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How To Decorate A Console Table

How To Decorate A Console Table

A console table makes an amazing addition to your hallways, sitting rooms, dining rooms, and more.

They often act as statement pieces of furniture in rooms, and they are sometimes minimally dressed with ornaments and runners, or covered with attractive decorations and trinkets.

How To Decorate A Console Table

Leaving a console table empty is not a practice that is best appreciated, as they are such beautiful pieces of furniture.

However, they can act as a magnet for unnecessary clutter, as they are often in pretty convenient places. This is not how console tables should be used, and there are so many gorgeous ways to dress and decorate your console table.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ideas for console tables, and how to achieve it. Let’s get started.

What Is A Console Table Used For?

A console table is mostly used as an accent table and sideboard. They are narrow, with a high table top, making them perfect for centerpieces and decor.

Console tables often look good with decor such as lamps, displays, artwork, and trinkets. Think of a console table as a decorative table that can look exactly how you want it to look without being covered in clutter.

What Are Popular Styles?

Console tables can be styled in multiple ways.

Things to think about when styling a console table is the color of the decor on the table, the color in the area where you want to place the table, the texture of the items, the color of the decor and wood, the scale of items, and the general theme you are going for.

Some of the most common styles and themes for console tables are chic, Bohemian, minimal, and contemporary. Let’s look at some styles before we get onto the decor.

Minimal designs often consist of a centerpiece lamp, surrounded by small pieces such as a canvas piece of art, and a minimalist sculpture.

Minimalist designs are often symmetrical, and are block colors. The most common colors for a minimal design are black, white, cream, and gold.

Bohemian designs are quite versatile, and they can look quite coastal too. These designs often consist of a woven runner, plants, a lamp (or two), a bowl, some funky trinkets, and a lot of color.

These designs are cool, but they would need to be in the right space to fit the vibe.

Contemporary designs are similar to minimalist designs, but the table may be the centerpiece. The table is usually made from thick chunky textured wood, or modern vintage inspired metallic pieces.

Contemporary designs are often finished with a lamp, some books, candles, and vases.

Chic console tables are often in the style of shabby chic, with a New York style wooden console, with drawers, sometimes with knobs. Chic style console tables are often finished with plants, clocks, and wicker baskets.

How To Decorate A Console Table

How To Decorate A Console Table

So, we’ve looked at the different styles for console tables, but generally, how do you decorate a console table?

When decorating a console table, you want to make sure that it has a consolidated and cohesive look.

Otherwise, it will look inconsistent and mismatched. You want something that takes center stage, as well as a few small things that do not overcrowd the entire console table.

Additionally, table lamps are an amazing addition to large console displays. Often, a pair of lamps looks elegant rather than one.

The addition of two lamps gives a look of symmetry, as well as a streamlined and clean design. The style of lamp that you choose completely depends on the style of the console table you are going for.

Minimal designs always work better than overcrowded and cluttered console table designs. Console tables are not intended to be used as a shelf or a clutter magnet, so why design them as one?

Keep your console table as minimalistic as you like, but make sure everything on it has a place. Doing this will prevent the accumulation of clutter.

Match your materials. If you are planning on putting some fabric on your console table, make sure it matches the decor and artwork in the area.

Fabrics are often well complemented with matching artwork. This will create a very put-together result, and your console table will look complete.

Think about artwork that may look great on your console table. A lot of people choose to hang tapestries on the wall behind their tables, as well as place artwork and sculptures on the table.

This looks great on most console tables, and it will help brighten up the room.

If you have a neutral room, think about going for a natural looking console table. This includes whites, creams, and browns.

Consider putting in stone sculptures and clay plant pots. This kind of natural look goes really well with bright rooms with lots of plants.

Organic colors often work better with natural and fibrous textures, and you can create a really interesting space with a natural theme.

Finally, think about the trinkets and antiques that you may want on your console table. Antiques are underrated, and they look great filling in any gaps on a console table.

Adding antique lamp shades or decorative items can really create an antique, layered look to any console table.

When decorating your console table, start by placing down any runners or fabric first, followed by your lamp.

Make sure it is in a convenient and safe place for the lamp to be plugged in. Then, add your centerpieces or objects and strategically place everything how you like it.

Where Should I Put A Console Table?

Typically, console tables belong in long, large rooms, and hallways. It is common to have them at the top of the stairs too, as this helps break spaces up. They look great as welcoming tables as you enter a room, or even the front door.

Final Thoughts

Console tables make great additions to any room, and they are excellent for breaking up spaces and rooms. Consider a console table, as well as the decor you may use if you want a new look.

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