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Do Ductless Range Hoods Work?

Do Ductless Range Hoods Work?

Ductless range hoods are great because they don't require ductwork or vents. They also save energy and reduce noise pollution. But some homeowners worry about their effectiveness. Is it worth installing one?

A range hood is a ventilation system designed to remove smoke from cooking appliances such as stoves and ovens. The typical ventilating system consists of a fan that draws air through a filter and into the kitchen.

Ducted systems are often considered superior because they allow for better airflow and less backpressure. However, thanks to innovative work in recent years, ductless range hoods have come a long way!

To learn more about ductless range works, including how they work, their pros and cons, and how to find the perfect one for your kitchen, take a look at the information below. You'll be an expert on ductless range hoods in no time.

What Is A Ductless Range Hood?

What Is A Ductless Range Hood?

Ductless range hoods use an exhaust fan instead of ducting. This means there's no need for a plenum chamber or a ventilation system.

Instead, the fan pulls in the polluted air through a filter and then pushes out the filtered air back into the kitchen.

How Do Ductless Range Hoods Work?

A ductless range hood works by sucking up the polluted, greasy air through mesh and baffle filters. Once the air has passed through these filters, it moves through a carbon filter.

This filter works to trap dirt and neutralize strong cooking odors. Then, the clean air is pushed back into the kitchen.

Do Ductless Range Hoods Work Well?

Yes! Ductless range hoods generally work very well. They are a fantastic option for people who want clean air in their kitchen without having to go through the process of installing ventilation.

However, like all things, ductless range hoods do come with their set of downsides.

To figure out whether a ductless range hood would work well for you, check out our list of pros and cons.

Pros Of Ductless Range Hoods

First, let's look at the good stuff!

No Need for a Duct

As previously discussed, ductless range hoods don't require a duct. As such, they are great options for people who don't already have a ventilation system in place, and for those with small kitchens or apartments.


Ductless range hoods are significantly quieter than ducted range hoods. If you like a calm and quiet kitchen environment, a ductless hood might be preferable to a ducted one.


Ductless range hoods are much cheaper than ducted range hoods - especially when you factor in the necessary work needed to install a ventilation system.


Ductless range hoods are very effective pieces of equipment. They are great at removing odors, and smoke and grease particles caused by cooking.


Ductless range hoods are much smaller and tend to have a much sleeker design than their ducted counterparts. They work well in most kitchens, regardless of decor.

Cons Of Ductless Range Hoods

Now, let's get into the bad stuff.


Even though they are effective, they aren't quite as effective as ducted range hoods. As such, if you're an avid cooker or have a large kitchen, a ducted model might suit your needs better.


Ductless range hoods aren't very efficient at reducing steam in a kitchen. If steam is a concern for you, a ducted model might be more appropriate.

Gas Cookers

Ductless range hoods don't work very well with gas cookers. They are only a great option if you have an electric cooker.


Ductless range hoods require more maintenance than ducted range hoods. This is because their filters require cleaning and changing every so often.

Ductless Range Hood Buying Tips

The efficiency of your ductless range hood will ultimately depend on whether you purchase a good quality range hood that suits the needs of your specific kitchen.

Check out the buying tips below to make sure that you purchase an effective ductless range hood.

Measure Your Space Carefully

A good rule of thumb is to measure twice and cut once. Always check the manufacturer's instructions to see the minimum height that the range hood needs to be above the cooker.

Additionally, if you have the space, it is always better to opt for a larger range hood than a smaller one, because they will be far more effective.

Look Out For Features

Specifically, look out for a range hood that comes with multiple speed settings. These settings allow for versatility when cooking.

We recommend purchasing a range hood with 3-speed settings, as this should be enough to keep your kitchen free of odors and pollutants regardless of what you are cooking.

Other features to look out for are timers and good lighting. Whilst these don't have an effect on the efficiency of the ventilation, they can make the cooking experience far more enjoyable and far less stressful.

Be Careful With Wiring

Some models have electrical outlets built right into them. Others come with separate receptacles. Some range hoods are convertible, meaning that they work as both ductless and ducted.

If this is the case, it will take a bit more work to install. If it is not installed properly, your ductless range hood won't be as efficient as possible.

Look For Dishwasher-Friendly Parts

As mentioned above, ductless range hoods can be a bit more maintenance. If they aren't cleaned and maintained as regularly as necessary, their efficiency will decrease significantly.

However, some come with dishwasher-friendly filters. If low maintenance is an important factor for you, look out for such models.


If you are really worried about the efficiency of your ductless range hood, opt for a model that comes with a good warranty and returns policy. That way, you will be covered if there are any problems with your ductless range hood.

Shop Around

Don't settle! Finding the perfect ductless range hood for you may take a long time. Rather than rushing into a purchase, we recommend that you do as much research as possible to ensure that you are buying a good model.

Additionally, always check the customer reviews to ensure that your preferred model works well!


Ductless range hoods do the job well. However, it is necessary that you find the best fit for your kitchen for maximum efficiency.

We hope that this article has helped you understand what you and your kitchen need from a range hood and how to find the perfect model!

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