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How To Decorate A Large Wall In Living Room

How To Decorate A Large Wall In Living Room

If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate a large wall in your living room, you’re in the right place. You’re not alone either, many people struggle to come up with suitable ways to decorate a large empty space on a wall.

The living room poses added challenges as it’s usually where we spend the majority of our time when we’re home. On top of this, staring at a large blank wall can make you feel intimated or at a loss on how to fill the space.

It’s important to emphasize that it’s your space, ultimately, the pieces of art you use should reflect you as an individual.

A good idea would be to sit and think about what you love, what makes you happy/tick. The next step in the process is to hunt down art work which meets these needs.

There are typically two schools of thought surrounding how to decorate a large living room wall:

  • With A Large Statement Piece
  • A Collection of Smaller Pieces (Also Known As A Gallery Wall) 

Most styles of decorating generally fall into these two categories. So let’s get started and take a look at some ideas!

A Large Piece Of Art

A Large Piece Of Art

Putting a large, statement piece of art up above your sofa is an easy and efficient way to fill the empty space. It adds a central focus to the room.

The bigger pieces of artwork, with lots of color, visual appeal, and textures only add to this focus.

It’s important to make sure that the artwork works with the space, and the things already in your living room, otherwise it’ll pull too much focus. 

A Gallery Wall

This is one of our favorite ways to decorate a large living room space. Whilst a large statement piece works for many people, we love the variety and scope with a gallery wall.

Each piece could represent a specific memory you have, or an aspect of your personality. The great thing about gallery walls is that they work in any sized living room.

Using artwork that’s different sizes and shapes will only enhance the contrast and scale of the gallery wall.

The best thing to do is hunt down a mixture of drawings, photos, and paintings, then lay them out how you think they’d look on the wall. 

A Large Mirror

A lot of this article, so far, has been focused on art work. If you’d prefer to stay away from artwork, hanging a statement mirror is the best way to avoid artwork but still make the space beautiful.

Mirrors are great for reflecting light, which means they open up the room and make it seem bigger.

For a statement mirror, it’s best to find something with funky edges, or a bold overall shape. This will make it feel more like a work of art!

Grid Gallery

If you prefer a more organized approach to hanging your artwork, taking the concept of a gallery wall and making it symmetrical is the best way to meet this need.

The Grid Gallery adds a more streamlined effect which would look perfect in polished or classic style rooms. Grid Gallery works best with artwork that’s in series or a collection. 


Murals add all the elegance of both art and wallpaper without the hassle of hanging wallpaper or needing to be framed.

Nature or garden murals work best, as they add intense color and depth to your living room.The upside of murals is they don’t necessarily need to be permanent, they can be swapped out at any time. 

Statement Wallpaper

If you’re looking for something that is a more permanent feature, but don’t want to invest in any of the above ideas, wallpaper could be the way to go. There aren’t many wall decorations that match the impact of wallpaper.

Choosing wallpaper that has a fun pattern or emulates natural textures like wood or marble is a great way to give your living room a layered look. 



Bookcases are a great way to marry style and function in the best way. You might be lucky enough to have a large length of wall in the living room, that art or decor just won’t be enough to fill it.

The bookcase could be a series of matching bookshelves, or even a floor-to-ceiling built in. 

Hanging Basket

This one could be added to a gallery wall to give it an extra dynamic. Naturally, the hanging basket looks best when filled with trailing plants. This gives an organic that will provide balance against the framed artwork. 


This is another one of our favorite ways to fill large wall space. Floating shelves work best for larger spaces.

Once you’ve got the shelves up, placing a couple of large prints and some small decorations on the shelves can create your personal style. 

Plant Wall 

With a few fixtures and fittings, a large empty wall can become a plant wall. If you love plants this is a great way to incorporate them into your space.

Look for wall planters that can accommodate both real and faux plants, so that you have the option to swap them out should you need to. 

TV Wall

Sometimes the easiest way to fill a living room wall is by hanging a TV on it.

You’ll need to make sure that the wall and the location of the TV are suitable, as a TV becomes a focal point for the living room (especially for movie marathons!) 

Summing Up

The ideas on this list are just some ways you can decorate a large living room wall. The deciding factors on which style you choose could come down to personal preference and budget.

You could always leave the wall blank, and go for the minimalist approach with negative wall space.

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