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Is Kohler Made In USA?

Is Kohler Made In USA?

Kohler is a popular manufacturer of many products, including faucets.

Is Kohler Made In USA?

But do they make their products in the USA? Find out with our guide!

About Kohler

Kohler Co., founded by John Michael Kohler in 1873, is an American manufacturing firm headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin, United States.

Kohler is best-known for its plumbing fixtures, kitchen appliances, bathtubs, showers, toilets, faucets, water filtration systems, lawn & garden equipment, commercial refrigeration systems, power generation systems, air compressors, industrial gas turbines, and diesel engine products.

As of 2014, Kohler employs approximately 10,000 people worldwide
Kohler is an American manufacturer of kitchen and bath fixtures.

Kohler Kitchen and Bath Distributors sell Kohler products. Kohler still makes cast iron tubs, one of the few companies to make them.

Kohler also produces a commercial line of bathroom accessories.

The company also does artful custom work, such as painted sinks and toilets.

Kohler's walk-in bathtubs are designed to be easy to use by those with disabilities.

They also come in various sizes and styles. This division was founded in 2015.

Kohler is also an American manufacturer of small industrial engines.

Kohler started making gas engines but later expanded into diesel engines.

Kohler bought Lombardini, another Italian engine maker, and made more powerful diesel engines. Kohler has been making generators since 1920.

Sterling Plumbing Group Incorporated (Sterling) was founded by John C. Kohler in 1892.

He started out selling plumbing supplies and equipment.

Eventually he began manufacturing plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, etc.

Sterling became part of the Kohler Corporation in 1969. Sterling was sold to Kohler in 1984.

Kohler's UK subsidiary is best known for making showers.

The company has expanded into other products such as furniture, cabinetry, tiles and engines and generators for industries.

Kohler's new products include smart connected bathroom fixtures.

Voice assistants allow users to control these products using their voice. Users can also use apps to control these products.

Does Kohler Manufacture In The USA?

Kohler is a company that makes many things. They sell mostly in small shops, but also in bigger places.

Is Kohler Made In USA?

Some of their products are made in America, but most of them are made in other countries.

Kohler faucets are made in the United States. Most Kohler faucets come from the factory in Arkansas.

Parts used in the manufacture of Kohler faucets include those made in the United States, as well as those made in other countries.


John Michael Kohler was born on May 25, 1849 in Baden, Germany.

His father died when he was young so he had to help support his family.

He worked at different jobs until he found himself working at a hardware store where he learned how to do business.

In 1872, he went to New York City to start his own business. He opened up a hardware store called J.M. Kohler & Co.

This store grew quickly and it was not long before he decided to open a second one.

He did this with his brother, Charles Silberzahn, who would be the manager of the second store.

In 1874, he moved back to Wisconsin and set up shop in Milwaukee.

At this time, he changed the name of his business to Kohler Hardware Store.

By 1880, he had built a large warehouse in which he stored all of his inventory.

It was here that he developed the idea of creating a line of plumbing fixtures.

He continued to expand his business and in 1882, he hired two men named William H. Shearer and Henry E. Gage.

Together, they designed a new type of sink; a bowl shaped sink that was easy to clean.

Soon after, he began selling these sinks under the brand name "Kohler".

By 1889, Kohler had become successful enough to build a factory in Racine, Wisconsin.

Here, he produced more than 100 different types of plumbing fixtures.

He also started producing kitchen appliances, bathtubs, and toilets. In 1895, he introduced the first automatic flush toilet.

Other Faucets Made In The USA

Top US kitchen faucet brand names include Kohler, Delta, Moen, American Standard, and more.

These brands offer high quality products. You should buy from them if you want a kitchen faucet that serves you well for years to come.

Moen is a leading kitchen faucet manufacturer in North America.

Founded in 1937, Moen has been recognized by the IAPMO group for being a trustworthy company.

Their kitchen faucets are lead-free and do not contain any toxic or harmful materials.

In addition, their kitchen faucets are legal in Canada.

Moen uses an advanced motion sensing technology to create smooth and simple faucets.

They also use magnetism to make the faucets easier to clean. Moen offers a lifetime warranty on their kitchen fountains.

So, if you need a quality kitchen faucet, then go ahead and check out Moen.

Grohe is a quality manufacturer of kitchen faucets. Their technology and designs are always ahead of the curve.

They have been awarded many times for their great work and ideas.

In addition, they have also been recognized for being one of the top 50 companies changing the world.

Grohe makes great quality kitchen faucets. They offer many different types.

Their best technology includes GROHE Blue and Red in water systems.

They also have GROHE Smart Control and GROHE Sense water based security systems.

These features make them easy to use and maintain.

Chicago Faucet started as a small business in 1901, but they now employ over 2,500 people.

Their products include commercial kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets and more.

They use advanced technology to produce quality products. Their products come with a limited warranty.

Jaclo is an American owned company producing unique kitchen faucets.

They offer great quality, durability, design, and care for the environment to ensure that you enjoy using their products.

Jaclo uses modern technology to manufacture their product.

They offer great customer service and provide unlimited warranty in most of their products!

Kitchen faucets are also made by Kingston Brass. Their headquarters is located in Chino, California.

They produce quality kitchen faucets and other plumbing supplies.


Like many manufacturers, Kohler operates both in the USA and abroad.

Hopefully this article has helped you to find out what you wanted to know!

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