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How To Build A Simple Wall Shelf

How To Build A Simple Wall Shelf

Lucky for us, you do not need to be a pro when it comes to building a wall shelf for your home, you don’t need a carpentry qualification, or to be a handyman, it is super easy to do yourself.

How To Build A Simple Wall Shelf
Many rooms in our homes need a good shelf, it can totally transform a room to have a shelf in there, you can display your treasures, vintage collections and so much more.

So, how do you go about building a good shelf in your home?

Well, you don’t need to go and chop down a tree to do it, the first step is to find the type of wood/ shelving material you want, and once you know what kind of material you are after, you’re halfway there!

So, how do you do it? It's simple really!

Building A Simple Wall Shelf

A singular, simple wall shelf will be made up of the shelf unit and the brackets as well as whatever screws you need.

Typically, a shelf can either be fastened to the brackets with screws, or it might just rest on top of them, it is up to you which type you have.

A wide shelf will typically have two brackets with wall studs, and then more brackets will be added for longer shelves.

You can easily get brackets at any hardware store, or a home center.

You can also get all of these in different materials, styles or colors. But anywhere you can get home furnishings you can get these!


So, what do you need to build yourself a nice and simple wall shelf?

Well, whether you get a box kit, or if you decide to make it yourself with materials you picked out at your local hardware store, our step-by-step guide will help you out.

So, here is what you do…

Step 1. The Brackets

Your first step is to pick out some brackets. Head down to your local hardware store and pick out ones you like.

You can often get them in metal or plastic. Metal will be more sturdy, but plastic can be aesthetically pleasing in some cases.

You can get plain ones or fancy ones, pick whichever you like best!

Step 2. Pick Your Shelving Board

Then you need to pick your shelving board, again, you can get these in many materials and styles.

They can be available in plastic, metal, and all different kinds of wood. Although, wood is the most common type, and the one with the most varieties.

Once you have chosen your board, you should cut it to your desired length if it is not already the length that you desire for your shelf.

Step 3. Mark Your Brackets

Take your gear home, and as you set up your shelf the first thing you need to do is hold up your bracket against the wall in the place you want the shelf to pit, mark it with a pencil, pen or marker.

Then use either a tape measure or a spirit level to draw a line across and make sure the other bracket will be in a position directly opposite and straight.

How To Build A Simple Wall Shelf

Step 4. Drilling

Now it is time to drill in the hole for the first bracket, or holes if you require more than one. Drill over the marks you made in the wall.

Do not forget to always check the wall is sturdy enough and that there is no electrical wire or anything for the plumbing where you are going to drill.

You should also pop a sheet over the floor so that you do not leave behind a terrible mess to clean up after.

All you should need for this is a wall plug, and a masonry drill bit.

Only drill to the depth that the screw will need to properly penetrate the wall.

Step 5. Placement

How you want to thread the screw through the hole in the bracket and hold the bracket in place as you screw it into place as far as it will go.

Step 6. The Second Hole

Hold the shelf board onto your first stable bracket, and use a spirit level to check that it is even.

Now is the time to make any adjustments if the mark you made earlier is not level to the other bracket.

You do not want your shelf to be sitting lopsided.

If the mark looks to be accurate you can begin.

If you are not sure then you can always do some basic math to check, using a ruler to measure the distance between the hole in the first bracket to the base of the shelf, and then from the second marker to the base of the shelf as you hold it.

If they are equal you are good to go!

Step 7. Attach The Board

Now drill in your second bracket hole like you did the first. Now you want to play your board across the brackets evenly, so both ends have an equal amount over them.

Screw in the brackets to the board from underneath. Be cautious of using screws which may otherwise penetrate through the other side of the board.

Ensure that they remain inside the shelving unit.

If they do not, this could make for some painful accidents or an unappealing shelf.

Step 8. Clean Up

Now it is time to clean up, if you used a sheet to catch any debris, you were wise, otherwise you will need to get out the vacuum and start picking up all the debris from the wall.

To Conclude

It is super easy to put a shelf together and shouldn’t take up much time.

If anything the hardest part is simply choosing what shelf and brackets you want and then the process of measuring it out so that it is perfectly level.

Aside from this, the process is super easy and can be done without any assistance. Of course, it can help to have a spare pair of hands for the measuring part, though. 




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