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What are the Best Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas?

What are the Best Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas? Remodel for a Country Aesthetic (2023)

What are the Best Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas?

Nothing says ‘home’ more than a comfortable, warm bedroom that makes you feel like you’re sitting in the countryside.

Though it does sound homey, the farmhouse aesthetic is more than just an eclectic mix of loved-up decor.

Let's step up and do more than that with these gorgeous ideas!

Read on to find out about how to best remodel your bedroom for that country aesthetic.

Best Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

1. Installing a Fireplace

Installing a Fireplace

Aside from being the other focal point of your bedroom, besides your bed, a hearth sets the tone for making your bedroom feel extra cozy.

In case you don't have an actual one in your bedroom- fear not!

There are several places that sell all types of faux fireplaces. Since they're fake, you don't have to worry about having a chimney or fussing with ashes and smoke.

To help you on your search for the perfect faux hearth, this article has a fantastic roundup of models that will fit any kind of farmhouse bedroom.

2. Mixing Old and New

Mixing Old and New

A farmhouse-style room doesn't mean you have to stick to vintage bedroom decor for all sections of your space.

In fact, the modern farmhouse vibe embraces the blend of old and new items to give it that feeling of someone who's lived in it all their life.

This approach is a great way to DIY many things around your house you might have considered throwing away- like wooden shutter windows that would make for fun wall-art or even a sign board.

In this DIY post, a ladder was constructed from some lumber posts and stain to enhance the texture. 

Hang an old throw and some fake plants lying around, and voila! The perfect rustic piece of farmhouse bedroom decor.

3. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood

Aside from being an environmentally-friendly choice, using reclaimed lumber gives off a certain charm that only farmhouse decor can.

It also connects your bedroom to the natural world and tells its own story through the grain and color of the planks.

Use reclaimed lumber as a DIY headboard for your bed, a barn door, or even a funky side table for that farmhouse character.

There are a million ways to repurpose reclaimed planks into fixtures for your bedroom, and Pinterest is a wellspring of all kinds of farmhouse bedroom pegs and other home decor ideas.

4. Shiplap Paneling

Shiplap Paneling

There's no better way to bring a farmhouse vibe indoors than with shiplap paneling.

Originally designed as a barn-wood type of sheathing for the construction of sheds, shiplap panels give a wonderful homespun yet defined appearance to your bedroom walls.

Shiplap paneling is available in plenty of home depot stores, but in case you want to save some money and go the DIY route, check out this guide on how to use thin plywood strips to approximate the look!

5. Four-Poster Beds

Four-Poster Beds

A farmhouse-style bedroom just wouldn't be complete without a four-poster bed.

As the focal point of your farmhouse bedroom, a four-poster bed creates a romantic aura that harkens back to the old days.

Ahh, yes. The old days.

Whether you get a bed with a canopy or one with wrought-iron posts, a four-poster bed gives you more freedom to change up your bedroom by using different style hangings, sheets, and throws.

If you need some farmhouse bedroom inspiration, this list of four-poster bed ideas will have you running to the store for one [1].

6. White Walls

White Walls

If you browse quickly through farmhouse bedroom design ideas on the internet, you'll see that the majority of inspiration photos have white bedroom walls.

While you can definitely use whatever color to your liking, white walls with soft accent colors bring MORE LIGHT into your bedroom for a more open look.

They're also a great way to make wall-art POP!

White walls can also be used to create a "farmhouse bedroom by the sea" aesthetic.

7. Comfortable Small Armchair

Comfortable Small Armchair

Anchor your farmhouse bedroom by creating a pretty seating nook with a small and comfortable armchair.

This cozy piece of farmhouse bedroom decor is not only great for curling up with a good book but also helps tie together the whole country look.

Don't feel like you're limited to armchairs, either!

A wooden rocking chair is another great way to introduce a more farmhouse touch into your room.

8. Repainted Furniture

Repainted Furniture

Repainting furniture is a great strategy to spruce up old items into farmhouse bedroom decor.

By sanding down an antique wardrobe and giving it a new coat of paint, you can instantly transform it into something more attuned to your farmhouse style.

9. Wood Accents

Wood Accents

Wooden furnishings and accents pull together a farmhouse-style bedroom like no other.

Lumber just gives a more 'worn' touch to your bedroom, which is key to making the room feel homey and well-loved.

For example, using barn doors instead of a regular bedroom door is a great means to introduce farmhouse decor; or bringing in a bed with a wooden frame.

Throw in some wrought-iron decor and a pendant light and you have yourself a quintessential farmhouse bedroom!

