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How To Decorate Shelves

How To Decorate Shelves

Shelves are a common feature throughout homes all over the world. They can be used to store lots of different things, ranging from books to assorted spices and herbs throughout the kitchen.

Because of this, it comes as no surprise that there are lots of different ways to decorate them and make sure that your home feels like a home, rather than a house with stuff in it.

How To Decorate Shelves

However, many people will know that they want to decorate their shelves but won’t have any idea of where to start. Follow our guide to find out how to decorate shelves and where the best place is to begin.

Know What You Want

The first thing that we recommend is that you know what you want. Have a game plan and stick to it.

What you don't want is to be jumping into the deep end headfirst without knowing what direction you want to be going in.

There have been times when we've all stood and stared at our empty shelves and wondered what should be going there.

To avoid this, simply start writing down some potential ideas that you might have and try to envisage them in your home. If you have an idea ear and you can start to see it come to life, then this is probably the right one to choose.

Avoid Stress When Possible

At the end of the day, decorating your home needs to be fun and it should be a process where you can learn a little bit more about yourself.

What you don't want is to be stressing out over something that you could be spending energy on elsewhere. We recommend that if you start to feel stressed then you should take a break and come back to it another time.

The best way to make sure that you avoid stress is to set yourself a budget and a few ideas, making sure that these are achievable and potentially realistic.

As we previously mentioned, if you walk into this task with a blindfold on and no plan, then you're likely to be more stressed than if you had planned things.

Decorating With Plants

One way that people around the world commonly decorate their shelves is by adding some plants and features of nature to their homes.

There are a few different plants that are commonly used more than others and we will take a look at them now.


Our first and probably most popular choice is cacti. These can come in all different shapes and sizes and often don't require too much maintenance to keep them healthy. You can pick these up at your local gardening center, or superstore, for a price well within your budget.

Flowers And Shrubs

Because there are so many different colors and shapes available, flowers are a great choice for someone who would like to decorate their shelves.

All you have to do is choose some plants that suit your character and personality best, which can be done by varying different colors. Fake plants can be great for those without time for maintenance and care.

Small Trees

Our final option for this section is small trees. These can be fake or real and can come in lots of different sizes and colors, much like with our flowers and shrub section.

You can choose to have different plants from different corners of the globe so that there is something unique in your home for everyone to see.

Tips For Decorating Your Shelves

Tips For Decorating Your Shelves

Of course, many people don't limit themselves to just plants and shrubs decorating their shelves, however, these are probably the easiest things to work with.

On the other hand, you can replace plants with anything you like, depending on what you feel suits your home best. It all depends on what your preference is.

Don’t Overcrowd Them

A very good point that many people often forget is that shelves shouldn't be overcrowded. If cells have too much stuff on them then they can often look messy, which is the opposite of what many people will be looking for from this guide.

Ever heard of less is more? Well, that applies here. Make sure that everything you decorate your shelves with is in moderation and that everything that you use is there to complement the shelves, rather than clutter them. Having too much stuff can make it seem like an uphill battle.

Match The Rest Of The Room

Sometimes many people aren't sure of what they want to have on their shelves. Well, a good place to start is to look at the rest of the room.

By doing this, you can have an insight into the kind of things that you would like to accompany the rest of the room. By sticking with the same color coordination, you've got yourself a good start.

Similar Sizes

One thing that many people don't realize is that the items on the shelves should be working together, rather than against each other.

What we mean by this is that the things on the shelf should be relatively similar and should be of similar sizes.

You don't want the items on the shelves to be battling it out to be seen. By having similar sizes of your items, you can make sure that they all have their spot in the limelight, catching the eye of visitors to your home.


That's the end of our guide. although, we'd like to be more specific with the types of items that you can include, that all comes down to you.

A lot of the things that people will place on their shelves are things that mean something to them.

Maybe, something that represents their character, or something they think is aesthetically pleasing.

At the end of the day, what you place in your home is your final decision. This process of decorating should be fun and should include things that you would like people to see in your home.

Because of this, we hope our guide has helped you to take the first step of your journey.

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