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How To Decorate Around A Beige Couch

How To Decorate Around A Beige Couch

How To Decorate Around A Beige Couch

Decorating your home is so much fun. It can turn it from a house into a home, and you can really make the space your own. The only trouble is trying to make sure everything matches or complements one another.

Beige is making a comeback, and more and more people are decorating their living rooms with beige furniture and beige couches.

So, how can you decorate around a beige couch? What colors go well with it, and what decor can really complement that couch? Read on to find out

The simple black linework

The simple black linework in these prints can really draw attention to the seating area.

Alternatively, if you want something that is more of a conversation piece, then you can go for abstract wall art:


abstract wall art

If you want to match up to the green wall tones, then why not opt for something a little more botanical:

the green wall tones

A set of framed prints on the wall above the couch can really complement it and make it more inviting.Beige also looks great mixed in with gold.

If you’re looking for decor items to place around the couch, then we would suggest some candles, coffee table books, vases or decorative items that match the vibes you want the room to give off.

For example, why not add some potted succulents in these beautiful gold terrariums:

gold terrariums

Or, you could try a gold tray for your coffee table to hold all of your favorite books and candles:


gold tray

To finish off the look, have a nice, tall lamp to lean over the couch to give you some illumination for reading or as mood lighting:

tall lamp

You can also add some coffee table art books that match the color scheme. This black and beige hardcover book fits the bill perfectly:


black and beige hardcover book

The great thing about beige is that it can match anything. You can pair a beige couch with some colorful cushions, like pink or green ones, or stick to monochrome and choose blacks and various natural toned cushions to cuddle up with.

You can contrast the beige with black furniture such as side tables or coffee tables. This gives off a very muted, scandi style:


coffee table

Or, perhaps you prefer a more rustic look and like deep wooden tones for your furniture:

Wooden table

which can look far more industrial or country-themed. It really depends on your preference, your home and what sort of look you’re going for.  

How To Modernize A Beige Couch

If you’ve got an old beige couch that you think needs modernizing, then it’s not time to get rid of it just yet. There are few things that you can do to make it more appealing and more in line with your vision for your home.

The best way to do this is with some soft furnishings. We would recommend adding lots of decorative cushions - and some comfy ones too!

You’ll also want to add a nice throw blanket which looks great, but also makes it extra cozy for those cold winter nights by the fire.

To do this, you’ll want to get a variety of cushions. This could be ones of different colors and patterns, but you have to have different sizes.

We recommend having at least three. This way, you can have larger, more comfortable ones on the outside, and a smaller, more decorative one in the middle.

For instance, you could have two linen, light and large cushions for the outside such as:


two linen pillow

and the offset this with a minimalist, boho patterned cushion for in between the cushions:

boho patterned cushion

We’re obsessed with pairing beige with muslin and linen fabrics, so why not try a breathable yet cozy throw blanket such as this one:

cozy throw blanket

You can also choose whatever patterns and colors suit your style. Place them neatly on the couch, and drape a blanket over the side to really finish off the look.

Just think of the beige couch as your base, or the foundation of the look, and pair it with lots of interesting accessories. 


To conclude, beige doesn’t have to be boring. You can use a beige couch along with boho prints, minimalistic prints, decorative items, and mix and match when it comes to cushions to modernize the space and make it much more alluring.

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