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What are the Best Farmhouse Living Room Ideas?

What are the Best Farmhouse Living Room Ideas? Rustic Living in a Modern Home (2023)

What are the Best Farmhouse Living Room Ideas?

Today's farmhouse style has been modernized to make rustic look chic, and comfort feel luxurious.

With a home design that brings the concept of the past onto a timeless setting, farmhouse design has never been this on demand before.

We're here to guide you through this ever-emerging decorating style to give you inspiration for the repurposing of your family room!

Best Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Harmonizing country and modern together, farmhouse style has never gotten this big before.

As the world seems to pace faster as time goes by, the more people start to appreciate the beauty of entering a home that greets and engulfs in you in a warm hug -- us, included!

That situation may be a bit too specific, but that really is simply the farmhouse effect. It's warm, cozy, and everything that you'd want in a home.

The question is, how do we adjust farmhouse living to fit modern times [1]?

Curious enough?

Here are 10 of the best farmhouse living room ideas for your consideration!

1. Natural Light

Natural Light

The best technique to make your farmhouse living room feel new is maximizing your natural light.

Your farmhouse living room doesn't always have to be confined to the four walls of your home. Let the room breathe!

With the room's wide windows, you would have expected a minimalistic pattern that accentuates the height of the room.

Yet, its open concept living room seemingly does the trick by simply embracing its wideness. And by doing so, the family space feels all the more inviting and not at all overwhelming.

The room's fireplace, wooden motif, and classic look make the room feel rustic even in a modern setting!

By opening up the interior and letting natural light into the space, the otherwise average-looking living room feels effortlessly elevated. It's exactly what rustic comfort and luxury in a room should be!

2. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood

A rustic farmhouse living room involves the restoration of old materials such as reclaimed wood.

The material fills the interior with a variety of textures. From its vintage furnishings to the corrugated roofings, the wooden motif, and the wooden planked floor, this room is a classic farmhouse space.

A home with this specific decorating style elevates vintage and incorporates it nicely into the farmhouse living room concept.

Not to mention, the plaster fireplace and the television setup are meant to remind you that you were simply not brought back in time.

No, because you couldn't have been. You've just been farmhouse living!

3. Monochromatic Theme

Monochromatic Theme

A splash of colors may simply not work for you. When faced with such a dilemma, remember that you can never go wrong with a simple palette

By using a monochromatic theme, your farmhouse living room is elevated into a sophisticated, contemporary, and still comfortable room.

All while still sporting that rustic and natural look! How about that?!

Monochromatic may not just be limited to a simple shade.

Feel free to play around with a monochromatic palette inspired by it. When that proves to be useful, try accentuating a coffee table or another element just to spice up your living room.

4. Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Warmth, coziness, and comfort -- these are words that remind us of Fall season. And if farmhouse style is about anything at all, then it's all that and more.

Your farmhouse living room should welcome you and make you feel at home. And following a color palette like that of Fall season is one of the best ways to do that.

With the brick fireplace, the domination of orange and warm colors in the room, and the carpet contrasting the white furniture, this is farmhouse at its peak.

If you feel like wanting to decorate your room with accents, the fastest way to do that would be the inclusion of throw pillows.

This room makes use of this advice well because by emphasizing the Fall scheme, the simple living room is elevated to a respectable farmhouse living room.

5. Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Now, how about we bring the inside to the outside?

If you have a patio spacious enough to receive people, try turning it into another farmhouse living room!

Following the same ideas of coziness and sophistication, outdoor furniture like the one in this room is usually used.

Rattan furniture, the jute rug, the plants, and the earthy colors. Really, how can you get more farmhouse than this?

6. Shiplap Paneling

Shiplap Paneling

Wood is a classic farmhouse decor. And one technique to incorporate this in new homes is through shiplap paneling.

Shiplap is siding wooden planks alongside each other. This room uses the horizontal shiplap really well, but you may freely experiment with these furnishings by styling them vertically or diagonally, too!

Using shiplap emphasizes the length of your farmhouse living room. Those lines from the shiplap overlaps can make the interior extend farther than it can.

Through this, small spaces may look and feel larger than they actually are. Likewise, shiplap done properly can serve as the actual decor for already wide and tall rooms.

Remember: there's beauty in white spaces. What's important is how you arrange the lines and elements of your pieces and accents together!

And if you can appreciate the decorations better, you would see that the addition of differently shaped frames is a brilliant way to act in contrast with the shiplap. So really, just try experimenting with your ideas for home decor!

7. Barn Doors

Barn Doors

For that traditional farm feeling, try to use barn doors!

Not only do they look great, but they also serve the purpose of being a space saver for smaller rooms. Acting as a partition between two spaces, barn doors act as accents in their own rights.

In the spirit of styling a farmhouse living room, barn doors are usually refinished and refurbished wood that provide a warmth to the often concrete elements of a modern home.

You may also design your door such that it goes along with the color scheme of the room, almost as if it's an accent wall.

8. Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby chic can give your farmhouse living room those cottage feels you've been looking for.

With furniture and furnishings chosen especially for their appearance of age, showing the signs of wear and tear are ways to give your home that farmhouse flair.

