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Farmhouse Sink with Drainboards

Farmhouse Sink With Drainboards

Nantucket Cape Collection 36 White Farm Sink with Drainboard

Blending classic style with modern function, farmhouse sinks with drainboards are a practical yet attractive choice for your kitchen. Whether you’re going for a rustic country kitchen design or something more contemporary, a farm sink with a drainboard will fit right in and offer great benefits. Just choose your ideal material, finish, color, and layout and enjoy the perks of your built-in drainboard.

Conveniently, drainboards mean one fewer piece of clutter for your countertop. Skip unsightly dish drying racks that take up too much space whether stored away or in use, and say hello to your streamlined farmhouse kitchen sink with the drainboard built right in.

Most farm sinks with drainboards have a fluted or ridged design that encourages water to flow back into the sink, keeping the surface of your sink relatively easy to clean. If you want to choose what side your drainboard goes on, look for a reversible farmhouse sink with a drainboard. Reversible farm sinks should have centered drains, and ideally, the same design on either side. If you love a decorative element on the face of your apron front, keep in mind it may not be reversible.

Farmhouse sink with drainboard sizes

As you might expect, farmhouse sinks that have built-in drainboards will take up a bit more counterspace, or alternatively, use up a bit more sink space. Generally speaking, with, say, a 36-inch farmhouse sink, you'll want to account for at least 36 inches for your farmhouse sink, plus an additional minimum 3 inches around for the supporting cabinetry, for a total of 39 inches. 

If you’re looking for more space, you may want to invest in a double farmhouse sink with a drainboard. Having the drainboard right next to the sink where you’ve rinsed the dishes is oh so convenient and keeps your kitchen super organized. If you’re ever short on space with your drainboard, you can also invest in a sink grid that rests on the sink basin, preventing wear and tear and providing a convenient out-of-sight, drying space.

For a truly traditional look, you can also look for a farmhouse sink with a drainboard and backsplash. This rustic-inspired style features a raised panel designed to rest against your kitchen wall. It can present a particularly striking effect when you also have countertops with a small backsplash, before going into tile or paint. Plus, a farmhouse sink with a backsplash lets you attach country-inspired fixtures over the sink to give your kitchen that old-time feeling you’re going for.

Farmhouse sink with drainboard manufacturers
As built-in drainboards are a more traditional fixture, they aren’t as common when it comes to farmhouse sink designs. If you don’t find a model you love, you can potentially buy a farmhouse sink with a lip and attach a drainboard, but for a truly traditional look, you’ll want one that’s got the drainboard built right in.

Whitehaus, Nantucket, and Barclay all offer single-bowl farmhouse sinks with drainboards. Finished in classic white fireclay, if you want that timeless farmhouse sink look, there’s no better choice.

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