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What Is An Ottoman?

What Is An Ottoman?

What Is An Ottoman?

When furnishing a home, there are many types of furniture you can choose from to make it stylish and comfortable.

One of these is an ottoman, but what exactly is an ottoman? What do they look like? What room should they be placed in? How do you choose the right ottoman for you?

In this article, we will answer all of these questions. Let's get going!

What Is An Ottoman?

An ottoman is an item of furniture that has a footrest on top of it, with no back or sides. Ottomans come in different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and styles.

The most common type of ottoman is made out of wood, though other options include metal, plastic, glass, stone, and leather.

The History Of The Ottoman

The ottoman's history can be traced back to the same-named Empire. They originated in Turkey, the center of the Ottoman Empire, and were then introduced to the rest of Europe in the late 18th century.

They began as the main form of seats in homes and were just a low wooden bench that was then made more comfortable by the addition of cushions.

The History Of The Ottoman

In the 19th century, they evolved to become regular features in private member's clubs, also. Instead of just being platforms to sit on, they became hinged seats that had storage space underneath.

They also became more padded, eliminating the need for additional cushions.

Now, ottomans can be seen in a wide range of shapes and sizes and serve a number of functions around the home.

What Are Ottomans Used For?

Ottomans have been used for centuries for a variety of purposes. In the past, they were used primarily for seating, but now they are used for so much more.

Here are some examples:

  • To store items – Ottomans are excellent places to keep small items such as books, magazines, or toys. Many of them have a hinged lid, so you can place items inside and out of sight.
  • As a footstool – If your feet hurt while sitting down, or you just fancy sitting back with your feet up, then an ottoman may be the perfect solution. It provides extra support for your legs and lets you put your feet up on a comfortable and cushioned surface.
  • As a chair – Some people prefer to sit on their ottomans instead of chairs. Many modern-day ottomans feature a built-in seat cushion that makes it easy to convert them into chairs.
  • As a table - Ottomans can be large and firm enough to double as tables, also. It's not uncommon to see them used as coffee tables or even bedside tables.
  • As a couch – Ottomans are great for adding comfort and style to any living area. Whether you want to add a cozy corner for reading or want to relax on a sofa after a long day, an ottoman is a good choice.
  • For aesthetics - Just because ottomans can be used in several ways, doesn't mean that they have to have a function at all! An ottoman can brighten up a room and add some extra style. You can get ottomans that match your other furniture or choose a contrasting color for that wow factor.

Many people use an ottoman for several of these functions at the same time. A footstool can also be used for storage or as a seat as needed, making ottomans one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own.

What's The Difference Between A Pouf And An Ottoman?

What's The Difference Between A Pouf And An Ottoman?

You might hear the two terms being used interchangeably, and that is because the two pieces of furniture do have a lot of similarities.

They're often used in similar ways also, as they can both serve as footrests, but there are some differences.

The main difference is in how they look. Ottomans are usually firmer and less cushioned, whereas poufs take the form of an oversized cushion. Many, but not all, ottomans have legs also, whereas poufs never do.

Another big physical difference is that ottomans are generally bigger than poufs. Some ottomans can be used as tables due to their size and firmness, but poufs cannot be used in this manner.

Why Should I Buy An Ottoman?

An ottoman is a very flexible piece of furniture that can be used in many ways. It can provide extra seating, extra storage space, and extra comfort when relaxing.

The fact that it can be used in so many ways means that it will fit perfectly into almost every room in your home.

Ottomans are extremely popular right now and there are lots of reasons why you should consider buying one. One of the biggest advantages of owning an ottoman is that it adds comfort and style to any room.

When you buy an ottoman, you're not only getting a nice-looking piece of furniture, but you're also getting something very functional.

As ottomans have been popular since the 18th century, you can be sure that they will not go out of style. They aren't a fad that will be forgotten about in a few years, and a good quality ottoman will last you for decades.

Ottomans are also great for kids. As seats, they tend to be lower than many other chairs in the house, making them easy for kids to sit on.

They can be used as toy chests while also matching the aesthetic of your room and as they're upholstered and cushioned, they don't have the harsh edges and corners of wooden tables.

Final Thoughts

Ottomans have a long history as a piece of furniture and are one of the most flexible items you can purchase for your house.

Whether you choose to use one as a footstool, chair, storage space, or table, you can do so in style and suit the aesthetics of your home.

Ottomans are suitable for every room of the house and can add some character to any home.



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