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What are the Best Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas?

What are the Best Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas? For Remodeling and Decorating (2023)

What are the Best Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas?

Looking into decorating your bathroom?

Well, we've just got the best plans to bring that plain sink and mirror of yours to life!

Best Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

1. Shiplap and Wood

Shiplap and Wood

Farmhouse bathroom? Shiplap walls are the way to go! Overload your bathroom with farmhouse spices!

We mean, what else can you expect from using the same wood material found in barns [1]? The wood around your sink vanity is all you need for a homey texture.

If you're starting out with your farmhouse bathroom design journey, let this be your first step!

2. Marble Countertop

Marble Countertop

This one's a banger for when you want a classic piece in your modern farmhouse bathroom!

Without a doubt, it completes the farmhouse bathroom setup with a flair of farmhouse charm.

You can have a white marble countertop in the middle of all the wood. Can't you just imagine how they'll contrast yet complement each other?

A white marble countertop is simply a color palette screaming warmth, country, and more!

3. Wooden Signs

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs are for those who wish to have a designer bathroom, but with a personalized ambiance!

With a little bit of work, a spark of design ideas, and a hundred fonts, you can have that life.

Have it country, rustic, modern, or just pretty. You name it! If a coffee shop aesthetic appeals to you, you know what to do!

4. Tiled Bathtub and Shower

Tiled Bathtub and Shower

Think less is more? Go for tiled walls partnered with a similar design on your bathtub and shower! This is for you if you prefer to have a farmhouse bathroom that's a bit more incorporated.

The matching walls will give your bathroom style a modern feel, but it won't go overboard.

This is also of the more flexible ideas for farmhouse bathrooms!

5. Black, White, and Gold Decor

Black, White, and Gold Decor

Everyone knows that black and white is a staple for farmhouse bathroom decor! But what if you added a bit of gold? Maybe a gold vanity in the middle of wood tones?

This farmhouse design will retain your bathroom aesthetic, but with a little space for pop!

Besides, who wants normal? We're going for noticeable!

6. Faux Flower Vase and Stand

Faux Flower Vase and Stand

You don't need a complex idea for your farmhouse bathrooms. Sometimes... you should just visit that florist across your street.

A good look on this design would be a different flower vase, perhaps a little rustic sack.

Explore the world of flowers to bring that bathroom sink and room to the life of colors!

7. Modern Farmhouse Lettered Wall Art

Modern Farmhouse Lettered Wall Art

Want a piece of yourself in that room of yours? Then...

Make wall art!

Release your adventurous style!

Customizable to fit the needs of your home, so no worries about room here. They partner well with simple wood beams for walls, too!

8. Bathroom Vanity Design

Bathroom Vanity Design

Modernize your farmhouse bathroom with a bathroom wood vanity design!

Have your vanity set with white walls and floor tiles, and partner with your wood dresser, cabinets, and even window frames!

If done right, your bathroom vanity set could easily complete your bathroom space.

And who could ever forget adding a wire basket? The perfect storage piece for whatever you need on your bathroom sink!

9. Wooden Floating Bathroom Storage Shelf

Wooden Floating Bathroom Storage Shelf

The favorite of the home decor ideas in this list! Looking for a way to execute that farmhouse bathroom remodel project?

Make some space for wood shelves!

The kind design of floating shelves easily makes an impression. They're radiant wherever you put them! But even more when stained to a farmhouse style wood color.

Picking Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

There a ton of ways to personalize your farmhouse bathroom ideas, but which one is best for your favorite room?

Design and Style

Your choice of bathroom design and style is one of the most important!

Do you find floating shelves peculiar? You could always go for a ladder shelf, as that gives more of a statement!

Subway tiles, pendant lights, a barn door, a different set of bathroom lighting. There are a lot of options and you're allowed to go crazy looking at them.

What we suggest is, think of how you want your bathroom to look like; do you want it to be homey, modern, or do you want it to look different?

Then, you can mix and match decorations when you go shopping!

Size of Bathroom

While you might want to buy all the decorations for your bathroom, you can't help that there isn't enough space for them all.

That said, you also have to consider how much space you want to allocate for them.

How big should your mirror be? Do you need a wide vanity?

Bathrooms have a lot of things in it, and you have to make sure you have space for the essentials. This is why the best of ideas is to play with floor tiles, wood floors, colors, or pendant light.

Anything that doesn't take space? Go wild.

Materials Available

As you've noticed, some of the bathroom ideas are do it yourself!

If you take interest in arts and crafts and would love to see your work in your favorite room, then this is it.

There are a lot of ways on how to design wood signs. Check your attic and see if you could get started!

On the other hand, the quality of the material on your decorations is also important. Even if they look pretty, it's still best to check on their durability to be sure.


Ah, everyone's biggest hurdle in the designing journey: money.

As much as you want that wood vanity mirror, evaluate whether it's worth its price.

A good rule we advise you to follow is, can you afford 2 of them right now (without starving the next day or month)? If the answer is no, then you know what to do.

You also just want to know how much you're planning to spend on just the room and sink decorations. This way you're able to allocate enough budget for the essential parts of your bathroom!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Build a Farmhouse Bathroom?

How you build it totally differs based on your style and preferences, so go crazy!

But if you really need an answer, the general and most common aesthetic is having wood pieces; may that be the borders of your mirror, the walls surrounding your room, or the tiles below the sink.


Designing a farmhouse bathroom is the definition of fun and creative!

There are a million different possibilities which we wish we could give you for your room, but this is it for now. The rest is for you to explore!

We genuinely hope that you get to build your dream farmhouse bathroom, and be able to customize it with whatever, whenever, and wherever!

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