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What are the Best Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas?

What are the Best Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas? For Small, Big, Modern Homes (2023)

What are the Best Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas?

Cozy, warm, and everything homey -- that's what farmhouse is all about.

From the restoration of old furniture to the cohesion of otherwise contrasting design elements, we bring the unpretentious and effortless styling of a farmhouse kitchen right to your doorstep!

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Farmhouse kitchen design involves the balance between country and modern.

It is country in the sense that inspiration is derived from nature like wood. The modern aspect comes from the fact that it has a sleek aesthetic farmhouse vibe.

Now, here comes the exciting part!

You can achieve a modern farmhouse kitchen by introducing new furniture to your kitchen space.

At the same time, the feeling of coziness may also come tenfold with the restoration of old materials [1]. Think: reclaimed wood, painted cabinets, and mounted shelves.

Do you finally get the idea?

Here are 5 of the best design ideas for your kitchen inspiration at home!

1. The Classic Farm Island

The Classic Farm Island

You can't go any more farmhouse than this.

With its white base for its cabinetry that makes the wood from the tabletop, bench, and floor stand out, this image is what comes to mind when you're looking for a modern farmhouse kitchen.

The square island also makes the kitchen especially easy to navigate: it's not too wide to be distracting.

And more than a cooking space, the presence of an island in the kitchen can also make the room serve as both your dining and guests' receiving area.

2. The Farm Tabletop

The Farm Tabletop

Customizing your countertops is one way of making your farmhouse kitchen your own! So make some room for a beautiful marble countertop for a dash of elegance!

Marble countertops are great choices because not only do they look elegant, but they are easy to clean, too.

As your farmhouse table, a decorated tabletop can serve as the highlight of your kitchen.

3. The Farmhouse Cabinetry and Shelving

The Farmhouse Cabinetry and Shelving

A farmhouse kitchen isn't complete without proper cabinetry.

Farmhouse kitchen cabinets typically occupy and span across the entire kitchen. This creates the illusion (and actual usage) of wide space and storage.

Likewise, these cabinets are among the most customizable elements inside your kitchen. By playing with a vibrant color palette, you give more life to your room!

Just make sure never to lose sight of the white or rustic motif. You have to keep the country in your farmhouse kitchen.

But more than this, shelving is also another essential. Adding shelves is one way of making your kitchen more dynamic and easily accessible!

Again, you may freely decorate these shelves with a different shade or color from your cabinets.

4. The Farmhouse Sink

The Farmhouse Sink

You may maximize your kitchen by incorporating an apron sink on the island.

Contrasted with subway tiles, the sink is an accessory that is normally overlooked in the kitchen.

When in actuality, this is a farmhouse staple meant to accentuate the tabletop because of its inherent wideness.

Needless to say, this specific blue and gold motif gives off the right amount of cozy farmhouse look that we're after!

5. The Farm Roof Beams

The Farm Roof Beams

A room with ample space to boast can make use of ceiling beams. These beams fill the room with the country kitchen vibe, making the space more inviting than its bare state.

This modern farmhouse design looks especially pleasing compared to a plain color palette, often using whites and greys as base colors.

Picking Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Now we talk about the four factors everyone should consider when designing their kitchens!

Design and Style

When thinking about your farmhouse kitchen designs, you should also be mindful of their practical uses.

And if the process of choosing gets hard, just choose a design that is representative of your personality. If bright colors don't feel right for you, just don't go with it.

Lastly, remember to have some light in your room. Add some windows! Fix your light fixtures! What's your kitchen for if you can't see what you're cooking, right?

Size of Kitchen

An often overlooked factor, this is one of the things you should think about during the conceptualization of your design.

Your design should be ingenious in that:

  • You can make a small area look large, and
  • You have the ability to maximize the large area for added utility.

Basically, the size is your limit. Do not sacrifice space for style.

If you think you need that huge center island that leaves you no room to walk from the sink to the microwave, then think again.

Materials Available

Of course, this goes without saying: choose materials that are available to you!

You can always DIY some home decor, you know? So if the materials are all available, does that mean you can already incorporate them in your kitchen?


The quick answer? Just don't spend more than you can.

If you're thinking about purchasing furniture or decor because they fit the style of your house, the size of your house, and the materials available to you, but you can't afford it, then think again.

Look for alternatives! Try a new layout for your design! Rearrange your home area!

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to get your desired kitchen for much less.

Your budget is your threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make My Kitchen Look Farmhouse?

Once you finally get the vision behind farmhouse kitchens, it becomes easier to distinguish the elements that make your kitchen farmhouse. Some of these include:

  • The splashing of the color white around your kitchen.
  • The incorporation of wood, marble, or soapstone countertops.
  • The addition of:
  • a nice and wide sink
  • proper shelving and cabinetry
  • wood floor
  • exposed beams
  • a kitchen island or table
  • The addition of decorations to unify all elements.

You might also notice that appliances are creatively tucked in the layout of farmhouse kitchens. This is a smart way to maximize space around the house.

These stainless steel appliances also create color and textural contrast in the room visually.

What Makes a Kitchen Farmhouse Style?

The style effectively incorporates country and rustic with modern and sleek.

It is a reimagining of a simple lifestyle more than it is a design

That said, the layout of it all should be fairly simple: you have a kitchen top, an island, or a center table.

Your natural element acts as your motif—the perfect design of balance between country and modern.


More than the aesthetics, the beauty of farmhouse style is that it feels personal. It feels like home. It feels like you.

So when you're thinking about finally renovating your kitchen, consider everything that has been said in this article.

Inspired by these farmhouse kitchen ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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