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What are the Best Farmhouse Porch Ideas?

What are the Best Farmhouse Porch Ideas? Decor for Modern Homes (2023)

What are the Best Farmhouse Porch Ideas?

Ready for some Instagram-worthy farmhouse-style porch ideas?

For any modern farmhouse home, you'll love these 10 decors we carefully handpicked to turn your porch into a cozy place as comfortable as your living room.


Let's dive in!

Best Farmhouse Porch Ideas

1. Rustic Plant Decor

Rustic Plant Decor

Rustic plant porch decor is one of our favorite farmhouse porch decor ideas.

Just look at those cute-green babies rocking your porch space. A scientific benefit from all of this?

All these plants circulate much better oxygen whenever you're outdoors. Perhaps now is the time to grow your collection of plants, flowers, and ferns.

It's hard to argue the RICH LIFE and cuteness these mother-earth decors can give to your farmhouse porch.

2. Repurposed Wood for Benches

Repurposed Wood for Benches

Well now.

Repurposed wood or furniture does have its appeal with farmhouse-style porch decorating ideas.

Maybe it's more of a pops thing than a mamas thing?

Either way, this rustic bench is a porch decoration you can easily add to your list of farmhouse-style porch decorating ideas with a minimum budget.

3. Bird Decor

Bird Decor

We're not saying you have to ACTUALLY raise birds to have one.

But when you think about it, bird decor can match the season of today - whether that's fall, autumn, or spring.

Not so much with winter though.

Maybe add in some flowers here and there and even a small wreath to give it some extra shine and love for your space. Then, you're all set!

4. Personalized Porch Sign/Rules

Personalized Porch Sign/Rules

Wall art or personalized signboards wasn't exactly at the top of our list for best farmhouse-style porch decorating ideas.

But if you must know, seeing it on our farmhouse front porch made all the difference in our front porch space.

It might help to go for a color scheme within neutral colors like black, white, cream, etc.

That's because neutral colors snugly fit into your front porch space without making it look UPTIGHT.

5. Porch Swing Bed

Porch Swing Bed

Ahhh yes.

Don't you just love the accents of this idea? If you invest in a great design and amazing fabric, you might as well just sleep on your front porch every day!

Porch swings might take a little more than simply buying it considering the labor of installing one.

But hey!

Can you really say that a porch swing is a terrible farmhouse-style porch decorating idea? Not at all!

In fact, just look at how it beautifies your home! It's a sign that you're reading this now to get one!

6. Cozy Seating/Bench

Cozy Seating/Bench

Which among the two images below do you prefer?

Personally, we had a hard time deciding which farmhouse-style porch decorating idea looked best. And then we thought...why not just show you both to give you more options!

You might have thought...rocking chair? Wicker chair? Or even Rattan chair?

However, rocking chairs are pretty much everywhere in the design world. So instead of rocking chairs, why not go with something unique, simple, and elegant, right?

Side note: We prefer the second one better. 

7. Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary Lighting

Porches cannot thrive on just furniture, chairs, and other aesthetics like a wreath or a personalized sign, for example, for your front porch to FEEL whole.

That's why ambiance is more than just adding light or farmhouse decor to your front porch space.

Ambiance isn't just color. It's MOSTLY emotion.

The right ambiance draws out emotional reactions from anyone who enters your home or place. A blue color gives a relaxing sensation while the color red is vibrant and perfect for loud, social sensations.

Throw in two of these on your porch and you're good to go!

8. Rug


Unless you want your space or wood flooring to just lay bare, you probably don't need a rug.

Then again, it's a simple farmhouse-style porch decorating idea that won't even cost you $10!

If you plan to add chairs and other furniture, you could use a rug to act as the magic carpet that holds them all together.

9. Modern Coffee Table

Modern Coffee Table

It's not just an ordinary side table.

A well-designed table is enough to give you inspiration and enjoy weekend afternoons or weekday evenings for some quality time.

Maybe even, start that book you planned to read all those months back.

10. Floor Cushions

Floor Cushions

This farmhouse-style idea was originally a balcony design we just happened to stumble on.

We immediately took that as a sign and even added in some throw pillows for some extra coziness and comfort to our house.

Picking Farmhouse Porch Ideas

An idea is simply a door to another world of endless possibilities. So before you jump the fence and open your door of farmhouse porch ideas, hear us out for a bit.

Design and Style

Tis' definitely the season to mix and match, friends.

Design and style are always subjective, but generally, a piece of advice we can offer is: match the style of your farmhouse porch ideas with the setting of your home. [1]

For instance, if your door has a rustic, brown color, don't just slab green and pink. Balance the tones out.

Decide early on if you want a minimalist or country-contemporary setup. Or maybe you want a style that's unique and vibrant?

Size of Porch

Size will tell you how much you can ACTUALLY add to your home from the flowers or greenery down to additional tables, a stand-alone wood door, or even watering cans for simple decoration.

Whatever farmhouse style that may be, consider the size of your porch first and adjust based on what you can add without making it look like an open warehouse full of "stuff."

Materials Available

Before you bust open your country collection of farmhouse style designs, take a step back and consider...

Will any of these new items require additional materials to install or source locally? If you find that there are too many constraints or limits, don't give up!

You can still have that awesome modern country-contemporary style you always envisioned. You just need to realign a few things. That's all.


Finally, budget.

We've seen many get over-enthusiastic with all the farmhouse porch ideas they had. Only to find out in the end it was WAY OVER budget.

Take "reading this article" as a sign to consider your budget ALWAYS. Even if it means you're buying a new door sign, wreath, or a simple rug.

It's usually the smaller items or prices that we overlook and hack-slash us the hardest.


And there you have it, folks!

Just to note, we didn't rank any of these in order. If you felt a personalized wall art or sign inspired you the most, go for it!

If a porch swing grabbed your attention the hardest, go for it too! Use all the info here to your advantage!

Happy designing!

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