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The Best Zephyr Range Hoods

The Best Zephyr Range Hoods for Your Kitchen Needs in 2023

The Best Zephyr Range Hoods

A range hood is essential for cleaning up all the smoke, grease, and odor from your cooking. Without it, your kitchen will soon smell like a disposal.

Fortunately, our expert team tested and reviewed the best Zephyr range hoods that can last you a long time. 

The Best Zephyr Range Hoods Reviews

1. Best Overall: Zephyr AK1200BS Essentials Breeze Series 30-Inch Under Cabinet Convertible Hood

Zephyr AK1200BS Essentials Breeze Series 30-Inch Under Cabinet Convertible Hood


Under the category of cabinet range hoods comes this innovative and durable range hood. 

The Zephyr AK1200BS should be on your range hood wishlist because it possesses:


  • Adjustable LED lamps to perfectly set illumination on your kitchen station
  • Save energy as well with its LED lamps
  • Auto-delay smart feature that clears the air then shuts down after 5 minutes of non-usage


This range hood is a no-brainer for people who value quality, DURABILITY, and EFFICIENCY!



  • Hassle-free power off feature after 5 minutes
  • LED lamp lighting can be controlled to the preferred intensity
  • Durable & lightweight stainless steel material




  • Expensive price point
  • LED lights are dimmer compared to halogen lights


2. Best Value: Zephyr 685 CFM 30”  Wide Wall Mount Range Hood

Zephyr 685 CFM 30”  Wide Wall Mount Range Hood


Let’s talk numbers. 

What do 650 CFM and 6 sones mean? And what can it do for your kitchen? 

The required CFM for most kitchens is 350 CFM. 350 is ideal for kitchens that do a lot of heavy cooking. 

So where does 650 CFM get you? With an additional 300 CFM, your kitchen would be smoke and odorless! And if you’re worried about the noise, 6 sones won’t hurt your ears at all! 

Think of 6 sones as the noise you hear in a quiet restaurant. Not too shabby, right? 

Now, get this: The design itself would make for a sleek & contemporary look in your kitchen! And with the LED energy-efficient lights, how else could you not find the Zephyr 685 to be of great value!



  • Powerful 3-speed 650 CFM motor eradicates bad odor and smoke
  • The design complements any type of kitchen style and decor for a sleek, contemporary look
  • Can be installed as a wall mount if you’re looking to save space



  • Installation requires a professional 


3. Best Budget Pick: Zephyr AK6500BS 30” Range Hood

Zephyr AK6500BS 30” Range Hood

The AK2100BS may be the cheapest model on this list of Zephyr range hoods reviews, but it stacks up well with the more expensive brands.

It offers a balance between a striking design and a powerful fan for cleaning the air. 

Here’s what the Zephyr AK6500BS range hood has in store:


  • 850 CFM fans that retain a minimum noise level of 1 - 5 sones (which is the same sound level your refrigerator makes)
  • Self-cleaning feature for more food and less cleaning
  • The Quiet Speed Setting and Airflow Control Technology adjust your fan setting into THREE less powerful but quieter speeds. 


The upgraded technology and fittings provide you the CONVENIENCE and VALUE you need from a range hood. 



  • Adjustable fan speed setting with ACT feature and Quiet Speed Setting
  • Durable stainless steel for longer-lasting product lifecycle
  • Self-cleaning feature makes cleaning easier




  • Malfunctions may happen after a few uses

How Do I Know I’m Getting the Right Range Hood for My Kitchen? 

For our technical team, there are only 3 crucial aspects you need to take a look at when you’re searching for a suitable range hood for your kitchen:

1. Your Stove Size 

Your stove size determines the power and size you need for a range hood. Generally, a larger stove requires a larger range hood. 

2. CFM 

We mentioned earlier that most kitchens require at least 350 CFM to effectively remove odor and smoke. 

But again, this depends on how big your stove is. 

Rule of thumb: A range hood MUST move at least 100 CFM for every 12 inches of your stove width.

So if your stove width is 40 inches, you would need at least 350 CFM to effectively suck all the odor in your kitchen. 

3. Noise

The bigger your range hood, the noisier it sounds. 

However, this isn’t always the case. Some models - despite their large frame - don’t produce as much noise as you would expect. 

Take our best value pick as an example. 650 CFM packs strong airflow, and yet, it only comes in at 6 sones. 


If you’re an aspiring cook or chef, buying a range hood should be on your checklist. 

It makes the cooking process and dinner times more enjoyable because range hoods eliminate any foul odor in the air [1]

Indeed, we couldn’t be happier to have our very own range hoods installed in our kitchen space, which include the top picks on this list. We hope that these Zephyr range hoods reviews helped you ease your search and decision-making.

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