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16 Ideas for the Farmhouse Kitchen of Your Dreams

16 Ideas for the Farmhouse Kitchen of Your Dreams

16 Ideas for the Farmhouse Kitchen of Your Dreams

Design the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams with these 16 tips and ideas

The farmhouse style has become one of the most popular kitchen designs today. And it’s easy to see why. Compared to a more modern style that looks like it’s a kitchen from the future, a farmhouse kitchen has that cozy and inviting vibe that you want to experience in your day-to-day life. Imagine hosting the perfect dinners and events with friends and family!

We’ve put together 16 ideas that can help bring that rustic kitchen experience closer to your life. Ranging from relatively small and simple additions to bigger remodeling projects, there’s a tip here for everyone and ones you can implement today.

Vintage Furniture and Fixtures: The Charm of the Past for the Modern Era

1. Retro Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to any kitchen, appliances will always stand out. Use that to your advantage and pick ones that complement the style you’re looking for. These days, it’s not that hard to find refrigerators, stoves, ovens, or even toasters with a vintage design. They may look old but they’re every bit as efficient and functional as any other modern appliance.

2. Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse Sink

You can’t have a farmhouse kitchen without a sink to match. Luckily, there are plenty to choose from. If you want to go all-in to recreate the bygone days, a vintage farmhouse sink might just be what you need. But for more a contemporary kitchen, the versatile design of a fireclay farmhouse sink could be a better option.

3. Vintage Faucets

A kitchen sink has to have a faucet that goes with it. Small fixtures like these are where you can add some character to a space. As something you’ll be using every day, rustic-inspired faucets are easy to appreciate.

4. Antique Kitchenware

Antique Kitchenware

If you’ve got some antique kitchenware lying around, this is the perfect opportunity to show them off. Remember what we said about going all-in with the farmhouse design? Well, this is another chance to do just that. Whether you simply want to set them up as decorations or actually put them to use, now you have an excuse to get them out of storage.

Accessories: Little Things Leave a Big Impression

5. Chalkboard


Have you ever posted a note on the fridge? It can be a hassle to find a pen, piece of paper and something to stick it on the fridge itself. Why not have a dedicated place for reminders, grocery shopping list or any other note? Add a chalkboard to your kitchen so you can write anything you want, anytime you want and maybe even doodle on together with the kids.

6. Old Signage

Old Signage

Old signage has a way of creating a nostalgic atmosphere. If you’ve ever seen the show American Pickers, you know what we’re talking about. And it just so happens that many old signs are for food and beverage products. That makes them a perfect fit for a farmhouse kitchen.

7. Decorative Rug

Want a splash of color in your kitchen? A decorative rug can break up the monotony of a space and add a bit of style. If you have wooden flooring, a rug can even help it last longer. Position it near the sink or where there’s a lot of foot traffic. It can help reduce wear on the panels and absorb liquids that make a splash down to the floor.

8. Hanged Pans

If you’re the type who loves cooking different dishes, you may have already collected a set of pans. Just like antiques, there’s no need to keep them hidden away. Add a rack where you can hang those pans to add some convenience and flair to your cooking space.

9. Mason Jars

Mason Jars

Mason jars have become popular design pieces in recent years. And why wouldn’t they? They’re a great way to organize ingredients, utensils, and more. As a bonus, mason jars make for great rustic décor.

10. Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets

Here’s a nice tip from Angela over at Metal wire baskets are another way to keep your kitchen organized. Because of how it looks, it doesn’t add to the visual clutter. Fill it with some fruits to showcase the colors of a bountiful harvest.

Raw Materials: Feel the Difference

11. Exposed Wood Beams featured modern farmhouse kitchens and one thing that stood out to us were the examples of exposed wood beams. Many people imagine a wooden barn when you mention the word farmhouse. Having visible wood beams are a way to take make that image a reality for your home.

12. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood

A kitchen should be a place where nothing goes to waste – and we’re not just talking about food. Using reclaimed wood as a table, bench, or even just as an accent is a charming way to incorporate that way of thinking.

13. Metal Fixtures

Another idea from is to use metal fixtures. Rustic light fixtures are a good place to start but you can go even further with a copper farmhouse sink. If you want a farmhouse atmosphere with a touch of industrial flair, having a bit of metal is a unique but effective mix of styles.

Personal Touch: Make It Your Own

14. Open Shelving

One staple of farmhouse kitchen design is open shelving. It’s a simple and practical way of keep stuff in reach and in sight. Show off your personality and taste in décor by stacking those shelves with a few personal items. Anyone who walks in will feel that your kitchen definitely fits who you are.

15. Handmade Items

There’s still something to be said about things made by hand. Things made by actual people help create a warm and welcoming environment. And if you’re the type that has a DIY itch, what better way to scratch it than with a small project. Even something as simple as a wooden sign can do wonders for personalizing your kitchen.

16. Repurposed Items

As these examples from demonstrate, the farmhouse style lends itself to creative uses of different items. Try it out yourself and see what you can come up with.



Take inspiration from the past to enjoy the present. With these suggestions, you don’t have to move to the countryside to experience some of that farmhouse charm.

Got anything you want to add to the list? Send us your favorite tips for giving a kitchen that rustic appeal. And if you found these ideas useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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