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Fotile 30” JQG7501 Review

Fotile 30” JQG7501 Review (2023): Sleek, Powerful, and Convenient

Fotile 30” JQG7501 Review

The Fotile 30” JQG7501 range hood features a more unique design. You may wonder if opting for something innovative like this will be worth the money, or if you will be left disappointed. Our experts are here to answer that question after hours of thorough testing of the JQG7501 to make sure your hard-earned cash is not wasted. 



Fotile 30” JQG7501




  • Comes in 3 colors
  • LED lights
  • 98% odor reduction
  • Grease and fume separation
  • Large coverage
  • Touchscreen control
  • Quiet operation
  • Dual motors
  • Intelligent functions
  • Display screen lock
  • Offers professional installation services
  • 3-speed settings




  • Not for islands
  • The surface needs wiping down more often



The Fotile 30” JQG7501 is an under-cabinet or wall-mounted range hood that has a unique design. Instead of just sitting over your range like an awning, it has a slanted design that some love, but some may not.




It features a side-draft design, which looks great with an automatic baffle that angles at 90-degrees when your unit is turned on. It’s a very large model that offers great coverage and comes in three different colors of your choice.

Fotile 30” JQG7501 Features

Suction Power

For those who dabble in heavy cooking like some of our team members, our Fotile 30” JQG7501 review shows that the suction power from dual motors can more than hold its own against heavy grease and fumes. With a 380 pa velocity, even heavy-duty frying is no match for the range hood’s system. 

The centrifugal fan system effectively eliminates odors and oil with a very quiet operation for such a large unit.

Speed Settings

There are three speed settings depending on how much suction you need. No matter which speed you pick, the unit features delay settings which will make sure nothing lingers after cooking. Our team members were surprised upon entering the kitchen and realizing there were no residual odors.

Noise Level

As said, for such a large unit the JQG7501 is a very quiet machine. It operated like a silent bodyguard, protecting your kitchen from oil, grease and fumes. Even though it’s so powerful, even at the highest setting you can still carry a conversation with those in the same room.


Noise Level


Depending on the setting you pick, the noise level measures in at 39 to 54 dB [1] and 2.64 sones.

Touchscreen Display and Controls

The touchscreen display and controls are very intuitive and intelligent. Your unit features a lock screen function so you won’t accidentally change the settings, although some of our team wishes there was a larger numerical display.

Delay Shut-Off

One of the intelligent features you can access via the touchscreen is the delay shutoff. This is the feature you can thank for absolutely no residual odors or fumes. The unit detects leftover fumes and stays on until it rids your kitchen of everything, so you don’t have to do it manually.

LED Lights

The LED lights, which are a very common feature in range hoods now, will illuminate your cooking space which is very handy.


LED Lights


The LED lights can also prove the effectiveness of the Fotile 30” JQG7501. It makes everything so clear you can really see all the smoke and fumes being sucked into the unit.

Ease of Installation 

The installation process may depend on how savvy you are, but not to worry because our experts say Fotile offers professional installation services. Since the JQG7501 has a special design, not every handyman understands how to do it, so we recommend going with the brand’s service.


The device rids your kitchen of undesirable fumes and oil, but how do you clean it to make sure it continues to be this effective? All the oil and fumes are separated, which means the oil eventually leaks down into the oversized oil cup. 

The cup is easily removed for cleaning as is the filter and the surface of the range hood wipes down easily regardless of the color you choose.

Review Conclusion: Fotile 30” JQG7501


Fotile 30” JQG7501


After very thorough Fotile 30” JQG7501 reviews, our team was very impressed with the unit. The suction power was extremely powerful yet the range hood still remained quiet. It’s easy to maintain with a lot of smart features to make it very user-friendly. Just remember to wipe down the surface and clean the oil cup whenever necessary. 

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