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Golden Vantage Range Hoods Reviews

Golden Vantage Range Hoods Reviews: Our Top 3 Choices For Different Kitchen Setups

Golden Vantage Range Hoods Reviews

We all want top-of-the-line range hoods, right? 

But the price isn’t always in our best favor. And sometimes, what we need is a solid range hood that allows us to save in the long run and keep our kitchen odor-free

And that’s where Golden Vantage comes in. In our Golden Vantage range hoods reviews, you’ll see our top choices for three different kitchen setups

1. Golden Vantage Black Painted Stainless Steel with Touch Panel and LED lights (36 in.): Best Wall Mount Range Hood

Golden Vantage Black Painted Stainless Steel with Touch Panel and LED lights (36 in.)

If you have a medium-sized kitchen and a higher ceiling, this Golden Vantage black painted stainless steel wall mount range hood might float your boat. It has the style to match a chef’s kitchen and covers a larger area!

It’s ideal for different types of cooking given its three fan settings. It’s also easy to clean with its two mesh filters!

The downside is the chimney has to be purchased separately. It may not have a remote control, but its touch panel makes up for it! 


  • Professional design
  • Potent, yet silent, motor
  • Adjustable fan speeds
  • Covers larger cooking area
  • Two mesh filters


  • Additional chimney purchased separately
  • No remote control

2.  Golden Vantage GV-R01-75 30" Stainless Steel With Baffle Filter: Best Under Cabinet Mount Range Hood

Golden Vantage GV-R01-75 30" Stainless Steel With Baffle Filter

If your kitchen has limited space, the Golden Vantage GV-R01-75 is for you! Not only is it sleek and compact, but it also packs a lot of power (343 CFM).

It’s silent (65 dB) and easy to use and maintain. Keeping your cooking area clean is so much easier and it doesn’t need a lot of room.

Installation can be difficult though. Asking for help might do you good! 


  • Stylish
  • Powerful
  • Operates quietly
  • Remote controls
  • Mesh filter


  • Difficult installation
  • Has to be hardwired

3. Golden Vantage 36" Stainless Steel With Tempered Glass, Dual Touch Control, and Carbon Filters: Best Island Mount Range Hood

Golden Vantage 36" Stainless Steel With Tempered Glass, Dual Touch Control, and Carbon Filters

If your kitchen has a lot of furniture, adding a range hood might make it look stuffed and suffocating. 

But the good news is, there’s a range hood that won’t add up to the space in your kitchen. In fact, your kitchen will still appear roomy. 

This Golden Vantage 36" stainless steel island mount range hood easily helps keep your cooking space cleaner than ever. 

It has a powerful and silent motor, but what makes it impressive is its durability compared to other Golden Vantage models.

It’s made from strong materials and its carbon filters are dishwasher-safe too. Cleaning and maintaining this piece of equipment is a breeze!

The luxurious design adds to its overall utility and can spruce up any kitchen.

Just take note of its weight and electricity consumption. It makes installation challenging and your electric bill might take a hit.


  • Luxurious aesthetic
  • Dishwasher-safe filters
  • Sturdily built
  • Strong and quiet motor
  • Covers large area


  • Heavy
  • Consumes more electricity

Choosing Your Golden Vantage Range Hood: Key Considerations

Kitchen Setup

Getting the right Golden Vantage range hood is highly dependent on your kitchen setup. Just remember these three points:

  • Under-cabinet range hoods are for smaller kitchens. It occupies less space and works well with smaller stoves or appliances.
  • A wall mount range hood is great for mid-size kitchens. It’s ideal for larger stoves and can cover appliances close to it.
  • Island mount range hoods are for larger kitchens with islands. It easily keeps your island tidy. Just make sure it’s wider than the surface you use for cooking!

Motor Power and Durability

You’ll need a powerful range hood, but what’s most important is you can use it long-term. Make sure you get a sturdy one that can withstand heavy usage.

Motor Power and Durability

Pro Tip: Gauge your range hood’s expected life through its warranty. A three-year warranty shows that the maker is confident that it will last for at least three years.

Motor Noise

Having a noisy range hood can ruin the whole experience of owning one. Luckily, Golden Vantage tells you how much noise each range hood makes (in decibels). Less noise is always better!

Lamp and Touch Panel

Proper lighting and ease of use are also important. Choose a model with a good number of LED lights [1] and a digital control panel. Some more user-friendly range hoods can even be controlled via remote.


Finding a Golden Vantage range hood that fits your kitchen takes some time and consideration. Just use what we’ve shown you as a guide and you’re good to go!

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