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How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number?

How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number?

How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number?

Moen has become a household name since its inception in 1937. The company was founded by Al Moen who wanted to create a better way to deliver hot water to his family.

The story goes that Al was washing his hands in an old-fashioned two-handle faucet when he burned himself when the hot water burst out of the faucet. 

And thus Moen was born, bringing intelligent designs and high quality plumbing fixtures with it.

He started with a single faucet and then expanded into other plumbing fixtures. Today, Moen offers over 3,500 models of faucets and shower heads. Moen is known for their superior design and craftsmanship. They are also known for their lifetime warranty on all products.

In this article, we’ll be looking at how you can find your moen faucet model number.

How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number?

There are a number of ways to locate your Moen faucet model number. 

If you've kept the original packaging the faucet came in, then the exact model number will be on the box or on the installation instruction sheet. 

However, if you can't get your hands on your original packaging, there's a chance you can still identify your faucet. 

On nearly all Moen faucets, a general family series number can be found embezzled on the back of the spout. This usually starts with the letter M followed by a series of numbers. On some models, there might be a decorative ring at the base of the spout with the series number on it. 

This family series number isn't the same as an exact model number. However, it is useful when cross-referenced with images of your faucet on the Moen website

I Still Cannot Find The Model Number, What Should I Do? 

I Still Cannot Find The Model Number, What Should I Do?

Model numbers, especially for older or discontinued Moen faucets, may prove more difficult to find. In these instances, you might need to contact Moen directly.

A representative from Moen should be able to identify your faucet if you send them a picture of it. With the picture, they might be able to determine which faucet you own and send you the right links for purchasing replacement parts. 

Why Might You Need Your Faucet Number? 

You might need your Moen faucet model number for a number of reasons. 

When you visit the Moen website, you may need your model number to identify your system specifications. 

You will also need your faucet model number in order to check the warranty status of the product. When contacting Moen customer services, you'll most likely be asked to quote your model number in order to confirm its specifications and warranty. 

You'll also need your Moen faucet number if you need to purchase replacement parts, such as gaskets or the faucet cartridge. 

What Is A Moen Faucet?

What Is A Moen Faucet?

Moen has been making great improvements to their products over the years. Their product line includes both kitchen and bathroom faucets, as well as bathtubs and showers.

They offer many styles including traditional, contemporary, transitional, modern, and more.

What Are The Different Types Of Moen Faucets?

There are three main types of Moen faucets: Single Handle, Double Handle, and Pull Down.

Single Handles are classic and come in many finishes like brushed nickel, chrome, brass, white, black, and even green.

Double handles are similar to single handle faucets, but have two handles instead of one. This type of faucet comes in various finishes like brushed nickel, stainless steel, chrome, brass, and white.

Pull down faucets are another common style found in kitchens and bathrooms. These pull down faucets can be used in either a left or right-hand operation.

What Are Some Features To Look For In A Moen Faucet?

When shopping for a new Moen faucet, you should look at some of these features:

1) Lever Handle - Lever handles are very easy to use and provide excellent control.

2) Single or Double Spout - You can choose from single spouts or double spouts.

3) Pull Down Rests - This feature allows you to pull down on the handle to turn off the water flow.

4) Temperature Control - Most Moen faucets have temperature controls, so you can adjust your water flow based on how hot or cold you want it.

5) Anti-Leakage System - Many Moen faucets include anti-leakage systems, which help prevent leaks.

6) Spray Arm - These arms allow you to spray directly onto surfaces such as walls and countertops.

7) WaterSense Certified - If you care about saving energy, this is a good option.

8) Low Flow Technology - This technology helps reduce the amount of water used per flush.

9) Overflow Hole - An overflow hole is located near the bottom of the sink to ensure there is enough room for any waste to drain away.

10) Pressure Balance Valve - This valve ensures that the water pressure remains consistent throughout the entire system.

Summing Up 

Moen faucets offer high quality products at affordable prices. They're available in many styles, including lever handles, pull down rests, and even low flow models.

The best ways to find your Moen faucet model number is either on the original packaging the product came in or by checking the faucet itself for a family series number.

If neither method works out, you might have to contact Moen directly for assistance.



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