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Best Faucet For Farmhouse Sink - Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

By Annie & Oak Farmhouse Sinks October 23, 2018 0 comments

Best Faucet For Farmhouse Sink

Ideas for the best farmhouse style kitchen sink faucets 

Kitchen renovations are always exciting. After all, it’s one of the best opportunities to get closer to your dream home!

Are you interested in vintage designs, modern aesthetic or a bit of both? While known for its country charm, you don’t have to limit yourself to a rustic farmhouse appearance. You can mix and match different elements to create an appealing kitchen that fits your modern lifestyle. Just take the kitchen sink and its accompanying fixtures for example.

Here are the best faucets styles that work with a farmhouse sink.


Modern Faucets

Modern Faucets

Just because you’re going for a farmhouse style doesn’t mean there’s no room for contemporary design. A modern farmhouse faucet can most definitely be paired with something like a stainless steel or even a white farmhouse sink

What’s great about modern farmhouse faucets is the simplicity and small footprint. It usually has only a single lever that controls both the temperature and pressure of the water. Because there’s only one lever, you only need a single hole in the countertop for installation. It’s also relatively easy to find modern faucets that with a matching side spray if that’s what you prefer.

Make sure you choose a faucet with a gooseneck that can swivel side to side. That way, it can be used on both wider sinks and double sinks.


Bridge Faucets

Bridge Faucets

As the name implies, this kind of faucet bridges the hot water source and cold water source through a visible connection. You also get two levers – again, one that controls hot water and the other for cold water.

While at least two holes are needed to install a bridge faucet, having more of the faucet assembly visible certainly adds to the style points. However, you’ll have to use two levers to get the water temperature and pressure just right for your needs.

Other than having two of almost everything but the spout, it functions pretty much the same as a single-handle faucet.


Vintage Faucet

Vintage Faucet

A vintage faucet is more of an aesthetic than a different kind altogether. It comes in different shapes and styles that mimic the look of more old-fashioned fixtures. This makes them perfect for a farmhouse style kitchen design that seeks to capture an authentic vintage experience.

They can also be found in different finishes such as copper and brass which adds to its rustic charm. Because a vintage faucet is simply styled to look like an antique, you still get the benefits of modern hardware.

If you want a unique single-hole option, take a look at “old-world” vintage faucets.


Restaurant-Style Faucets

Restaurant-Style Faucets

 Add some modern practicality and flair to your farmhouse sink with a restaurant-style faucet. Also known as commercial or pro-style faucets, its distinctive feature is that you can use the nozzle like a hose. Instead of moving the dishes to around when you wash them in the sink, you can move the nozzle around which is much more convenient.

When it comes to looks, a restaurant-style faucet doesn’t fall behind. Because the nozzle is movable, it uses a spring instead of a fixed spout. This gives the kitchen just the right touch of industrial style. Like most other faucets, different finishes are also available so you can match it with your farmhouse design.


Faucets for Stone and Concrete Sinks

Choosing a faucet for a stone and concrete sink can be tricky. Because of the gray tones of the sink, you’ll need to add in some warm colors for contrast. Fixtures with gold, brass or even copper finish work well in this scenario. The combination also helps create a rugged yet inviting look.

But if your heart’s already set on using stainless steel faucets, it’s still possible to make it work. You’ll just have to get those warm colors elsewhere. Think about adding wood accessories, kitchenware or flower arrangements and you should be good to go.


Which farmhouse faucet is the best?

It’s a bit of a cliché, but the best faucet is the one that works best for you. When it comes to taste in style, it’s as varied as the food you’ll be cooking in your future kitchen.

Fortunately, here at Annie and Oak, we have a wide selection of farmhouse sinks and faucets to choose from. Our expert staff is ready and willing to help you pick the perfect fixtures for your dream kitchen. All you have to do is get in touch!


Now tell us, what’s your favorite farmhouse sink faucet? Share it in the comments below.

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