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Small Farmhouse Plan Ideas

Small Farmhouse Plan Ideas — Home Design and Floor Plans [2023]

Small Farmhouse Plan Ideas

Planning a house design for the family is no easy task. Fortunately, we have come up with a collection of small farmhouse plans that suit all families.

Are you ready to go over the small farmhouse designs that give your family much-needed living space? If yes, let's get started.

Reviews of Small Farmhouse Plans

1. Large Wrap-around Porch Plan

Large Wrap-around Porch Plan

For starters, the dine-in kitchen and living room are right beside each other.

So if you plan to have parties or family gatherings, you can utilize the wide footprint allotted by each room to ensure quality time together.

Moreover, you will enjoy the fact that the master suite bedroom comes with a personal bathing room with all the amenities you need.

These include a bathtub, an extra shower, and extra laundry equipment.

Do you need to accommodate guests who want to have a sleepover? Well, there's a lot of living space upstairs with a three-bedroom setup.

2. Simple and Stylish Floor Plan

Simple and Stylish Floor Plan

If you are a family of three or five, a huge kitchen, master suite, and a couple of extra bedrooms are all you guys will need.

"Will this farmhouse plan give me enough parking space for my cars?" you may ask.

Yes, it will, thanks largely to its garage that goes for about 21 to 25 feet, which can fit up to 3 vehicles at most.

Do you need extra convincing for this plan? The rear porch contains sliding doors, making it easier for you to go in and out of your home.

3. Versatile Modern Farmhouse Plan

Versatile Modern Farmhouse Plan

If you are a newly-engaged couple or a family in the midst of moving to a new neighborhood, you may want to consider houses that employ this modern farmhouse plan.

Matching glass windows and clean lines complement the front door for a uniform and pretty front porch.

The master suite gives you everything you need because it includes two sinks, a shower area, and easy access to the kitchen, laundry, and dining rooms.

If you go upstairs, you will find a bonus room, which serves as an extra storage area for your clothes, old items, and other important memorabilia.

4. Narrow Lot Farmhouse Design Plan

Narrow Lot Farmhouse Design Plan

The narrow lot farmhouse design allows you to include a wrap-around porch and a suitable parking location for 2 cars.

The garage covers the living room and master suite, so you won't have to worry about the neighbors invading your privacy.

The main level also has a kitchen, which is located near the rear deck and side porch if you want to indulge in outdoor dining.

The second floor contains two extra bedrooms, a shower room for your bathing needs, and a bonus room for extra storage.

5. Cozy and Modern Farmhouse Design Plan

Cozy and Modern Farmhouse Design Plan

If you want to maximize the allotted space around your neighborhood, you don't need to look any further with the cozy and modern farmhouse style.

Grabbing a midnight snack won't be a problem because the floor plan on the right side contains 2 bedrooms adjacent to the living room and dining room.

The left side of the floor plan features the master suite and a walk-in closet for all your clothes and important things.

It may only be a one-story rectangular footprint, but the modern farmhouse style should provide more than enough room for everyone.

Small Farmhouse Plans Buyer’s Guide

Design and Materials

One of the most important aspects is the open floor design of both the interior and exterior. You want to make sure the colors, materials, and overall structure complement one another.

Even though the interior cannot be seen from the outside, you should plan the designs of the master suite, kitchen, porch, and bonus room for a conducive environment.

Garage Options

Besides coming up with room and exterior diagrams, the garage will play a vital role in your vehicles and overall security. [1]

You have the option to place it beside your porch so that you have easy access to your vehicle and the outside view.

You may want to plan on incorporating sheds, tents, or carports to prepare yourself for the extreme winter seasons.


Of course, you would not want the home to feel dull and boring. If you want to apply a home office type of setup, we suggest decorating your bedroom with business-related signages and pictures.

Of course, if you want your Christmases to become colorful, we suggest adding greens and stockings to your living room, master suite, and even the kitchen if you wish.

Farmhouse Plan Budget

Another thing to consider when formulating an open floor plan is how much you are willing to spend.

As we will discuss later, you need to consider how many square feet you plan to allot for your farmhouse structure.

Also, consider other variables such as electrical appliances, kitchen necessities, plumbing for the bedrooms, you name it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Small Farmhouse?

Honestly, we cannot give a definitive answer as to how much a small farmhouse with regards to how much an open floor farmhouse plan would cost.

There are a couple of factors that affect the pricing of most floor plans. One of which is the maintenance of roofs and windows.

If your house plan contains many windows and roofs with ridges, expect to pay up for water-proofing, additional materials, and labor.

The house and bedroom shape will also play a vital role when it comes to cost. Basically, the more complex the home exterior is, the more expensive it will be.

Can You Make a House Plan Smaller?

Unfortunately, you cannot make a floor plan smaller than it already is. "Why is that?" you may ask?

Essentially, the last square foot you insert in your home should be the cheapest. Shrinking a house plan means you will also take out the square feet you've already paid for.

Suppose you have a refrigerator in the kitchen that goes for $1000. It usually takes up about 20 square feet, meaning you'll have to pay $50 for every square foot.

So does replacing the kitchen refrigerator with a cheaper alternative shrink house plans? Frankly, it does not.

Instead, making the plan smaller will result in the removal of shingles, lumber, and concrete, important elements that keep your bedroom in one piece.

It will help if you avoid mistakes like these when operating your plan.

Our Top Pick for a Small Farmhouse Plan: Large Wraparound Porch

Large Wraparound Porch

After going through all the options we laid out, the large wraparound porch house plan exceeds our expectations, making it our consensus choice.

Both the exterior and interior excel in terms of space and coziness. It also contains the most number of rooms when you combine the bonus room and bedrooms.

Indeed, it the perfect plan for large families and special occasions.

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