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White Farmhouse Sinks

White Farmhouse Sinks

White Fireclay Farmhouse Sink by Crestwood

When someone says farmhouse sink, the first image you might conjure up in your mind is a classic white apron front sink – and for good reason. Farmhouse sinks date back to the 1800s, when color options were more limited to the actual material a sink was made of. And since many original farmhouse sinks were crafted from materials like cast iron, porcelain, or white fireclay farmhouse sinks they were the gold standard in terms of design. 

Today, white farmhouse sinks are a perfect choice to give your kitchen a warm and inviting focal point. As you can imagine, white sinks look stupendous in a classic, rustic, or country-style kitchen design, but they’re also popular in more modern spaces too. White or off white is a timeless choice for kitchen sinks and appliances in general and can lend a sleek, minimalist feeling to just about any space. In fact, it’s this versatility that has made white farmhouse sinks the most popular choice around. 

Selecting a White Farm Sink

When you start browsing for a white farmhouse sink, you’ll soon see that white is anything but boring. Keep in mind that there are variations of white to consider. Brands like Bocchi for example, sell white farmhouse sinks in matte white, biscuit, and a traditional high gloss white finish. The same goes for Allstone, which produces stone farmhouse sinks carrara white marble, crema lyon limestone, and stratus marble – all shades in the white and off white family.

You’ll usually find a number of white sink color variations across just about any farmhouse sink manufacturer – it’s all about choosing the right shade of white for your space. As a heads up, a standard white enamel finish is usually the starting point for a farmhouse sink design, so you may find some cost savings by going for this crisp and classic shade. Check out Crestwood White Farmhouse Sinks if you're looking for a deal.

As the number one choice for farmhouse sink colors, white farmhouse sinks come in more options than any other hue. This includes the size and layout of your white farmhouse sink. Choose from tiny farmhouse-style sinks at 21 inches, or go for a big, dramatic, double bowl white farmhouse sink that’s up to 40 inches wide. That being said, most white farmhouse sinks are anywhere from 27 to 36 inches and with the most popular sizes being 30 and 33 inches. When shopping for a double bowl white sink, you’ll want to pay attention to the bowl ratios and whether the sink is reversible (with centered drains) so you can position it to suit your dream kitchen setup.  

Another neat way to customize the look of your white farmhouse sink is through the apron front. A plain and simple white apron front sink might be exactly the look you’re going for. Be sure to take a look at some of the unique architectural features some white farmhouse sinks have going for them – like fluted columns, arches, or sculpted flowers. If you’re not sure which style you’d prefer, go for a reversible white farmhouse sink that will allow you to choose between a decorative or classic look. 

White farmhouse sinks have never been more popular than they are right now, serving as the heart of your kitchen design with plenty of customization and features you’ll love each and every day you use your sink. We have the best white farmhouse sink for you.

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