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What Color Cabinets Go With Agreeable Gray Walls?

What Color Cabinets Go With Agreeable Gray Walls?

What Color Cabinets Go With Agreeable Gray Walls?

Agreeable gray is an extraordinarily versatile shade of gray paint produced by Sherwin Williams.

It works in just about any room and on just about any surface, and can be paired with a range of different colors, from similarly muted colors to bright, contrasting colors.

Personally, we think that agreeable gray works best in a kitchen environment.

But if the walls are painted in agreeable gray, what color should the cabinets be?

As we said previously, agreeable gray is so called because it works well with most colors.

However, we’ve found a few different colors that we think work best for kitchen cabinets in a kitchen with agreeable gray walls. 


In this first section, we will look at shades of paint that work well with agreeable gray by creating a contrast.

They’re not all necessarily bright and colorful, but some are. Let’s take a look.

Wall Street By Sherwin Williams

We just love this shade of neutral gray. You might have some concerns about pairing gray with gray, but trust us, there’s plenty of contrast here.

Agreeable gray is as light as shades of gray come, considered a shade of ‘greige’- a mixture of gray and beige.

That makes it perfect for pairing with a darker gray like this Wall Street shade, which has a low light reflectance value (LRV) and contains hints of blue and purple, giving it an almost metallic feel.

The result will be a kitchen with a bold, modern look- a look you could enhance by creating extra contrast, and painting half of your cabinets white. 

Mariner By Sherwin Williams

Mariner, as the name suggests, is a shade of blue. It’s inspired by the pristine blue waters of the tropical oceans, so if you’re a fan of bright and tropical colors, this is an excellent choice to pair with your agreeable gray walls.

The agreeable gray on your walls will very much take a backseat when paired with Mariner, and will let the cabinets do the talking.

You’ll notice that whilst your cabinets take on a crisp, cool, color, your walls will show hints of yellow and gray undertones.

Naturally, we think this color combination is perfect for beach houses and coastal areas, but it can provide a more general ‘shabby-chic’ feel, too. 

Poppy Seed By Behr

If you’re looking for a way to make your cabinets really ‘pop out’, you can give them some serious definition by painting them this dominant black shade.

Your agreeable gray walls will create a stunning contrast with this densely saturated black paint, which has beautiful blue and violet shades that add a bit of much-needed texture.

Be careful, though. Although the contrast with agreeable gray is palpable, too much Poppy Seed black is likely to overpower the room and create a dark, moody feel.

Therefore, it’s probably best to use this color sparingly, for example, on just the lower cabinets. 

Neutral Shades

Neutral Shades

Greek Villa By Sherwin Williams

This cool, neutral shade of white will help to lend your kitchen an elegant, exotic feel, the kind you’d expect from a villa on a Greek island.

The paint does, however, have faint brown tones that help to create something of an aged, vintage feel in your kitchen.

The muted yellow notes in your agreeable gray walls will help to enhance this look, creating an overall theme of old-world luxury and decadence. 

Penthouse By Benjamin Moore

Penthouse is a sophisticated neutral shade of tan by Benjamin Moore.

It works extremely well with agreeable gray, creating a subtle contrast between the lighter appearance of the cabinets and the slightly darker notes of the walls.

There’s warmth here, with warm brown accents and subtle gray shadows, but the color combination also creates yellow highlights in the cabinets that help to brighten the room up. 

Dove By Behr

Like agreeable gray, Dove is an extremely versatile shade of paint. That’s what makes it so popular for practically any situation!

It is a neutral soft and creamy shade of white, and when paired with yellow and gray pigments in your walls, will take on a warm, inviting feel.

This makes it the perfect color for people who prefer subtlety over a statement, and is a particularly smart choice if you’re looking to sell or rent your home.

Virtually nobody can take offense to this color scheme, and it’ll give your kitchen, and your home more widely, a welcoming feel. 

Does Agreeable Gray Work With Wooden Cabinets?

Sometimes, people prefer not to paint their kitchen cabinets, instead preferring to let the natural colors of the wood shine through. So, does agreeable gray go with wooden, for example oak, cabinets?

As agreeable gray is so versatile, the answer is a resounding yes, although it depends very much on what sort of atmosphere you are trying to create in your kitchen. 

If you’re looking for a warm, homey, even rustic feel, agreeable gray will look great with wooden cabinets.

However, oak itself is a pretty powerful color, and you may find that you almost overpower the room or darken it too much with a straight-up wood and agreeable gray combination.

If you're a fan of crisp, light, and airy spaces, we’d recommend trying something else.

Amongst the issues you might find with this combination is that it can almost draw the cabinets into the room and make the room feel smaller overall. 

Final Thoughts

The clue is in the name really. Agreeable gray works with just about anything, depending on the look that you are trying to achieve.

We’ve given you a few pointers here, but feel free to go out and experiment for yourself.

Grab some samples and see what works for you in your kitchen. After all, you never know exactly how the lighting in your room will affect your chosen color combinations.


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