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Seven Tasks Made Easy with a Workstation Farmhouse Sink

Workstation Farmhouse Sinks are Here to Help on Everyday Kitchen Tasks!

workstation farmhouse sink is an integral part of the modern kitchen. This type of kitchen sink is designed to be highly functional and stylish. These sinks are a great addition to farmhouse-style kitchens and other kitchen decor styles. The workstation farmhouse sink offers all the benefits of a traditional farmhouse kitchen sink but with added features that make it incredibly useful for cooking, prepping, and cleaning. Let's explore some tasks this type of sink can easily do.

details of the accessories included in you farmhouse sink workstation

#1 Rinsing Produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables should always be rinsed before being used in recipes or meals. The deep colander and faucet of a workstation farmhouse sink make it easy to rinse off produce without leaning over the countertop and risking getting water everywhere. Additionally, many farmhouse sinks have colanders or strainers that fit directly into the basin, making it even easier to rinse vegetables quickly.


#2 Chopping Veggies & Tossing Salad:

When prepping foods, having a larger workspace can make all the difference. With a workstation farmhouse sink, you get just that! You can quickly chop veggies on the wood board included in the set, then toss them into your salad bowl in the basin below. The best part? Clean-up is easy—rinse off any spills right in your sink! In addition, the wooden board effectively adds space to your countertop. The image below shows our best-selling 36-inch apron front and double basin farmhouse sink by Bocchi: 

cutting board on the farmhouse sink workstation

#3 Dry-Rubbing Steaks and Meats:

Preparing steaks and other cuts of meat requires precision and patience—both qualities made more accessible when using a workstation farmhouse sink. Simply place your steaks on the Roller Mat and season them generously. Extra seasoning falls right into the sink to minimize mess, so you don't have to worry about sticky messes on your countertops later! Many Bocchi workstations include a Roller Mat.

Farmhouse Sink Roller Mat

#4 Straining Pasta:

Most workstation farmhouse sinks come with extra deep colander/strainers for draining pasta water quickly and efficiently without having to place a colander or strainer on the bottom of your sink. This makes it much easier to prepare pasta dishes without splattering boiling water everywhere in the deep basin risking your colander overturning. 

 Farmhouse workstation Sink with strainer

#5 Drying Dishes:

After washing dishes in a workstation farmhouse sink, you can rest assured knowing they will dry quickly because there is plenty of space inside the basin for air circulation around each dish. Plus, many apron front sink models come with built-in drainage racks inside, so dishes won't sit in standing water while drying off after being washed; this ensures quicker drying times and less potential for mold growth due to stagnant moisture buildup inside the basin itself. Washing dishes becomes easier!


#6 Creating the Perfect Buffet Station:

Everyone loves buffets at parties! With a workstation farmhouse sink installed in your kitchen, you can create a fantastic buffet station with ease by utilizing both sides of your sink—the side ledge for prepping food items like salads or cold cuts, as well as using the main basin for chilling drinks or storing hot dishes ready for serving!

#7 Protect your Farmhouse Sink: 

With a farmhouse sink, it's important to factor in using a stainless steel grid which can help protect the porcelain surface from heavy wear and tear from utensils and cookware. The grid fits on the sink bottom and protects your investment. It also prevents water from pooling while washing dishes. Most of our farmhouse sink workstations come with a matching stainless steel grid or can be sold separately.  


A workstation apron front farmhouse sink is one of those must-have additions when designing or remodeling any kitchen space today. Annie and Oak offers workstations in many colors: blackbluegraybiscuitbrown, and the most popular -white farmhouse sink. A workstation farmhouse sink adds style points to any design, and its functionality makes it invaluable when preparing meals or hosting guests at home. Whether you are looking for more room when prepping food items like vegetables or need an extra hand while cleaning up after dinner parties - this type of sink will be handy every time! Thanks to its unique blend of style and function, owning one might be one of your best investments yet!

In addition to farmhouse sink workstations, you can buy accessories separately and create your own workstation on a stainless steel, copper or stone farmhouse sink. 

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