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Top 5 Zline Range Hood Reviews

Top 5 Zline Range Hood Reviews for 2023

Top 5 Zline Range Hood Reviews

If you're an avid chef in the kitchen, you smell the grease and smoke 99% of the time. Sometimes, it spreads throughout your kitchen, giving everyone a bad smoke smell.

ZLine is here to prevent that from happening again. Manufactured with design and aesthetics, their products offer you the sleek look your kitchen needs and improve the air quality and temperature. If you are looking for a wall mount range hood, or a cabinet installed range hood - we can help. 

In this article, our kitchen experts are here to compare and pick the best Zline range hoods from our tests and reviews.

The Top 5 Zline Range Hood Reviews

1. ZLINE KB-36 - Best Overall 


If you're looking for the last piece of the wall mount puzzle your kitchen needs, then the ZLINE KB-36 Wall Mounted Range Hood is the purchase for you.

The KB series has two models: KB-36 and KB-30 but we're going to talk about the former.

Boasting a sleek design, top of the line durability, a powerful motor, and the best of all, a lifetime warranty on the motor replacement. What more could you ask for?

Premium & Durable Stainless Steel

Made from 430 stainless steel series, the ZLINE KB-36 wall mounted range hood has three metal grates that make trapping grease and smoke much easier.

Outdoors or Indoors, the ZLINE KB-36 Wall-Mount Range Hood and the ZLINE KB-42 - 42 inch range hood wall mount will be your steel buddy for life, giving you the cost-efficiency you need out of a kitchen hood.

Flexible & Convertible

Need a working chimney during the winter season? The KB-36 can act as one for you. Then, when winter comes, you can rearrange its vent hood the 36 inch range hood as a recirculating range hood.

Then, a ductless range hood with charcoal filters is ready to use. Talk about versatility.

Suction Power Is King

An important factor in picking out a kitchen hood is its ability to suck in the smoke and grease your kitchen emits.

Fortunately, the KB-36 does the job beyond the minimum. You can set fan settings at four different levels: 400 CFM at the minimum and 760 CFM maximum, with just a few pushes of its buttons.

The result? A faster way to achieve clean air and temperature.


  • Durable from stainless steel material
  • Easily convertible to ducted range hood the winter season
  • Free replacement parts within 3 years
  • Noiseless at 56db and has an auto-shutoff feature.
  • Chimney extensions can be added
  • Push buttons for four fan speeds
  • Auto shut off feature


  • Carbon filters are not included
  • It might be heavy compared to other range hoods
  • LED lights can be consuming

     2. ZLINE 597-30 - Best Value 

    ZLINE 597-30

     You've heard enough of ZLine products made from premium and long-lasting materials, and now it's time to reinforce it again.

    The 597-30 makes the perfect simple yet elegant finish for your kitchen, and here's why:

    Simple Elegant Look

    The 597-30 has the perfect balance of modernization and sleekness to complement your kitchen aesthetic.

    Premium Metal

    When you hear of premium quality range hoods, you hear Zline. There's no doubt that whether it's wood or steel, their material stands true to its purpose.

    Its material is sleek and made of premium stainless steel, making cleaning much more fun and less of a bore.

    Purified Air Everyday

    If your range hood doesn't purify your air, you better get another one.

    As for the 597-30, its baffle filters are made from stainless steel that will trap grease until the very last drop and make way for purified fresh air in your kitchen area.


    • Premium metal material for durability and repeated usage
    • LED lights for visibility
    • Stainless steel baffle filters trap every smoke and grease particle
    • Push-button lets you control preferred fan speed options


    • Can be noisy at times
    • Venting is only possible at the top
    • Doesn't include a carbon filter

    3. ZLine ZL623 - Best Budget Pick

    ZLine ZL623

    If your kitchen isn't that spacious and quite small, you need something similar in size, which can fit under your cabinet. Luckily for you, ZLine has another product for your problem.

    The ZL623 Cabinet Range Hood is the one that snugly fits in your kitchen area. But there is more to it than its small and compact size.

    A High Powered Suction

    If you want to get your hands dirty in the kitchen, the ZL623 has your back. With a higher CFM at 900, you can expect to have no hint of a smell of smoke nor grease inside your home.

    Cleaning Made Easy

    Cleaning should not be a hassle after a long session of cooking. The ZL623 has stainless steel baffle filters designed to be dishwasher safe, making it a must-have for pros and beginners in the kitchen.

    A Beginner's Choice

    Based on many reviews, ZLine has its standard to the utmost quality yet stays friendly and easy to use with beginners.

    The ZL623 stayed true to the statement. It's part of the easy install series of ZLine and easy to get used to, so you're learning time is lessened. 


    • Most budget-friendly price on the list
    • Odorless and smoke-free
    • Respectable CFM rating
    • Easy installation process for beginners


    • Fan covers may fall when the fan is on

     4. Zline GL14i-36 - Island Hood Choice 

    Zline GL14i-36

    Your kitchen should not just be for cooking. It also needs to be stylish and fit for modernity. Well, we have the item you're looking for.

