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Top Fotile Range Hood Reviews (2023)

By Annie & Oak Farmhouse Sinks September 28, 2021 0 comments

Top Fotile Range Hood Reviews

Tired of that greasy smell escaping your kitchen and into your bedroom? Can’t have a decent conversation because of how loud your range hood is? 

Or how about feeling skeptical whether your range hood actually sucks all the odor it’s supposed to? 

Fotile is the all-around range hood that will change your cooking game. The best part? Installation isn’t a hassle! And we’ve got 3 of the best Fotile range hoods for you today. 

3 Best Fotile Range Hoods

1. Fotile EMS9018 Perimeter Vent Series (Best Overall) 

Fotile EMS9018 Perimeter Vent Series

If you’re on the look for a 36-inch wall mount range hood, say hello to the Fotile EMS9018. It’s not just the CFM value that’s impressive, but also its ability to adjust to the environment  — all to extract fumes up to the maximum level.

You’ll love it even more when you see the rest of its features:



  • 900 max CFM
  • 2 speed settings
  • Auto-turbo function
  • Delay off function
  • LED lights
  • Capture shield technology
  • Intelligent Auto Turbo System
  • 2-min delay shutoff
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Covers 7.2ft ² of cooking area 


      Yes, you're seeing that right. This one spectacular machine is highly intelligent. 

      It can operate automatically as you wish. EMS9018 adjusts its air-absorbing capability depending on the amount of smoke it detects. 

      This kitchen range hood can actually run a maximum of 900 CFM. 

      Adding to that, the Capture Shield Technology will actively absorb fumes as well — making it ideal for heavy-duty cooking.

      Not to mention it’s the most capable unit to cover a large cooking area here! And take note, it features a delay function too that removes remaining smokes even after you’re done cooking.


      • Automatic
      • Self-adjusting
      • Covers a large cooking area
      • Delay function


      • Expensive

      2. Fotile JQG7505 Slant Vent Series (Best Value) 

      Fotile JQG7505 Slant Vent Series

      For 30-inch Under Cabinet and Wall Mount Range Hood

      Fotile JQG7505 offers the HIGHEST CFM and it’s no wonder why it’s the best value among all. But it's not only what everyone loves about this.

      You’ll see more reasons down below.



      • 1000 max CFM 
      • Motion activation
      • Dual DC motors
      • Stir-fry mode
      • 38dB min. noise level
      • Close proximity to the cooking surface
      • Covers 6ft² of cooking area 
      • 2-minute delay shutoff
      • Touchscreen with 4 Speed Level
      • Onyx black glass
      • Side draft design


      Aside from having 1000 max CFM, JQG7505's other distinct feature is its motion activation. 

      There's no need for you to touch and tinker with buttons you don’t understand. Just wave your hands in a particular motion and it will automatically become your partner in crime against odor

      It also provides a stir-fry mode for boosted suction power and effective dirty air removal.

      It is a sweet deal if you're looking for a less pricey range hood that's ideal for large kitchens.


      • Stir-fry mode
      • Motion activation
      • Delay function


      • LED lights sometimes die

      3. Fotile JQG7501.G Slant Vent Series (Best Budget) 

      Fotile JQG7501.G Slant Vent Series

      For 30-inch Under Cabinet and Wall Mount Range Hood

      The last on our list is another Slant Vent Series — Fotile JQG7501.G

      It is the third most sold Fotile range hood. And it's the best value here for giving you so many useful features for only the cheapest price of all.



      • 850 max CFM
      • Close proximity to the cooking surface 
      • 90° automatic open capture shield
      • Covers 6ft² of cooking area
      • Dual AC motors
      • 2-min delay shutoff
      • Screen lock function
      • Unique side-draft design 
      • LED lights
      • Silver grey tempered glass surface

      850 CFM [1] is an average rating for all Fotile range hoods. It's not that high compared to the other two. But it still absorbs smoke and grease without disappointment! 

      That’s all thanks to the WhisPower System that carries out the Venturi effect. And partnering it with Dual AC centrifugal motors makes it even more powerful

      We don't even have to mention that it's close to the cooktop, right? This makes it possible for the machine to devour fumes more efficiently.

      JQG7501.G also gives you an option to lock the screen so you wouldn't accidentally turn it on when you are cleaning it.


      • Effective smoke and grease extraction
      • Delay function
      • Easy cleaning


      • Average CFM 


      If you're going to have our experts choose the best range hood, it will obviously be the EMS9018 Perimeter Vent Series. 

      It gives you the freedom to cook without worrying much about the right settings, owing to its amazing self-adjusting system. 


      Fotile EMS9018 Perimeter Vent Series

      We would also love to pick the JQG7505 Slant Vent Series as the runner-up. 

      It is awfully convenient to use as well since you won't have to touch anything to make it run, not to mention, its powerful 1000 CFM too!

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