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Which is the Best Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood? (2023)

By Annie & Oak Farmhouse Sinks November 01, 2021 0 comments

Which is the Best Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood?

Range hoods are crucial to help filter out harmful smoke and toxic air. If you are looking for an under cabinet range hood, the chances are that you will find countless options in the market. You may likely get confused about which is the right option to choose. This Cosmo under cabinet range hood review by our experts will cover the brand's best under cabinet hoods. 

Reviews of the Top Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hoods

1. Cosmo COS-5MU30 30-In. Under Cabinet Range Hood


Cosmo COS-5MU30 30-In. Under Cabinet Range Hood

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Cosmo COS-5MU30 30-In is one of the best under cabinet range hoods available. This range hood comes in a stainless steel finish that speaks elegance and style.

The slim profile is impressive, and our team didn't have any issue fitting it into the small space we allocated for it. This implies that it will fit into any kitchen regardless of space. Apart from its slim profile, it's lightweight. 

The noise level is another impressive feature of this under cabinet hood. It produces a noise level of 56 decibels, which is relatively low for our engineers. You also have three fan speed options with this range hood that you can adjust based on what you’re cooking.



  • Slim profile 
  • Durable finish 
  • Stylish and modern look
  • Low noise level
  • Affordable




  • Lack of proper installation guide
  • LED lights are a little dim

2. Cosmo COS-QS75 30-In. Under Cabinet Range Hood 


Cosmo COS-QS75 30-In. Under Cabinet Range Hood


If you are looking for a decorative yet innovative range hood for your kitchen, the Cosmo COS-QS75 30-In is that product. This range hood is the most versatile of the line of Cosmo under cabinet range hoods, and rightfully so, considering its functionalities. 

It comes with a remote control for convenient use in addition to the traditional push buttons. So, you can operate the goods in two different ways. 

It also comes with two centrifugal engines with 900 CFM to eliminate smoke and toxic air in the kitchen. Thanks to its three-speed option, you can alter the speed according to your preference. 



  • Versatile 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Good suction power 
  • Requires a low power to function 



  • Slightly heavy 
  • Installation required additional help 

3. Cosmo COS-QS90 Under Cabinet Range Hood with 500 CFM


Cosmo COS-QS90 Under Cabinet Range Hood with 500 CFM


The beauty of the Cosmo COS-QS90 range hood is that you can convert it from being ducted to ductless. Although the kit isn't included, this gives you the freedom to install the hood anywhere you deem fit.

The product's efficiency is commendable. With 500 CFM, twin centrifugal motors, and various fans, expect top-notch performance in the kitchen. Like the COS-QS75 30-In, this product is easy to operate, thanks to the addition of remote control. 

Long-lasting energy-saving bulbs are also included to provide better visibility in the evening. The filters are straightforward to clean and dishwasher safe. 



  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient 
  • Convertible 
  • Convenient to operate 




  • Low-quality bulbs 
  • Noisy 

4. Cosmo UMC30 30-Inch Under-Cabinet Stainless Steel Range Hood - Budget Option 


Cosmo UMC30 30-Inch Under-Cabinet Stainless Steel Range Hood


The Cosmo UMC30 30-Inch range hood can be a great addition to your kitchen. This product is for those who don't have the financial capability to buy ducted range hoods. 

Our technical team loves the product's minimalistic design. It comes with 380 CFM, with three-speed fans for ventilation [1]. In addition, it features two LED long-lasting bulbs that will illuminate the environment, giving you more visibility at night. 

It's also durable and comes in a fashionable design to suit your kitchen decor, no matter how sophisticated the design is. Above all, it makes less noise while functioning. 



  • Sleek design 
  • Comes with energy-saving bulbs 
  • Quiet 
  • Sturdily constructed 




  • Not as powerful 
  • Tricky installation 

Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hoods Buyer’s Guide

When buying a Cosmo under-cabinet range hood, you need to factor in a few things to ensure that you are making the ideal choice. According to our kitchen experts, the below factors are what you should have at the back of your mind. 

Size and Fit

As seen in the Cosmo under cabinet range hood reviews, these range hoods come in various sizes. When buying, you need to make sure that the products fit into the kitchen space. It's worthless paying for a big-sized range hood when the space for it is small. 


Cubic Feet per Minute is the measurement of the range hood's power. The higher the CFM, the greater the efficiency. Our experts recommend choosing a range hood with a higher CFM for better performance. 

Noise Level

Typically, range hoods are noisy, given their power. However, a couple of ones are quieter than others, such as the Cosmos products in this review. 

Our Top Pick For a Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood:

Cosmo COS-5MU30 30-In. Under Cabinet Range Hood


Cosmo COS-5MU30 30-In. Under Cabinet Range Hood


While other Cosmos products are excellent choices, our engineers were most delighted about the Cosmo COS-5MU30 30-In. Under Cabinet Range Hood. It fits into small spaces conveniently, and the stainless steel finish is impressive. 

Additionally, it has a low noise level compared to the rest. With these, our team rates the product as the best in this Cosmo under cabinet range hood review. 

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