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What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls?

What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls?

What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls?

There is no denying that the color gray is very much in right now.

Thanks to social media, the popularity of this color scheme in the home has really taken off, and it is easy to see why.

This beautiful neutral color goes with so many other colors, so it is perfect for pretty much any room in your home. 

Gray is incredibly versatile, so it will easily complement whatever furniture you have in your home.

It also comes in a variety of different shades so that you can find a color that is totally unique to your home.

But there is one issue with painting your walls gray, and that is deciding what color carpet goes with it. 

While gray walls go really well with lots of different colors of furniture, it can be difficult to know which color carpet to go for.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at what carpet goes with gray walls. So if you want to find out more, keep on reading! 


First up, we have white. White is an easy choice when it comes to gray walls because they are very much part of the same color scheme.

White goes with everything, but it goes particularly well with gray because they are so similar. 

Somehow white carpet manages to complement and contrast the gray of your walls simultaneously.

It also creates the perfect base color scheme, allowing you to add a pop of color to the room through your furniture and decor. 

Of course, white carpet isn’t completely without its flaws. In particular, it does collect dirt very easily, so it needs cleaning regularly. So it is important to bear this in mind before buying white carpet. 


If white is a little too clinical for you, then you should consider pairing your gray walls with cream carpet.

Cream is quite a warm color which is perfect as most shades of gray have cool undertones. So the combination of colors will complement each other perfectly. 

No matter what shade of gray your walls are, a cream carpet will go perfectly.

This combination of colors is simple yet elegant, which is the perfect vibe no matter what room you are decorating. 

If you are worried about your house feeling cold after you have painted the walls gray, then cream carpet is the perfect option to set your worries to rest. 


Another great neutral shade to consider is beige. Beige is a bolder neutral than the other options that we have looked at so far, but it is rich in color, and it usually has warmer undertones too.

Just like with cream, the warm undertones in the beige will complement the cool tones of the gray perfectly. 

Beige is the perfect option if you want a neutral carpet that is also rather hard wearing.

Compared to cream and white, beige is able to become dirty without it impacting the color of the carpet too much. This means that you will find yourself spending less time cleaning your carpet.

Beige really is a great option if you want your carpet to complement your gray walls, and it is perfect if you have a busy household with lots of foot traffic. 


Alternatively, if you want a color that is even bolder than beige, then you should consider a brown carpet.

As a color, brown goes incredibly well with the color gray, and what makes it even better is that there are lots of different shades of brown to choose from.

If you want to keep your room light and airy, then a lighter shade of brown would be perfect. Alternatively, if you want to go for more of a classic feel in your home, then a darker brown would work incredibly well too. 

The best thing about brown carpet is that it doesn’t stain too easily, and it also doesn’t require cleaning too regularly either. It really is one of the best options if you have gray walls.

A Different Shade Of Gray

A Different Shade Of Gray

In contrast, if you really love the color gray, then you might want to go whole hog and pair your gray walls with gray carpets.

This color combination works surprisingly well, especially if you choose a different shade of gray to the one that you have on your walls.

One of our favorite color combinations is a lighter gray on the walls, and a darker gray on the floor.

This combination can really make the room feel a lot bigger, especially if you paint the ceiling in your home white too. 

Monochrome shades complement each other incredibly well, which is why you can never go wrong by pairing gray with a different shade of gray. 


If you want a color that is incredibly bold, then we would recommend considering navy carpets. This deep shade of blue is incredibly different from gray, but they work so well together. 

Both navy and gray have cool undertones, and this is partly why this pairing works so well.

Navy carpet is perfect if you have a busy household, and if you don’t want to have to clean your carpet every single day. 

No matter what shade of gray your walls are, we can guarantee that the navy will work incredibly well with it.

Mint Green

Finally, if you want to pair your gray walls with a light color, then you should consider mint green. This pale shade of green is perfect if you are decorating a bedroom, or a room in your home with less foot traffic. 

This color isn’t for everyone, but it does provide a lovely earthy tone that is totally unique of the other options we have looked at. So it is definitely one to consider.


In short, there are lots of different colors that work well with gray walls. So, if you have painted your walls gray, but don’t know what color carpet to choose, check out the guide above for inspiration. 

Thank you for reading!


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