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How To Make A Bean Bag Chair

How To Make A Bean Bag Chair

How To Make A Bean Bag Chair

If you are looking for an easy DIY that can add a finishing touch to your room, then you have come to the right place.

Bean bags are fun pieces of furniture that are easy to move around, change the shape, and get comfortable in.

They can be the perfect addition to any child’s room, a dorm room, or games room.

To save a little money in the long run, why not make your own bean bag chair?

Perfect your sewing skills while creating the perfect accessory for your space with this step-by-step guide that will show you how easy it truly is to make a bean bag chair.


There are a few things that you will need in order to make a bean bag chair using the following method.

These include some high quality fabric scissors, a cutting ruler, cutting board, zipper lining that corresponds with your chosen measurements.

In this case, it will need to be 15 inches long, and it can be whatever color you like.

You will also need fabric in a pattern or color that you like.

Cotton fabric is ideal because it is easy to sew into using a sewing machine, but you could use something thicker if you are feeling more ambitious.

Bean bag filler is also needed. Foam bean bag filler will make a softer and more cushioning seat in the end, or you could choose the more traditional filler.

Make sure that you have access to a good quality sewing machine if possible.

This will make the entire process much smoother and faster.

Step One: Choose A Size

Before cutting into any fabric, it is important to think about how big or small you want your bean bag chair to be.

This will impact the amount of space it takes up, how many people can sit comfortably in it at once, and the amount of fabric required.

If you want to make a bean bag that is a central piece of furniture for everybody to enjoy, you could scale the measurements up and create a much larger bean bag chair.

Step Two: Cut Fabric

Similarly, you can make smaller ones than the sizes given by using a slightly different scale.

These would be ideal for a child’s room, or for a pampered pet. You could also make a lot of smaller bean bags that can be fun to use as stepping stones, or even pillows.

Step Two: Cut Fabric

For a medium-sized bean bag chair, it is recommended that you cut four pieces of a fabric of your choice.

This can be soft and fluffy or less textured, depending on whether you’re up for the challenge of sewing thicker materials together.

Once you have decided what texture and pattern of fabric you want to use, you can cut four pieces that are 45” by 26”.

Then, you will need to cut a 26” square of fabric, and then a 26” by 27” piece.

Step Three: Sew

If you are less confident using a sewing machine, you can sew by hand or use any fabric adhesive that you have available.

Attach two of the larger pieces of fabric together with the patterned sides facing each other. Make sure you are doing this along the longest side.

Then, do the same with the other two larger pieces of fabric.

Step Four: Attach

Once you have two large sections of fabric, you can attach them together. With the patterned pieces facing each other, sew along both of the long sides.

This should create a tube shape once you have finished.

You can then start to attach the squares of fabric to the tube.

With the pattern facing inwards, line one end of the square with one of the 26” edges of the fabric tube. Once you have done this, you can repeat the process on all four sides.

Step Five: Zipper

Now it is time to attach the zipper. Carefully measure the 26” by 27” square of fabric and cut it into two equal halves, they will be 26” by 15.5” each.

Then, you will need to pin the zipper, face down, in place along the edge of one of the pieces of fabric.

Try to leave about one inch from the edge. You can then sew along the zipper where you have pinned in a straight line.

The next thing to do is to sew the other side of the zipper to the fabric.

With the patterned sides facing each other, you can attach the fabric to the zipper before unzipping it.

Step Six: Fill

Using the zipper, turn the bean bag right side out to see the result of your handiwork. Then, you can stuff the bean bag with foam, beans, or any bean bag filler.

Keep adding until it reaches your desired look and is easy to move around and settle into.

Once you have done this, you can do the zipper up and enjoy your new bean bag chair! Play around with different locations and by sitting on it in different ways to see what feels right, and enjoy.



Bean bag chairs can be fun additions to any room within your home. They are easy to make once you get the hang of it, and as long as you have the right equipment.

Consider using slightly different attachment methods if you do not have access to a sewing machine.

It is also worth checking that none of the beanbag filling falls out when the zip is closed. Shake the beanbag and look out for this, and repair any holes using a needle and thread.

Compared with purchasing a bean bag, it is rewarding to make a piece of furniture for yourself.

Remember that bigger scale projects will be more time-consuming and a little more tedious, while smaller scale bean bag chairs can be slightly trickier to get everything secure.


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