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What Color Rug Goes With A Brown Couch?

What Color Rug Goes With A Brown Couch?

What Color Rug Goes With A Brown Couch?

Couches are often considered centerpieces for the room they’re in. Whilst many people opt for a brown couch, especially if you have little children, they can be quite a challenge to decorate around.

Good rugs compliment a room very well, adding a warm and airy feel with extra softness for comfort.

If you’re on the hunt for a great rug to go with your brown couch, you’re in the right place. We’ve complied a list of great rug ideas that go with a brown couch. Most of the rugs in our list fall into the following color categories: 

  • Brown/beige 
  • Gray 
  • Patterned

So, let’s get into it and look at which color rugs go well with a brown couch!



Gray is considered to be a neutral color and as such goes with nearly everything. Pairing brown with gray has generally become popular in recent years. Because both colors are neutral, they often play off each other really well.

The trick with gray is to choose a tone which creates a slight contrast with the shade of brown. For example, if you have a caramel brown couch, a light gray rug would look trendy and suit the tone of the couch. 

Navy Blue

Blue, particularly navy blue, and brown pair extremely well together. They’re both “natural” colors, as in they are colors found prominently in the natural world, which might explain why they work well together.

Navy blue should go well with most shades of brown. However, this color pairing works best in a well lit room. White pillows on the couch coupled with a navy rug would look perfect!

Multicolored (Medallion) 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a multicolor rug and a brown couch simple wouldn’t work. They’re not a likely pair, but with the right blend of colors and tones, a multicolored rug can really set off a room with a brown couch.

The key is to find a medallion rug with the majority of it’s color in the neutral shades. Beige or cream surrounding the colorful medallion works best.

If you’re also looking for pillows for the couch, make sure that they are a color found in the rug, as this brings this look together. 

Dark Floral

Dark Floral

If you’re a fan of the natural, earthy look, this combination will look sensational. Paring a brown couch with deep blue, dark or emerald green and similar colors sets the room off beautifully.

This look works particularly well if you have a lot of houseplants, as the deep greens of the rug makes the plants pop. 


Using a traditional rug with a brown couch can seem like a risk, but if it’s done right this can look stunning!

Traditional rugs tend to have a series of interconnecting patterns, so you would want to find one which works with other patterns in the room.

A good tip to follow if you’re unsure whether this look will work, is to choose two colors from the rug and get matching pillows or other accents in the same color.

That way, you’ll be tying the room together. Another thing to remember with traditional rugs is to not overdo it, which is easily done with some of the more complex rugs. 


Much like navy blue, magenta rugs are best suited for well-lit rooms. As magenta is a bold color on the darker side, it can make dark rooms appear darker.

Our advice would be to choose a rug with magenta as its main color, but with complimenting colors woven in. A solid magenta rug might look a little overpowering, and draw too much focus in the room. 

Bright Pink

Bright Pink

This one might also seem like a strange choice, as pink and brown are an unlikely pairing.

However, the right shades of pink and brown can really make the room pop. We find that having a set of pillows or a throw which matches the pink will compliment the look.


Beige is renowned for working well with any shade of brown, the two colors complement each other in a timeless fashion. This combination adds a warm depth to the space. 

In terms of choosing the right shade of beige, you should opt for a color that doesn’t get lost in the brown, but also doesn’t match the couch. The key to making a beige rug match a brown couch is the subtle balance. 

Black Or White 

Matching a black and white rug with a brown couch might seem like a risky idea on paper. The reality is that with the right balance of black/white and shade of brown, they match up brilliantly.

If the walls of the room are gray, the contract between the black and white rug with the brown couch will really make the room look sensational. 


Cream and brown pairing is a timeless classic. These two colors have always looked great together, and work well to make a warm and cozy atmosphere in any room.

A plain cream rug could look a bit boring, so you’d be advised to find a cream rug that has a simple print or pattern running through it.

You can take as much of a risk as you like with the print or pattern of a cream rug, because it’s certain to work well with any shade of brown couch.


Being a pastel color, peach will have a similar effect to white or beige rugs. Peach is a fantastic way to get a slight warmth and comfort into the room, whilst also being fun!

Wrapping Up 

Brown couches can make a room look stunning, particularly when it’s combined with the right rug.

The key is to look at any color schemes or repeating patterns in the room, as this should help inform your decision surrounding which rug would look best. 

Whilst the couch is likely to be the largest item in the room, a great rug can pull focus away from the couch, which helps if you don’t like your brown couch.

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