There are less unnecessary dials that can be hard for small hands to navigate, so it can be significantly easier for them to use touchless faucets. 

Similarly, touchless kitchen faucets are ideal for people who suffer from dexterity related conditions, or issues with the joints in their hands.

Older people are more susceptible to these health issues which can greatly limit their independence. Touchless kitchen faucets promote independent living and allow people to carry out their regular activities with ease. 

Compared to a traditional faucet, touchless kitchen faucets can also save 30-50% on total water usage. This is because it is easier to only use the amount that you need and turn the faucet off afterwards. 

Standard faucets that can be a little more complicated to turn on and off typically make it easier to leave it running on occasion.

Because of this, touchless kitchen faucets are ideal for someone who wants to save money on their regular household water bill, and help protect the environment in the long run by using less water. 


There are so many exciting features offered by modern touchless kitchen faucets, that it is difficult to find the best overall. That is why this guide has outlined some of the best on the market for the key qualities that they offer, and what makes them unique. 

Touchless faucets are highly futuristic, and can eliminate certain germs from arising within the kitchen. In addition, they can enable more independent living for those who suffer with joint inflammation and find standard faucets more of a challenge. 

From voice commands and LED displays to saving water over time which can save you money in the long run, there are so many benefits of touchless faucets that you should try and use to filter your search.

Think about which features you want to integrate into your routine and how your kitchen could benefit from these. 

Thanks to changing styles and trends, there are more designs of touchless faucets than ever before, and you do not have to compromise style for functionality.

Ensure that you find something that complements your kitchen, and that brings everything together a little more.

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