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How To Decorate With Table Runners

How To Decorate With Table Runners

How To Decorate With Table Runners

Using table runners is a distinguished and classy way to add texture and color to a room, but especially the table.

Table runners are not like tablecloths, because they're primarily used for style and versatility, whereas tablecloths are usually used to protect the table.

Table runners are narrow and long pieces of fabric that run down the middle of the dining table.

It is thought that they have been around since the Middle Ages when the rich people used to protect their tablecloths and tables from food and spills.

Table runners used to run from one end of the table to the other, sometimes down to the floor.

Nowadays, we do not use table runners as much, or in the same way. However, table runners have become popular again, and they are usually seen on many modern dining tables.

There are many options when decorating with a table runner, and this totally depends on your intended use.

So, if you are more interested in the style aspect of a table runner, then your options may look different to someone who is interested in a table runner’s practical use.

Let's find out more about decorating a table with a table runner. 

Why Do You Need One? 

If you don't already have a table runner, they are incredibly stylish, as well as incredibly helpful. Using a table runner is a great way to decor your dining table, and this is usually seen as the base of your dining room decor.

Table runners are also ideal for preventing any food spills or candle wax that may damage your dining table. 

Are They For Special Occasions? 

Lots of people think that table runners are specifically for special occasions, but they are actually really good for everyday use as well as special occasions.

This is because they look distinguished and refined, as well as being practical and hygienic.

Depending on the color and material that you have, table runners can completely transform the way that your dining room looks.

So, you may want to have a different runner for different occasions such as thanksgiving and Christmas.

What Kind Of Table Runners Are There? 

What Kind Of Table Runners Are There?

There are many kinds of table runners made from many materials. This includes silk, satin, polyester, or cotton. The best kinds of table runners are the ones made from durable fabric such as cotton.

If you are interested in using a table runner for a specific event, more distinguished table runners made from silk or satin would be the best.

If you are using table runners for casual everyday use, some of the best kinds would be ones that are made from fabrics such as twill, bamboo, or cotton.

How Big Should My Table Runner Be? 

Table runners come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and the length will depend on your dining table. Firstly, measure your table, in width and length. This will help determine the size of the table runner that you will need.

When you have this measurement, you should add at least 12-15 inches in length, so that the table runner hangs off the end slightly.

The most common sizes for table runners are standard widths of 10-15 inches, with standard lengths of 54-108 inches. Again, this depends on the kind of table that you have. 

How To Decorate With Table Runners

How To Decorate With Table Runners

Firstly, choose the kind of table runner that you would like. Popular table runners tend to be made from linen or cotton, with neutral patterns or stitching.

The type of fabric or material that you decide should fit the rest of the decor of the room, keeping it consistent and attractive.

When buying a table runner, you should think about the color, texture, and pattern, and this is totally up to you and your vision.

The color, texture, and pattern should all match and compliment the location, including any decorative table pieces that you may have such as vases, jugs, and cookware.

For example, it would not be right to place a tartan red table runner on a dark oak table with crystal glasses and bright yellow plates.

Place your table runner in the middle of the table, draping off the edge slightly. Your table runner should not really be draping any more than 9 inches (ca. 23 cm), otherwise this can be a trip hazard.

Typically, a table runner is placed on its own, but it can also be placed on top of a protective mat, or even a table cloth. There are other ways to use a table runner on a dining table.

This includes positioning it across the width of the table rather than the length, making a separate placemat-like section for each person sitting at the table.

Alternatively, you can place two table runners across a round table, forming an ‘X’ shape, highlighting whatever may be in the middle of the table, whether that is food, or a gorgeous floral arrangement.

This would work well for outdoor tables, too. Finally, you could even use a lace table runner on top of a linen table runner or table cover, giving your table a rustic and chic look.

To finish off your look with a table runner, decorate with place mats, flowers, jugs, and decorative glassware and plates. 

Other Uses For Table Runners

Believe it or not, you can use table runners for decoration purposes on many other pieces of furniture apart from the dining table.

This includes coffee tables, bedside tables, patio tables, and hall tables/console tables. They even work on round and oval shaped tables. 

Final Thoughts

Table runners have been used for centuries, but they’re now becoming popular again, especially for special events and formal dinners.

But, table runners are incredibly practical, and you can use them for everyday use. There are many ways you can decorate with a table runner, and this is just a handful. We hope you’ve enjoyed our article.

Thank you for reading!

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