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Black Farmhouse Sink

Black Farmhouse Sink

Black Fireclay Farmhouse Sink By Bocchi

When you’re thinking of adding an apron front farmhouse sink to your kitchen design, your mind might not immediately think of a dark or black farmhouse sink. But the reality is, black apron front sinks are one of the most popular color choices for this on-trend sink style. The reason? Black sinks complement stainless steel appliances perfectly. Plus, these chic black kitchen sinks go with just about any countertop color or finish.

Cleaning black sink is a breeze! A little warm soapy water is all you need. From a maintenance standpoint, your sink may show fewer marks or water drops. And in many cases, a black farmhouse-style sink is the perfect blend of a classic profile with a modern, sophisticated color choice.

If you’re interested in an apron front black sink, several of the brands we carry produce their sinks in this color. Start your search off by looking at Allstone, Latoscana, or Bocchi. In fact, virtually all of Bocchi’s farmhouse sinks are available in both light and dark finishes, giving you complete flexibility.

Allstone & Latoscana are other unique options for a stone or granite apron sinks. Many of their sink designs come in lava or other types of dark stone that will give your sink an ethereal, look depending on the stone type.

Apron Sink Sizes & Styles 

In general, after you’ve chosen the color, there are plenty of other customization options for your apron front sink. The material is one of the key starting points. Black apron front sinks may be available in stone, fireclay, cast iron, or even tinted black stainless steel. There are also unique front panels for your apron front sink. Go for an artistic design like sculpted flowers or fluted columns, or stick to a sleek, minimalist profile to integrate better into a more futuristic kitchen design.

From there, think about what layout you want your sink to have. For example, you can have a single bowl or a double bowl kitchen sink. If you’re going with a double bowl sink, what about the bowl ratios? Many farmhouse sinks have a 50/50 ratio, but keep an eye out for a staggering ratio like 60/40. You may also want to invest in a reversible black farm sink with centered drains, to choose which side of the sink faces out to create a focal point in your kitchen.

Of course, you can also pick from a range of kitchen sink sizes. Large black farmhouse sinks are typically 33 - 36 inches, while small to medium-sized sinks are anywhere from 24 to 32 inches. Whatever you choose, just ensure you have plenty of counter space and be mindful of creating custom cabinetry to support the weight and size of your farmhouse kitchen sink especially with heavy materials like stone or fireclay.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to adding a stylish, glamorous black sink to your kitchen. And once it’s installed, you’ll have a dramatic accent to build your kitchen design around, whether rustic, modern, glam or minimalist. From there, get your kitchen ready for its Pinterest close-up with a fun photo shoot to show off your high style black farmhouse sink!

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