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Crestwood Farmhouse Sinks - Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks

Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks By Crestwood

Crestwood 33 inch double bowl fireclay farmhouse sinkWho makes Crestwood fireclay sinks? They are made in Italy and not a well-known brand. Offering you huge savings - You get high-quality fireclay without paying for the brand name. 

Crestwood prides itself on making farmhouse sinks truly accessible to everyone and every kitchen space. Their apron front sinks are available in a range of styles and sizes, at an affordable price point, while still offering the durability and resilience you’d expect from a fireclay sink. One of the greatest strengths of the Crestwood brand is the options they provide. Crestwood’s fireclay sinks come in sizes as compact as 24 inches, perfect for smaller spaces such as a condo, galley kitchen, cottage, or bar. On the other end of their spectrum, their pristine white glazed farmhouse sinks can be as big as 36 inches, making a strong statement in both classic and contemporary kitchen layouts.

You can also choose from a single bowl fireclay sink or a double bowl fireclay sink. While a single bowl farmhouse sink is a more traditional look, some homeowners prefer the double bowl style to keep clean and dirty dishes separate. Either way, Crestwood has got you covered with both models available. You can also choose to mount their fireclay sinks as an undermount sink, allowing you to still incorporate fireclay into your kitchen without exposing the front of the sink.

Smooth and Fluted Design

Crestwood’s apron front sinks will give your space that homey charm so many homeowners are looking for today. In fact, many of Crestwood’s fireclay farmhouse sinks actually have two different faces and a reversible design to help them blend seamlessly into your overall kitchen aesthetic. All Crestwood sinks have a smooth, flat, minimalist apron front, but many of them also have a more decorative fluted apron as well. Which side you expose when installing your sink is up to you –Crestwood offers these dual-faced reversible farmhouse sinks in virtually every size they sell.

The actual glaze of Crestwood farmhouse sinks is a key part of their appeal –and it’s not just for show. Crestwood’s apron front sinks are made in Italy using the finest artisanal techniques. Their sinks are crafted from fireclay, which is formed by adhering an enamel glaze to clay using a specialized firing method at high temperatures for an extended period. The outcome is a beautiful high gloss porcelain surface that is incredibly resilient, able to resist bacteria growth, chips, cracks, scratches, stains, and general wear and tear. To further extend the life and attractiveness of your farmhouse sink, be sure to add a sink grid at the time of purchase. These sink grids are specifically sized to fit Crestwood sinks and will protect your sink’s basin from long-term wear.

As one of the most affordable farmhouse sink brands on the market, you’ll love the style, versatility, and sturdiness of your stunning apron front sink from Crestwood.

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