    The Zline GL141-36 Island Range Hood has the ability to catch anyone's attention; with a sleek design, it can act both as a kitchen decoration and a strong product for your kitchen needs.

    Durable & Long-lasting

    When it comes to Zline, all of its products are made to last. Like our previous KB-36, the GL141 Island Mount Range Hood never falls far from the tree.

    A premium stainless steel material, it will look good and last long in your kitchen.

    Dishwashing Made Easy

    Cleaning range hoods should not give you a hard time doing so. Fortunately, the GL141-36 will give you the best cleaning experience you can have.

    The chimney and mesh filters provide are features that make cleaning effortless and are dishwasher safe, staying true to its claim.

    Lighting Included

    The GL14i island range hood is installed with four halogen lights [1] under it. This mostly makes up all of your kitchen lights installed.

    With the right brightness the product offers, it will be the only light you'll need when cooking delicious meals.


    • Stainless steel durable and made to last
    • Design is eye-catching, can fit into any kitchen style
    • Chimney and mesh offer an easier cleaning experience
    • Tempered Glass adds to the aesthetic and protection of the vent
    • Carbon filters and chimney extension options are available


    • The highest speed option is at 400 CFM, which is the bare minimum
    • Quite heavy, weighing in 65lbs
    • With its design and functionality, it comes with a hefty price.


    5. ZLine 355VV - Most Powerful


    ZLine 355VV


    Looking for a striking and powerful range hood? Look no further as ZLine has the 355VV Wooden Range Hood for your purchase.

    Yes, it's wood unlike ZLine's stainless steel products, this one doesn't fall behind in its use and functionality.

    A Higher Suction Power

    If you've seen the previous reviews, the highest motor we had was 900 CFM. Not until the 355VV.

    It boasts a powerful 1200 CFM. With that kind of power, heat, smoke, grease, temperature, and hot air are long gone before you can smell them.

    Eco-Friendly Aesthetic

    If you're eyeing that eco-friendly look to match your kitchen aesthetic, then this big boy is the right kitchen product for you, but the wooden material isn't just for design.

    Unlike stainless steel, the probability of catching rusts and stains is close to 0%. How's that for less cleaning time?

    Indoor & Outdoor Usage

    Even with the Zline 355VV's huge size and surface area, you can still install it outside for a Sunday barbecue grill.

    However, you might need some huge hands to help you with this since it weighs 80lbs.


    • Wooden material staves off rust and stains for less cleaning time and worry
    • Highest powered motor with 1200 CFM that can suck out bad smells instantaneously
    • Upgradable to LED lights for better visibility
    • Push-button control and LCD make operating fan speed easier


    • It weighs 80lbs which needs multiple hands to set up
    • Too big for small kitchens
    • Can develop mold because of wood material 

    Is ZLine a Good Range Hood Company?

    Yes, compared to other range hood brands, ZLine commits to premium and durable materials for your range hood needs. Need more convincing? Go back to the list.

    Although they might look expensive because of their design and materials, they're actually within your budget.

    ZLine Range Hood starts at a $400 price tag, increasing the type of range hood you're looking for with its unique features such as motor, design, ergonomics, etc.

    So if you're looking to pay extra for quality products and timeless design for your modern kitchen, the ZLine kitchen hoods are your best bet. 

    Recap: Top 3 ZLine Range Hood Reviews

    Best Overall: ZLINE KB-36

    ZLINE KB-36

    This lands in our best overall ZLine Kitchen Hoods product because of the KB-36's balance of design, functions, and features included: 

    • Moderate-to-high suction power
    • Convertible into a ductless hood 

    Of course, we can't forget how durable and sturdy it is for multiple usages. It has everything you need in a range hood.

    However, if your ceiling heights are higher or lower than 16 inches to fit your KB-36, you may need short kits to make space in your back wall.

    Check Today's Price

    Best Value: ZLINE 597-30

    ZLINE 597-30

    Simple yet elegant, the Zline 597-30 strikes a balance between simple and beautiful, having several features such as baffle filters that will make sure you breathe fresh air every day.

    Who wouldn't want that while cooking?

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    Best Budget Pick: ZLine ZL623

    ZLine ZL623

    If you ever needed a kitchen hood for beginners, the ZL623 Cabinet Hood is for your style. It's part of the easy install series of Zline range hoods, making it the best choice for beginners.

    What's more, is that it's dishwasher safe,  baffle filters to trap dirty particles from your kitchen, and have a high 900 CFM for suction prowess. 

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    We hope we helped you narrow down your choice when it comes to a Zline range hood.

    Just remember to consider factors such as power, filter, ventilation, and even the mount type before choosing your Zline Hood product.


    Annie and Oak can help you find the perfect range hood for your kitchen. Are you looking for a wall mounted range hood? Or a cabinet range hood? Visit the Range Hood Store in our website!

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