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How To Decorate A Small Living Room With Sectional Couch

How To Decorate A Small Living Room With Sectional Couch

A lot of people think that it would be incredibly difficult to design a small space, especially when using sectional couches.

For this reason, a lot of people avoid using sectional couches because they think that it will take up too much space, and will make the room look a lot smaller than it is.

How To Decorate A Small Living Room With Sectional Couch

Sectional couches are actually a really good investment for small living rooms because of all the options that you have.

You can customize your sectional couch to the shape of your room, the color of your room, and the overall size of your room.

Sectional couches do not have to take up the entire room, and there are so many ways that you can style them; plus they look really cool (being extra comfortable helps, too!).

In this article we are going to be telling you how to decorate a small living room sectional couch. Let's get on with the article! 

What Are Sectional Couches? 

If you don't already know, sectional couches are pieces of furniture that have two or more joined sections for sitting.

They are often L-shaped, with the addition of a lounger. They are great for people to have large families or different room layouts, preferences, and styles.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Sectional Couch

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Sectional Couch

Sectional couches are generally bigger than normal couches, and they protrude into the room more than a normal couch.

You need to measure the space that you want to place your couch in, in order for you to be able to fit it in properly. You do not want your sectional couch to be jammed in place or in the way of any doorways.

A lot of people are put off by the idea of a sectional couch because they are usually more expensive and very specific, but we're going to be looking at some of the realistic advantages and disadvantages of having one.


  • Sectional couches will help you keep your room tidy and reduce any clutter or need for additional seating
  • Sectional couches can create different areas of the room and separate your living room in an open space with separations. 
  • Sectional couches are largely more fashionable and stylish with a larger range of colors, styles, and materials.
  • With a sectional couch, you can seat more people, making it an excellent option for people with avid social lives.


  • Sectional couches are generally more expensive than regular couches, particularly due to the range of materials and patterns.​​
  • There is usually only one way that you can arrange a sectional couch when you buy it, once you place it in the desired place, the rest of the room will have to work around it.
  • The type of sectional couch you choose will often rely on the size and shape of the room that you are buying it for, so this makes it more difficult if you are planning on moving house in the near future.

How To Decorate A Small Living Room With Sectional Couch

Now that we've done the specifics, we're going to be looking at some of the best ways that you can decorate a small living room with a sectional couch.

Focal Point

First up, is the idea of using your sectional couch as the focal point in your small room. This will entail setting up your living room in the way that will get the most use for you.

So, if you tend to watch TV a lot, you may want the sectional couch to be the main point by creating a specific area for watching television.

Using a sectional couch as a focal point gives a distinct purpose to the room by sectioning off an area for your use.

Simply place your sectional couch in front of your television, with the lounger end being sectioned off with another sofa on the opposite wall. 


Another option is to create an inviting and calm corner with a small sectional couch, which is perfect for a smaller living room.

A small L-shaped sectional couch gives you enough space to have a few guests, as well as use the lounger alone.

If you place your sectional couch close to the wall, it will give it a cozier look, and will open the space for another chair or coffee table.

There's nothing better than a cozy living room, especially when it's smaller, and there is nothing stopping you from creating a cozy space, even with a sectional couch.


If you tend to have a large social circle that you hang out with a lot, setting up your sectional couch to revolve around hosting and conversation may be a good idea, especially in a smaller room.

If you set up your sectional couch on the wall next to the television instead of facing the television, this will give you room to place two chairs opposite, allowing a large amount of people to be in the room and making it a great hub for conversations and socializing.


Finally, one of the most common ways to set up a sectional couch in a small room is by placing it opposite a smaller sofa, usually a love seat.

This is ideal for those who love to relax and enjoy their space. If you enjoy lounging and relaxing, pairing two sofas will create a relaxation space that is calming and separate.

This would work even better with soft fabric cushions, and relaxing furnishings such as rugs, and long curtains. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a normal couch, and you are looking at getting a sectional couch, you should definitely consider the type of atmosphere and style that you would like to create in your living room, especially if that's a smaller room.

Remember to think about the primary use of your room, and whether a sectional couch would suit it. After all, a smaller living room deserves to be cozy, and sectional couches are great for relaxation.

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