In the farmhouse style spectrum, a cottage could be in the middle of country and modern, but could also be at the extreme end of comfort. Think: earthy and rustic.

You want shabby chic?

Well, here you have it with the knitted rugs, the fabric-covered couches, the home decor, the brick fireplace, and just the cramped up space of the room.

9. Vintage Decor

Vintage Decor

Following shabby chic, we bring you the vibe that feels more antique than it is cottage.

With the use of vintage home decor, your living room brings back materials that can make your home look more back at the past. Despite this, these furnishings are all still in the spirit of farmhouse!

The rooms of your homes are not limited to just one concept only.

A farmhouse living room is especially flexible to adapt to the concept you would want to design your space in; however rustic or modern it may be.

By decorating your living room with vintage furniture, vintage tabletops, an eye-catching coffee table, and incorporating accents in the form of fine china, you are able to incorporate the farmhouse style into your homes.

10. White Walls

White Walls

The white motif is the easiest and most classic style you can go for to achieve that farmhouse living room look!

With white walls, you present your living room as simple and sophisticated at the same time. It is a classic look that can go with any and all ideas.

The use of neutral walls brightens up your space even without natural light.

But perhaps what's more commendable with this flexible style is how it's able to emphasize the various elements of your farmhouse living room.

Add a coffee table, a jute rug, plants, or even a splash of color anywhere, you're sure to have a centerpiece to go with your farmhouse.

In this sense, you can say that white walls are the perfect background if you would want to emphasize other pieces and decor more.

Picking Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Now we talk about the four factors everyone should consider when designing a farmhouse living room!

Design and Style

The living room is ideally the space that first welcomes you and your guests to your home.

So ideally, your farmhouse living room can impress everyone at first glance.

But in actuality, what use are these aesthetics if they don't give you the comfort and warmth you're supposed to feel from the farmhouse style?


  • When designing your farmhouse living room, make sure that it is representative of your personality. It's your room! Make it as personal as possible if you can.
  • And in the process of doing so, make sure you incorporate natural light as much as you can. If you really can't, consider adding lighting fixtures to keep the room well-lit.
  • More importantly, choose smartly. Be practical. Don't just buy barn doors to fit the farmhouse style, okay?

Size of Living Room

Often the room most frequented in all homes, always give your living room as much space as you possibly can.

With more floor to work with, you can...

  • Incorporate more furniture
  • Maybe add a coffee table in the middle? and;
  • Just do away with any style that you might want!

Despite this, always make sure you don't do more than you also can. Limit yourself.

If your living room simply just doesn't have much space to work with, don't worry! From the farmhouse living room ideas in this article, hopefully, you were able to pick up on these tips to give the illusion of space:

  • Use shiplap paneling - horizontal shiplap for the illusion of length, vertical shiplap for the illusion of height
  • Use a white wall - just incorporate accents to decorate the living room
  • Use a monochromatic theme - gives the illusion of harmony of elements through color

These are just some tips you can use to still get that farmhouse look despite not having space.

Remember: there will always be a way to get the style that you want.

Materials Available

Building up on the previous factor, remember to only use materials available to you!

And more than the design, some essential items to get that farmhouse style for your living room at home would include the following:

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Rugs or carpets
  • Drapes
  • Accents

Have all these and you're sure to at least have a good vision for your farmhouse living room already.

However, those really aren't set in stone. For example, you can go away with drapes for wide and open windows instead. Not only that, you can go away with rugs or carpets for tiled floors instead.

So what does that mean?

Really, farmhouse style isn't all about what materials you have. It's about how you arrange these materials that make it a farmhouse.

What use are materials if you don't have a good grasp of the farmhouse style in the first place, right?


The quick answer? Just don't spend more than your limit!

If you're thinking about purchasing barn doors just for the sake of, then think again. Always consider the design of your house, the size of your house, and the materials available to you.

But if you can't afford it, think again.

There will always be alternatives, you just have to be creative about them!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you style a farmhouse living room?

Once you finally get the vision behind farmhouse living rooms, it becomes easier to distinguish the elements that make your living room farmhouse. Some of these include:

  • Natural light
  • Reclaimed wood
  • A fitting color scheme
  • Comforting furniture
  • White wall

Now, these are just among the usual elements. If anything, farmhouse style is ever-changing and unique to a person.

Again, the farmhouse style is more about the lifestyle and feelings it wants to evoke from people.

  • If you want a more traditional farm feel, then sure! That's still farmhouse style.
  • A cottage and vintage feel? Yup, that's still farmhouse style.
  • Or a modern room with high and wide windows? Definitely can still be farmhouse style.

That said, in actuality, the requirements to achieve a farmhouse living room are simple: the space for the room, a couch, and a table.

Really, it's just a place that you decorate with a concept that in one form or another would scream home.


Farmhouse living rooms have been becoming popular aesthetic inspirations in recent times.

The beauty of which lies in how personal it is. Farmhouse gives everyone the freedom to interpret what warmth, coziness, and home is for them.

So when you're thinking about finally renovating your living room, consider all of the tips and ideas that have been said in this article.

Inspired by these farmhouse decor ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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