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What Color Goes With Gray Kitchen Units?

What Color Goes With Gray Kitchen Units?

Decorating can be as equally fun as it can be stressful. Because of this, we know that it always helps to have a push in the right direction or a helping hand.

Kitchens are a haven for many and will allow people to express their creativity by making food. However, these kitchen areas need to be perfect.

What Color Goes With Gray Kitchen Units

Kitchens come in all different shapes and sizes, with gray often being a color that appears in these spaces.

But, what colors work best with gray and what should they be? If you have gray kitchen units, then we have an article for you!

Follow the rest of our guide to find out what color goes with gray kitchen units and ideas for what forms these colors might take.


Because of how neutral and subtle gray can be as a color, there is good reason to choose pink as its partner.

Because of how bright and eye-catching this color is, you can’t go wrong with a bit of personality coming to your kitchen.

A pink egg shell paint color will go a long way and offer something that comes in at the opposite end of the color spectrum, compared to gray.

If you have a fun and bubbly personality, then this could be the combination for you!


One color, or shade to be exact, that works brilliantly well with gray, is the color white. Because of how neutral these colors are, they can’t help but work together in perfect harmony.

If you’re looking for a color to brighten up your cooking space, there isn’t much brighter than a white, or off-white to make things pop!

Focusing on creating a smooth transition from color to color is the aim here, and we love every bit of it! You can use the white on shelves, or even with the walls themselves to complement the gray units.

Navy Blue

If you don’t mind your kitchen space having a bit of a darker tone to it, then navy can be a perfect color for you to implement into your home.

Deep inky blues will have a regal element to them as they make the gray tones stand out and leap off the units and into your eyesight.

There aren’t too many colors out there that will make the gray look light, but navy blue does exactly that.

Because the color is so dark, it allows the gray to enter your eyesight first and will let anyone looking around the kitchen feast their eyes on the smooth gray.

Having a navy blue kitchen island or skirting boards will further complement the gray surrounding your space.


Many people around the world pride their houses and the colors within their four walls. Having some red splashed in there offers a sense of retro to any kitchen, with the red popping off the gray like popcorn out of a pan.

What Color Goes With Gray Kitchen Units?

With the neutrality of the gray serving as a base for the fiery red to enter your eyeline, you can expect this combination to be a winning one.

By implementing this red on the sideboards or some kitchen stools, you have enough red to suffice with this perfect kitchen.

Red is often seen as the color of passion or fire, with both being seen in respectable kitchens around the world.

What’s not to love?!


Similar to our white suggestion earlier on, the cream can serve as the perfect tool to counter the gray with a bright and bold color.

Because white can get dirty easily and will often be too bright for many people, cream offers something slightly different and a bit easier on the eye.

Think, how many desserts in the world include cream as one of the building blocks for a good, sweet meal?

Well, having cream tones throughout the kitchen can remind people of the flavors and sweetness that go into a lot of desserts.

Include this cream into the cabinets or onto the appliances and you should have enough for people to notice!


Now, hear us out. Although gray on gray might seem a bit like overkill, there’s sometimes no better color to complement, than itself.

Because gray can have so many different accents, shades, and overall forms, there’s no better color than gray itself to ensure that your kitchen makes the most of the color it’s been given.

Because of the variations of gray and the dark, or light, tones that you can implement, why not include a few different variations in your kitchen?

Having lighter tones for the overall color with lighter forms for the skirting boards and the ceiling is a great way to celebrate your love for your kitchen.

Sage Green

When it comes to the world of food and the different ingredients that we use in different dishes of food, we often think of the different green foods that go into our diets.

Having some green dotted about throughout the kitchen can be a great way to represent healthy eating and the different ways that we use greens throughout our food.

Using a pale gray and the sage green together is a perfect combination, especially if you have plants seen throughout your home.

Having green skirting boards along with some herbs and spices is a nice way to symbolize the cooking that you enjoy!


Having a gray kitchen might seem like doom and gloom but, in reality, it is quite the opposite.

What you have is a great building block to implement other shades and colors without becoming too drowned in different colors.

However, there needs to be some sort of variation, or you risk having a bland playground for where you make your food.

Gray is a very neutral and complementary color, so you can make sure that you pair this with whichever color you think suits you and your personality best.

At the end of the day, some people see their kitchen as their safe space to do what they want. This can be helped by the perfect combination of colors! 


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