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Tiny Farmhouse Plans

Tiny Farmhouse Plans — House Floor Plans For Tiny, Modern Homes [2023]

Tiny Farmhouse Plans

Looking for a cozy and tiny farmhouse to spend your summer at? Perhaps you'd like to live alone in an area across the country?

Don't look any further, we've prepared the best tiny farmhouse plans for you!

Reviews of Tiny Farmhouse Plans

1. Family Home Plans' Traditional Style

Family Home Plans' Traditional Style

Standing at 873 square feet, this traditional house plan provides you with a lot of space!

With two bedrooms and a wide living room perfect for however you want to style, Family Home provides you with a variety of comfort spaces!

Enjoy the outside world with its covered porch, and cook your favorite meals in its spacious kitchen area.

Definitely enough space to fit all the food in the kitchen in this house!

Even more than that, this traditional style house plan also includes a walk in closet for each of the bedrooms. For such a wide living space, we'd say this is well worth building.

Don't forget about taking note of the fact that it has a laundry room and a great bath area!

2. House Plans' Country Style House


House Plans' Country Style House

At 443 square feet area, Family Home provides plenty for such a small size.

It's a 2 story house, which dedicates its lower floor for a garage; perfect for those who love to travel while staying at their guest house!

At the upper level, they've taken the liberty to provide you with a coat closet, and an open kitchen and living room structure.

This farmhouse design also comes with 2 built-in window seats, so if you were looking for character, they've got it!

With places for storage and closets, this 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom floor plan are perfect for anyone who wants to live in an optimized space.

3. House Plans' Cottage Style House

House Plans' Cottage Style House

Perfect for those who wish to have a simple and narrow house of their own, this farmhouse cottage tiny house plan measures 647 square feet.

This floor plan comes with one of your dream front porches and sun deck, which opens into a mudroom.

Besides that, we have the kitchen area partnered with the charm of a built-in nook.

Suited for narrow lots, this floor plan still makes it so your bedroom can have a walk-in closet, and a wide-as-it-can-get living room!

4. Family Home Plans' Southern Style Tiny House

Family Home Plans' Southern Style Tiny House

Next up, we have Family Home Plan's Southern Style tiny house plans.

Encompassing everything you need in a tiny house within 600 square feet, Family Home presents to you 3 porches—a front porch, rear porch, and a covered one. Talk about character!

Despite these overflowing porches, Family Home makes sure that you're able to get top house experience.

The living room contains a fireplace, a bedroom with a walk-in closet, a bonus room, and to top that off, the bathroom has a luxurious bath tub and shower!

Looking for a spacious area, and want extravagant design? These tiny farmhouse plans could be just for you!

5. House Plans and More's Cabin Home Plan

House Plans and More's Cabin Home Plan

In need of bigger tiny house plans? House plans and More presents to you their house plans!

Standing at a total of 1374 square feet, these tiny house plans measure 876 square feet on the first floor, and 507 on the second!

The total of these farmhouse floor plans includes 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms.

The design of these 2-level tiny house plans, however, comes with the inclusion of a grilling porch and a covered porch!

Perfect for the outdoors, the U-shaped kitchen comes with a breakfast bar!

Overflowing with appeal, these farmhouse plans connect its gigantic living den and its kitchen.

Due to its connected structure, both the living room and the kitchen is warmed by the built-in fireplace.

If you were looking for bigger tiny house plans, this is it!


Tiny Farmhouse Plans Buyer's Guide

Design and Materials

One of the factors to consider in looking for farmhouse floor plans is the design and materials [1].

Evaluate features needed in your home, and make a list of possible floor plans.

Do you want an energy efficient home? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Do aesthetics matter to you?

As for materials, you could also check which you already have. And don't be shy of asking about, just to make sure it's all sturdy!


How do you want your tiny farmhouse to look like? Do you want it at a country level? Perhaps you could get yourself a porch!

You could also check for a cathedral ceiling, a fireplace, or a hip roof, all depending on your preferences.

The design and structure of your selected floor plans would also factor into this, so check if the farmhouse floor plans you have on your list has allocated extra space for your decor.

Overall, go crazy and explore! Your bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room is yours; and it's to your liberty at which to make all your homes as comfortable as you'd like!

Farmhouse Plan Budget

Choosing tiny homes doesn't mean you're giving up your regular-sized offers.

Yes, you can save up while waiting for your bedroom and bathroom to be built. Factors that fall into this are materials of the house and overall structure of your home.

Unless you've found a steal, the more features your tiny house plans have, the more it will cost more.

Tiny house plans usually cost about $10, 000 up to $150, 000; evaluate how much you want to spend and go back to the earlier parts of this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Custom Tiny House?

You may find modest selections which cost $20, 000, while luxurious tiny homes could cost up to about $150, 000.

Can I Design My Own Tiny House?

Yes! You can grab a piece of paper and pencil, or use a CAD software. Designing your own tiny home could actually be a lot of fun!

Is It Cheaper to Buy or Build a Tiny House?

Typically, it's cheaper to build your own tiny home. Evaluate whether you can manage building your own home, or need expert opinions!

Our Top Pick for a Tiny Farmhouse Plan: Family Home Plans' Traditional Style

Family Home Plans' traditional style provides you with everything, and we mean, everything you need!

Coming at only 873 square feet, it's impressive that you'll find more than one bedroom, a wide kitchen, and a living room!

It's simple, well-optimized, and is open to modifications. If you need any aesthetics in your home, these floor plans have given you the liberty to do all that!

Practice the most freedom with this plan; it's perfect for those who love to explore design, but also value practicality!

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