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Latoscana Farmhouse Sink Review

LaToscana Farmhouse Sink Review - LFS3318W Latoscana Reversible Apron Sink

LaToscana Farmhouse Sink Review
LFS3318W Latoscana Reversible Apron Sink Review

Are you planning a renovation project in your kitchen? If so, the right sink can enhance the appearance and functionality of your kitchen significantly.

Choosing an appropriate sink can be a challenge, though, as you may have to deal with several design restrictions. You also want a sink that can withstand years of daily use. Selecting the wrong sink can result in unnecessary costs, as you will have to purchase and install a different one. Read on, so you don’t make that costly mistake.

The LFS3318W sink from Latoscana may be a viable option for you, as it has a durable fireclay construction and a protective glaze coat. This sink also has a reversible design, which gives you more control in terms of appearance.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the LFS3318W, at Latoscana as a brand, and at the features that this sink serves up for you. If you want to choose the right sink from the start, this post should help you make that happen.

Latoscana Sink Reviews 2023:

Latoscana Sink Reviews

History of the Brand

In 1954, the Paini brothers founded Latoscana in Pogno, Italy, a commune north of Milan. Back then, the Paini brothers designed and manufactured water taps in their small workshop.

Today, Latoscana is one of the leading Italian manufacturers of taps and mixers. The company employs more than 350 people and produces and sells more than 4 million units per year in its 820,000-square-foot plant.

The "Italian way of life" inspires Latoscana's designs. The company focuses on combining contemporary and traditional Italian styles to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any bathroom or kitchen.

History of the Brand

"Classic White Farmhouse Sink.Great craftsmanship and quality. Heavy and like a centerpiece of art for my new kitchen. Decided to use smooth side but both sides are equally beautiful." - Leslie 5 star

Latoscana LFS3318W Features

The Latoscana LFS3318W is an Italian made farmhouse sink with a reversible design. The sink is made of fireclay and comes with a standard 3½" drain opening, which is compatible with waste-disposal units and standard basket strainers.

The sink is rectangular, with dimensions of 33" x 18" x 10" – big enough for washing large bakeware. You can also use the 10" apron front as an obscured drying area for your dishes. The versatile design allows for several installation options, including a flush mount, under mount, or raised sink.

The LFS3318W is a stylish addition to any entertainer's kitchen. This sink is white with a shiny finish and an elegant profile.

Durability and Long-lasting Use

A standout feature of the LFS3318W is its longevity. The sink s made of fireclay, which is widely considered the most durable material for kitchen fixtures.

The sink's fireclay construction serves up several benefits. First, together with the glaze coating, the fireclay is highly resistant to scratches and chips. You can rest assured that sharp knives and heavy pots will not damage the sink.

Second, fireclay is not very susceptible to corrosion, fading, or discoloration. Foods, colorants, and liquids that might usually stain other sinks ave no effect on this Latoscana model.

Third, this sink requires minimal maintenance. Clean it regularly with a cleaning solution, and it will last for many years.

Reversible Design

"I am thoroughly impressed and highly recommend this sink. A fireclay farmhouse sink was a must have for our kitchen remodel. It arrived in great condition. Reversible for your desired look."-Jenny 5 star

Reversible Design

The LFS3318W has a reversible design that consists of three features: a centered drain hole, a fluted design on one side, and a smooth front-apron design on the other side. You can choose whether you want the fluted or the smooth side to be visible.

Since the drain hole is in the center of the sink, reversing the sink will not change its location relative to the drainpipe opening. The fluted side offers more visual interest than the smooth side, but the side you should choose depends on your taste and the style of your kitchen.

The reversible design is ideal when you're not yet sure of the exact sink you want for your kitchen. If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen in the future without having to replace your sink, the reversible design is also handy.


A Final Word

At Annie & Oak, we deal extensively with farmhouse sinks, and we know everything there is to know about these products. Unlike fireclay sinks from other brands, master craftsmen in Europe designed and manufactured the Latoscana to last.

This sink offers more than durability and a reversible design. It also exudes simplistic sophistication to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. In addition to adding visual interest, this sink is also highly functional for everyday life and dinner parties.

Because of the LFS3318W's popularity, it often goes out of stock. If you have a renovation project coming up, order your sink today!



How Does Shipping Work?

Each sink is imported from Italy. The fireclay construction of these sinks is incredibly durable and resistant to abrasion. However, in the unlikely event that your sink gets damaged in transit, we will ship you a new one for free.

Is the Sink Compatible with the Garbage Disposal?

Yes, this sink is entirely compatible with garbage disposals. You can install disposal directly to the drain without needing an extension flange.

Does the Sink Come with Any Accessories?

The LFS3318W does not come with any accessories. You can, however, add a grid and a strainer to your order, if you’d like.

What are the Dimensions of the Sink?

The exterior dimensions are 18 inches wide, 33 inches long, and 10 inches deep.

The dimensions of the sink's interior are a bit more challenging to measure because the edges are rounded, and the measurements are bigger at the top than the bottom. Roughly, though, the interior of the sink measures 15 inches wide, 28 inches long, and 9 inches deep.

How Much Does the Sink Weigh?

The sink weighs 85 pounds. Keep in mind, too, that because this is a heavy sink, installing it may be tricky. We recommend that you buy an installation kit to make the job easier.

Is it a Top- or Under-mount Sink?

You can install the LFS3318W as a top- or under-mount sink. However, we recommend that you install the sink underneath the countertop, as it will make cleaning easier and will protect the edge of your sink.

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