10. Nature Theme

Nature Theme

What's important to remember when designing a farmhouse-style bedroom is: you want it to feel as connected to a natural habitat as possible.

Decorating with greenery or even dried flowers in recycled glass bottles is a good approach. You can even hang up art decor and wall sconces that use natural materials like cotton and hemp.

We love how this Melyssa Griffin combines both by putting up a plant in a hanging macramé planter for her bedroom!

Picking Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Design and Style

Farmhouse bedroom design ideas don't have to be limited to gingham and ruffles.

The reason why farmhouse-style decorating remains a popular interior choice is because it's so versatile!

Check out some of the most popular sub-genres of a farmhouse room.


Cottagecore or farm-core is an aesthetic inspired by the idyllic western agricultural farm life.

Since the style mainly revolves around the nurturing aspect of nature, expect to see a lot of floral-inspired decor, unfinished planks, lantern lighting, and soft fabrics.

Cottagecore is also reminiscent of French and English farmhouse bedroom decorating styles where you'll see a lot of warm colors and whimsical furnishings.


You might think of dark lumber and heavy-colored paint when you think of a Southwestern room, but today's Southwestern design is ANYTHING but.

Characterized by gentle earth tones, brightly woven fabrics, and rough plank textures, this style is an homage to laid-back desert homes.

Throw together animal prints, a tribal-print sign, and leather furniture for that Southwestern feel. Adding burnished metal pieces, like a fan, also gives a sturdier and more rustic touch to the bedroom.


A farmhouse-theme room doesn't have to be fluffy and cutesy all the time. Modern farmhouse-inspired rooms are a more minimalist take on the country's industrial side.

A modern farmhouse bedroom uses more muted-colored paint and textures to convey a sleek but serene vibe.

Simple metal and plywood furnishings is key to keeping your bedroom feeling light and airy, and Scandinavian-type decor keeps the functionality of the space.

Size of Bedroom

It's important to consider the size of your bedroom when it comes to redecorating or remodeling your living space.

Knowing the exact floor dimensions and ceiling height makes it much easier to narrow down furniture options since you'll know if it fits into your bedroom or not.

While it might be a little difficult to throw in a four-poster bed into a small bedroom, it doesn't mean you can't still have fun playing around with farmhouse bedroom ideas.

Speaking of, Architectural Digest has a few great tips to maximize the space of a smaller bedroom.

Materials Available

While you might have dream farmhouse bedroom ideas in mind, it helps to be realistic with the materials available around your area.

Though shopping online is a convenient option, it's better to be able to see materials in person so you know how they'll work in your space. This is especially true for tiles and paint color.

Having limited access to certain materials is also a good challenge for you to consider repurposing used home decor, like reclaimed lumber or antique pieces.


Coming up with the budget for remodeling your bedroom or guest bedroom is just as important as sticking to it.

To estimate the cost of your redecoration, it will help to pin down the following considerations:

  • What are your top renovation needs?
  • Which wants versus needs are you willing to compromise on?
  • Is there a design element where you can cut costs? (ex. using plywood strips instead of shiplap paneling)
  • Will this remodeling the bedrooms add more value to the house? (in case you decide to sell it in

 Also, ask around! You might have a relative or a friend or two who's had a similar renovation done. They'll also be able to give you feedback on certain contractors before you sign on the dotted line.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I decorate my bedroom country style?

To sum it all up, the easiest way to decorate your bedroom farmhouse-style is to have the following elements in play:

# 1 Layers, layers, layers

To achieve the eclectic look of a farmhouse room, it helps to layer different textures and designs together. Mix florals with gingham, lumber with metal, and a neutral palette with a pop of color.

#2 Master Organized Clutter

What really gives a farmhouse-style room that homey touch are the items you decorate with, and nothing is more welcoming than a (seemingly) random assortment of objects around the room.

Whether it's flowers on the windowsill, candles on the side table, or a stack of books on your nightstand, be as stylishly haphazard as you like. It's not supposed to be perfect!

#3 Don't Forget The Wood

Since we are talking about farmhouses and the countryside, you cannot leave out the timber elements in your farmhouse-style bedroom.

Timber gives your bedroom a connection to nature, something you want to achieve when you're cultivating a natural space where you can rest.


Remodeling your bedroom farmhouse style is a great strategy to invite even more rest and peace into your sacred living space.

That said, don’t stress too much about achieving a ‘perfect’ renovation!

Mixing home décor you have on-hand with new elements will already bring you that farmhouse look, and part of understanding countryside living is letting things flow as they go.


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