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What is the Best Cheap Farmhouse Sink That Would Still Be Fabulous For Your Home? (2023)

By Annie & Oak Farmhouse Sinks May 07, 2021 0 comments

What is the Best Cheap Farmhouse Sink

The boat is sinking, it's time to renovate your new farmhouse kitchen!

There's no boat, but we do have a list of our favorite cheap farmhouse sinks you could choose from!

Reviews of the Best Cheap Farmhouse Sinks

1. Bocchi Classico 30 White Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Bocchi Classico 30 White Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Bocchi farmhouse sinks bring fireclay back into your kitchen!

There's no trouble with boiling substances, stains, chipping, and scratches with this little boy.

This one bowl sink is not just durable, but also gives a distinctive non-porous, uniform, and elegant appearance for your home.

It's the perfect choice if you were looking for a mix of clever style and quality!


  • Fits as undermount farmhouse sink or a countertop farmhouse sink
  • Built with high-pressure fine fireclay
  • Apron installation with front application
  • Comes with a sink grid for garbage disposal


  • Shallow slope

2. Latoscana LFS3318W White 33" Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Smooth or Fluted

Latoscana LFS3318W White 33" Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Smooth or Fluted

Latoscana's 33-inch size sink is one of the best apron front kitchen sinks in the market.

Its one bowl design and apron front look give you more than enough room and water space for a convenient way of cleaning!

It also has a reversible front, so whether you choose to display its smooth or fluted apron side, anything is possible. Talk about versatility!

This one's made out of fire clay, which is one of the top materials for sinks in farmhouse kitchens.


  • Compatible with waste disposal units
  • Option to install as undermount sink, flush mount, or raised
  • Different display options
  • Top notch material


  • None

    3. Rohl Farmhouse Sink 30 - Shaws Classic Modern 30 in. Fireclay MS3018

    Rohl Farmhouse Sink 30 - Shaws Classic Modern 30 in. Fireclay MS3018

    Are simplicity and efficiency your definition of the best farmhouse kitchen sinks?

    Then this one is for you!

    With a size of 30 inches, this kitchen sink allows you to work both comfortably and efficiently!

    Moreover, its design is engineering made accessible, as its drain's created to prevent your sinks from blocking water. It also happens to be suitable for all types of waste disposal units!

    If you happen to drop something on this sink, chances are, it's not going to break either.

    For quite the budget, your problem of looking for a functional farmhouse kitchen sink is solved!


    • Smooth finish for elegant look
    • Coated with protective glaze
    • Antimicrobial
    • Acid resistant surface


    • Only has a slight slope

      4. Nantucket T-FCFS27 27 Inch Fireclay Farmhouse Sink With Grid

      Nantucket T-FCFS27 27 Inch Fireclay Farmhouse Sink With Grid

      The best farmhouse kitchen sink? Look no further!

      This one has a beautiful look with its simple and plain scheme of colors, but it's not all just designs.

      Our favorite farmhouse sink incorporates of the equipment you need in your kitchen! The 27-inch basin sink cabinet and standard drain opening style make it hassle-free to use.

      Looking for all kinds of minimalist? This is it!


      • Great value
      • Anti microbial properties
      • Easy installation
      • Quality fire clay material


      • None

      5. Crestwood CW-CL-30 30" Classic Single Bowl Smooth Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

      Crestwood CW-CL-30 30" Classic Single Bowl Smooth Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

      If durability is priority, then this is the sink for you!

      Nothing says style more than a classic white farmhouse sink. Even better when the quality lives up beyond your budget!

      At its price, Crestwood's designed this apron sink to last a lifetime with its quality material.

      It's non-porous, and resistant against stains, chips, and scratches!

      Most importantly, it's more durable than normal sinks. There's no worrying about replacement any time soon!


      • Generous workspace
      • Smooth front apron
      • Designed with standard drain


      • None

        Cheap Farmhouse Sinks Buyer's Guide


        The look of farmhouse kitchen sinks isn't for it to look pretty and match your kitchen style.

        Size and Installation

        It also has to do with the size and installation of your farmhouse sink. For example, an extremely small kitchen sink wouldn't fit all countertops.

        Evaluate where you're planning to install your sink so that you could make a good choice!


        It also has to do with the functionality of your sink itself!

        A sink with a shallow slope wouldn't be the best drainer. And one without a front apron could cause water to splatter in the kitchen or bathroom.


        Another factor you have to check in farmhouse sinks is the material.

        Stainless Steel

        Stainless steel is a classic in farmhouse kitchen sinks. It's been proven to be durable, easy to clean, and is chip, crack, and rust-resistant!

        However, the sink becomes prone to dents and scratches over time.


        Fireclay [1] sinks are extremely popular with front apron styles. They're durable, resistant to heat, acids, dents, scratches, chipping, and cracking.

        You're going to have to pay a bit more for these, but it'll be worth it!

        Cast Iron

        An enameled cast iron sink is another classic. This one gives your kitchen a polished look.

        Wait, there's more!

        It's also very durable, strong, and they've been proven to last a lifetime! The only con with these types of farmhouse sinks is that the finish chips.


        Copper is a material people adore for its look. But this is definitely one of the more high maintenance and expensive sinks.

        Copper is naturally antibacterial; it's literally made for this life. If you worry about sanitation, then this material would be your best shot!

        Type of Farmhouse Sink


        An under mount kitchen sink simply means that it's installed underneath your kitchen countertop.

        Without the lip or edges stretching out, this makes for easier and convenient cleaning!


        A drop-in kitchen sink would be the best option if your countertop is laminated or butcher block. This way, you won't get any edges sticking out.


        This battle could go on forever, but let's be real and just keep it short!

        • A single bowl sink is great if you like doing one task at a time.
        • If you're a fan of multitasking then a double bowl is for you!

        Price and Warranty

        Before you purchase that sink, evaluate the prices of your options. The price of a sink depends on the material, the size, and its overall functionality.

        Figure out your priorities, and check if the prices of your options are reasonable. As for warranty, the longer, the better!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How much does a farmhouse sink cost?

        A farmhouse sink usually costs around $400, with the most expensive ones around $1600.

        Our Top Pick for a Cheap Farmhouse Sink: Bocchi Classico 30 White Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

        Bocchi Classico 30 White Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

        Without contest, this one's our top cheap farmhouse sink!

        With just under $400, Bocchi provides you with an organic and natural sink that's anti-splash, resistant to heat, and staining!

        The finish is smooth, and the sink grids collect garbage that shouldn't have to pass through the drain.

        It's simple, easy to use, and does its job in the best way possible!

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