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7 Best Kitchen Sink Brands

Best Kitchen Sink Brands

Best Kitchen Sink Brands

7 Best Kitchen Sink Brands You Don't Want To Miss

Traditionally, kitchen sinks were just functional fixtures. Today, however, they also get incorporated as design pieces to add to your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and personality. In open-plan spaces, where your kitchen is visible from the living room, the quality of your kitchen sink is especially significant.

When you are shopping for a new kitchen sink, selecting the right brand is a significant buying consideration. Products from high-end brands tend to enhance a kitchen’s design, and they typically last longer than sinks from cheap, less-known brands. Ultimately, choosing the right brand will save you money and deliver long-term value. After all, you’ll be looking at it every day, so you want to make a decision you’ll never regret!

To help you find the best sink for your kitchen, we compiled a list with seven of the top brands in the United States. Of course, there are more than seven high-quality brands, but we worked with the ones we listed below and that we trust to deliver consistent quality.

Read on to find the perfect kitchen-sink brand for your home.

Here's Our List Of The Best Kitchen Sink Brands

Nantucket Sinks

1. Nantucket Sinks

Nantucket Sinks is a Rhode Island-based brand that focuses on integrating elegant coastal living with their designs. Nantucket Sinks products draw their inspiration from the classic cottage style of Cape Cod, and the company imports its fixtures from Italy.

This brand offers several high-end collections with a wide range of sizes, finishes, and colors from which to choose. The material selection of Nantucket Sinks includes fireclay, stainless steel, and composite granite, among others.

Nantucket Sinks is a KBB 2018 Design Award winner and a leading supplier of durable and unique sinks.


2. Rohl

Rohl is a luxury brand established in 1983. Skilled artisans in North America, New Zealand, and Europe manufacture their sinks, combining traditional practices and heritage with functionality and timeless style.

Rohl partners with family-owned manufacturers worldwide who use genuine, locally sourced materials to create their products. Every series of sinks Rohl offers is influenced by the predominant architecture in their area of origin.

Rohl won several categories of the KBB Readers’ Choice Awards, including Bath Faucets, Bath Sinks, Kitchen Faucets, Shower Systems, and Toilets. The company won these awards on criteria that include local availability, their suppliers’ support, and the price points for their typical clients’ budgets.


American Standard

3. American Standard

American Standard is an established brand and has been providing people with high-end products for 140 years. According to the company, its products are in three of five homes in America, in addition to countless hotels, airports, and stadiums.

The company offers a wide range of kitchen-sink collections in materials that include cast iron, fireclay, and stainless steel. America Standard also manufactures kitchen-sink kits.

American Standard won several KBB Readers’ Choice Award awards and are considered to be at the top of their class in all aspects of design.

Kohler Co.

4. Kohler Co.

Kohler Co. is a family-led, privately held company, founded in 1972. This company has top-mount, under-mount, and apron front sinks available in materials that include cast iron, stainless steel, and composite.

This brand offers kitchen sinks with every bowl configuration going and for every kitchen design style. The sinks are highly durable, and they are specially developed to resist scratches, chips, and stains.

Kohler Co. is a winner of the Kitchen Sink category of the KBB Readers’ Choice Awards. The criteria for this category include installation type, stain resistance, durability, configuration, style, and aesthetics.


5. Bocchi

Bocchi is a European brand established in 1950. The company’s sinks and other fixtures get designed in Italy and manufactured in Turkey. Bocchi is widely considered the brand of choice for fireclay sinks that are durable and offer the most color and finish options.

If you want to enhance the functionality of your kitchen and increase the resale value of your home, Bocchi's kitchen-sink systems should be first on your list. Bocchis’s sinks are available in sizes with widths that range from 12 inches to 36 inches.

Bocchi was a principal sponsor at the 2019 KBIS Show. According to publications, the brand's kitchen-sink systems will be trending throughout the year.


6. Crestwood

Crestwood is the new kid on the block, and its high-end fireclay kitchen sinks are ideal for people who want the best quality without the highest price tag. The company recently released new grey and black fireclay farmhouse sinks. Since matte black is supposed to be the coming year’s hot new color, these collections are worth considering.

Crestwood's sinks get manufactured in Italy to the highest quality standards, and they are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. If you have a limited budget but don't want to compromise quality and longevity, Crestwood is the brand for you.


7. Blanco

Blanco offers several kitchen-sink types, including stainless steel, SILGRANIT, fireclay, and SteelArt. The latter gets designed and handcrafted in Germany from a single sheet of stainless steel.

Blanco’s unique approach to kitchen-sink design and manufacturing landed it several awards, including the KBCULTURE Award, the Red Dot Design Award, the Product Design Award, and the International Design Excellent Award.

If you want to incorporate a unique, contemporary personality into your kitchen, a sink from Blanco may be a viable option.



When choosing a kitchen sink, there are several considerations for you to keep in mind. You have to select the right sink type for your needs, including construction materials that meet your everyday needs, and a design and color that match your kitchen style.

Carefully selecting a sink with these considerations alone is not enough, though. Every characteristic of a kitchen sink must be quality-driven. If your kitchen sink doesn’t have durable construction, a high-quality finish, and professional design, you won’t derive long-term value from it.

The most effective way to ensure quality and longevity is to select a reputable brand like the ones listed above.

After reading this list, which is your favorite brand? Comment below and let us know!
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