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Old Farmhouse Plans

Old Farmhouse Plans — Floor Plans and More for Farmhouse Home Design Ideas in 2023

Old Farmhouse Plans

Quaint classic farmhouses always have their own charm and special beauty. Something about the old-fashioned design and wide open floor plan evoke calmness and simple living.

Reviews of Old Farmhouse Plans

Whether you are planning (or dreaming!) to move to an old farmhouse, trying to renovate your homes and you’re looking for ideas, or if you simply enjoy looking at beautiful old-fashioned properties, we’ve compiled below a list of some of our favorite options.

1. Sugarberry Cottage

Sugarberry Cottage

Although the smallest in this list, this one holds a big space in our hearts.

This plan is a great option for narrow lots. Measuring at 1500 square ft, this old-fashioned country-style layout has practicality written all over it.

This option would blend perfectly in the city or countryside. It's a smart option for couples with kids. Inside, you will find 3 bedrooms, a space for a powder room, as well as a laundry room.

2. Emmaline Gabrielle

Emmaline Gabrielle

Emmaline Gabrielle strikes the perfect balance between “new” and “old”. Its New England exterior gives it a fancier look compared to other farmhouses. The open layout shows the smart design of its interior.

Usually surrounded by a wrap-around porch, it contains 4 large bedrooms, one of which is a large master suite upstairs. What adds to the old-fashioned style is a private study room which often has its own fireplace.

3. Four Gables

Four Gables

One of the more popular farmhouses, the Four Gables looks like it came straight out from a painting.

It has an old-fashioned exterior, distinguished by large front and back porches. This 2300 square feet property has a modern layout. The plan features a master suite, bathrooms, and cute kitchen downstairs.

The intersecting gables make it possible to have three bedrooms upstairs and attic space. It's a great option for kids and big families.

This open floor plan straddles between practical and traditional design, perfect for those who want a modern yet charming home.

4. Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

This is probably the design that comes to mind when one mentions a traditional country house plan. It has a modest size and contains the following elements - wrap around porch, gable roof, narrow windows, and oftentimes is painted white.

What is notable about the interior is a cozy area with a fireplace surrounded by bookshelves.

The living room has access to the screened porch, deck, and dining room. This plan has the master suites and bedrooms upstairs. Check the sample house plans here.

5. A Honey of a Farmhouse

 A Honey of a Farmhouse

If an open floor plan is what you are looking for, this would be your pick.

The house plan is designed to let a lot of natural light in. The surrounding apertures plus the screened porch allow more light to fill up every corner.

Its interior leans more toward a modern style.

It has a family room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, and laundry room. Upstairs would be the 2 extra bedrooms and the extension of the family room.

Old Farmhouse Plans Buyer’s Guide

Design and Materials

Since traditional farmhouses are focused more on practical than aesthetic purposes, its design does not require complicated or costly materials.

The outdoor wood porches, posts, and windows are complemented with one muted solid color - classic options are white or gray. 

Garage Options

If you want to stay true to tradition, it’s recommended to do away with any attached garage to the main house. However, if necessary, one can opt to have it covered or extend it to an oversized one that connects to the main road.


There aren't much details or complexities included in the design.

Usually, the decor is minimal and also has a practical side to it. The general look and highlight would be the simplistic nature of the areas - for example, large porches that can be used as a work space and to receive guests.

Farmhouse Plan Budget

The cost for building any home would vary depending on the location.

Lots in prime areas would cost more than those in rural areas. Moreover, the material requirements and design would greatly affect the construction costs.

The average starting cost would be around $180,000. Again, this figure might be more or less depending on location, final look, and house plan.

What Is a Farmhouse?

Traditionally, it's the main residence on a farm or agricultural land. For functional reasons, it comes in a rectangular structure, simple lines, and a gabled roof. [1]

Currently, it is used to describe old-fashioned dwellings that share the same layout; exteriors that have covered functional porches and minimal ornamentation.

Majority of the house is built with wood siding, including windows and floors. Most American farmhouses are 2-story with no attached garage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Farmhouses Expensive?

Compared to modern homes, American farmhouses cost less as some are relatively small.

Since this would only require simple materials (wood) and minimal decorations, they do not cost a fortune. These old-fashioned homes may even be an option for those who do not have much flexibility in their budget. 

Is a Farmhouse a Good Investment?

Its quality and minimal design make it a functional house that will not require shelling out a lot of money. Real estate properties are generally a good investment. 

Should there come a time when there is a need to upscale or remodel, this would be fairly easy since the current structure is not complex. The wood panels and house areas can easily be adjusted or reconstructed.

How Much Land Is Required for a Farmhouse?

Farmhouses can be built in as little as 1500 square feet area (similar to the Sugarberry Cottage).

Of course, if you desire to achieve the old-fashioned textbook definition, it would require acres of land (starting at 2 acres and up) if you really want to have open spaces surrounding the house.

Our Top Pick for an Old Farmhouse Plan: Sugarberry Cottage

Sugarberry Cottage

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed our options and buyer's guide.

Our top pick is Sugarberry Cottage. It encapsulates the old-fashioned look and feel while maintaining their unique quirks.

The look and style of the Sugarberry Cottage can blend well in busy cities or in a quiet countryside. Its cute size gives it a cozy yet charming quality to it.

This also comes in handy if you’re surrounded by some mountain views. Let us know your favorite plans below! 

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