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How To Dress A Window Without Curtains

How To Dress A Window Without Curtains

How To Dress A Window Without Curtains

We dress our windows with curtains for a few reasons. For privacy, to block out or filter light, and to match our decor. Quite often, curtains are seen as the finishing touch to a room’s decor, but are they really necessary?

There are other ways to dress a window, from blinds to shutters, glass to plants. Curtains don’t have to be the last word in window dressing.

Creating A Beautiful Window Without Curtains

When we think of dressing a window, our minds typically turn to curtains. But is it really the best way to create a beautiful and interesting window? There are many other options when it comes to making a statement with your windows. Let’s look at a few of them.



Blinds are a good alternative to curtains and can look more modern. They are just as effective as curtains, but are more adjustable in terms of the amount of light they let in.

Venetian blinds come in many materials and colors, variety and practicality.

Roman Shades

These shades are a chic and neat way to cover your windows. They provide privacy, but also let in plenty of light.

Wood, bamboo or fabric the choice is yours when it comes to dressing your window with these tasteful alternatives to curtains.

Faux Stained Glass

For a jaw dropping statement in your home, why not cover your windows with faux stained glass. This is a stunning way to provide privacy in your home, but also allow enough light to filter through.


If you are concerned about privacy, you can use a beautiful valence on your window.

The majority of the pane will be exposed, with just the uppermost part of the glass covered. You can use any material for this, including wood for a rustic touch.

Privacy Screen

A privacy screen has the advantage of being portable, so you can put it in front of your window when you need privacy and remove it to let the sun shine in. It can also be used in other areas of the room or as a dressing screen.


Bring the outdoors in and dress your window with an array of plants. Have a living curtain of greenery and flowers which will screen the window but provide the ideal spot for your favorite plants.

Not only will your window look beautiful, but it will smell amazing!

Glass Bottles

Using multicolored glass bottles provides an interesting alternative to curtains. You could install a glass shelf to sit the bottles on at the level you want.

The light coming through the different colored bottles will create beautiful lighting in your room.

Frosted Glass

For privacy without having to hang curtains, opt for frosted glass. This allows plenty of light to come through, but screens the interior of your property from passers-by.

Alternatively, you can paste frosted glass film on clear glass for the same effect.

Indoor Shutters

Shutters on the inside? Why not, this is a beautifully rustic idea and would look great at a beach house too.

A distressed paint job and wrought iron hardware will complete this charming alternative to curtains.

Stained Glass

Real stained glass looks stunning and will create a beautiful glow in your home as the sun streams through.

If you don’t want to do the whole window, you could have the bottom of your window stained glass and the top clear. This would save you some money too.


Traditional lace still has a place on our windows. It is ideal for privacy screening, but does not block out so much light that it leaves the room gloomy.

Lace panels can be applied directly to the glass with cornstarch paste, making it great for renters as it is easily removed.

Do You Really Need Curtains?

Do You Really Need Curtains?

The windows in your home are a source of light, but also a source of pride in how you dress them.

They are a key feature of any home and will be the focal point of your rooms. But do we always have to dress windows with curtains? Absolutely not.

Not only can you use alternatives to curtains as shown above, but you can also do away with window coverings altogether if privacy is not an issue.

Letting as much natural light into your home will improve your wellbeing and show off your interiors in the best possible light.

If you do want to dress your windows for privacy or decoration, of course you should. But there are times when you might want to take down the drapes and let the windows shine.

When you have a view that is too good to hide, you should consider alternatives to curtains.

A stunning city skyline from your apartment or a glorious stretch of beach should be available to enjoy and can form part of your interior design via your windows.

Where you have invested a lot of money in beautiful windows, do you really want to then cover them up with curtains?

Handcrafted or unique windows should be shown off as the works of art that they are. Dark framed windows also look great without dressing.

A lack of natural light through your windows is a case for leaving curtains off. If there is no need for privacy, adding curtains in a low light room will just make it seem gloomy.

Curtains are decorative but also functional, if there’s no need for them leave them off.

Why Do Windows Have To Be Covered?

People have just gotten into the habit of covering their windows. That is what we have always done, so it seems like the natural thing to do. But as we have seen, not all windows need to be covered.

If you live on the beach, chances are you won’t be overlooked. The same is true for high rise apartments. A country home that is set away from other properties probably won't need window covering either. Instead, let the view in and enjoy it.

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